Big swing: Bet on Premier League SRL matches at

The Simulated Reality Premier League is an exciting alternative to the real Indian Premier League. It leverages statistics to create immersive cricket match simulations, providing bettors with top-tier entertainment during the offseason. 

To have a deep understanding of the SRL, let’s first explore the basics of the IPL.

How the Indian Premier League works

Since the Indian Premier League’s inception in 2007, it has consistently maintained its status as the most-watched cricket competition globally. Its phenomenal success reached heights when it became the world’s first sports league to broadcast its matches on YouTube. 

Premier League SRL follows the format of the real-life competition. All teams are divided into two groups of five teams. Every team has 14 games on their group stage schedule, and with every win, they earn two points. The best teams from the group stage make it to the playoff stage, where the champion is decided in a knockout format.

The regular IPL season starts in March and lasts until May every year. It’s a short run, which is why people want to place bets on an alternative while the season is not ongoing, you can bet on the SRL Premier League.

Before you place bets, you should learn the teams you will be betting on. Here are the squads you will see in the IPL: 

  • Chennai Super Kings

  • Delhi Capitals

  • Gujarat Titans

  • Kolkata Knight Riders

  • Lucknow Super Giants

  • Mumbai Indians

  • Punjab Kings

  • Rajasthan Royals

  • Royal Challengers Bangalore

  • Sunrisers Hyderabad

What makes SRL cricket different from actual cricket betting?

Premier League SRL cricket match betting has a unique appeal due to its simulation of real-life IPL matches where IPL statistics are integrated. This option provides excitement to bettors, especially with the abundance of games available to wager on. 

While some punters may favour fantasy betting, the SRL Premier League offers a fun experience in placing wagers. With SRL betting, AI takes data from previous matches in the competition to create a new simulation based on various factors that affect real-life games, leading to immersive SRL Premier League cricket matches.

Here are some of the perks you can expect whenever you place bets on the SRL: 

  • You always have a match to bet on: Compared to the real-life IPL, which only lasts from March to May every year, the IPL SRL is available all year round. Check the schedule, and you’ll find matches available to bet on here at 

  • Injuries are not reflected in SRL matches: In the SRL, there are no concerns about long-term injuries, guaranteeing there will be no sudden changes in the roster until the end of the season. 

  • Stats are the only factor: There’s no need to consider external factors like players’ attitudes towards the game or rivalries. The focus is solely on the numbers, making it ideal for a statistical approach to your wagers.

The best betting markets for the Indian Premier League SRL

At, there are plenty of SRL Premier League betting markets you can explore. It still adheres to the same known array of options available in real-life competition. Here are some of the best SRL IPL markets you can try wagering on: 

  • Winner bets: This is the standard market for SRL betting, where all you need to do is pick the team with the best chance of winning.  

  • Will there be a tie: A simple yes or no Simulated Reality League Premier League SRL prediction where you select yes or no for a tie in the match you’re betting on.

  • Innings total score: This market involves making a correct guess on each team's total score per inning.

  • Team with top batter: You have to predict who will be the standout batter, but you only have to select which team they play for. 

  • Team with top bowler: Similar to the previous market, this time, you’re betting on the team that has the top bowler on their squad. 

Betting odds to use for your SRL IPL bets 

The odds can be used to determine which are the likely and unlikely outcomes for your bets. You can switch between these types by going to the hamburger menu on the top-left and then scrolling down to see the drop-down menu. Learn how each of them works:

  • American: This type has numbers with either plus (+) or minus (-) symbols. Those with the plus are for underdogs, while the minus is for favourites. To calculate this, you have to consider the symbol because positive odds will go like a 100 USDT bet can turn into a 120 USDT bet if the odds are +120. On the other hand, a -120 odds will turn into a 100 USDT win if you bet 120 USDT.

  • Decimal: The lower the number, the more they’re favourites. The higher the number, the bigger the underdog they are. Calculate the payouts by simply multiplying the wager by the odds given by

  • Hong Kong: This odds type revolves around the number 1, as those who have fewer odds than 1 are favourites, while those who have more are underdogs. To calculate the payouts, you just have to add 1 to your HK odds and then multiply them by the wager you’re placing.

SRL IPL online betting tips to keep in mind

Your IPL Simulated Reality League sports betting journey mostly relies on your knowledge of the league and its teams. Here are some of the most helpful insights for every Premier League SRL prediction: 

  • Compare head-to-head stats: For every IPL SRL match, evaluate the stats of the participating teams in the match. This context is crucial for understanding simulated match dynamics.

  • Consider the roster composition and squad depth: Consider the talent within the rosters as it significantly impacts their performance. As you assess the capabilities of star players, you’ll notice that their talent can translate into better stats, which can influence your wagers, including the squad depth with contributors on the bench.

  • Consult the betting IPL SRL odds: Always analyse the SRL Premier League odds present for the matches you intend to bet on. This allows you to distinguish the likely and unlikely outcomes while also calculating the payouts you can get. Consider those factors before betting, as sometimes the underdog can be a lucrative choice. 

How to bet on Premier League SRL markets at 

Now that you’re equipped with SRL betting, learn the steps you must take to place those bets. As soon as you register for an account at, you just have to follow these steps to start your SRL Premier League online betting journey: 

  • Seek out the cricket section by clicking the ‘Leagues’ section

  • Click on your desired matches to access the markets.

  • Choose your preferred outcome and proceed to the Betslip to confirm your bet placed. 

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