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Paris SG.LGD wins the 2021 OGA Dota PIT Invitational
Sep 14, 2021, 4:16:00 AM

Paris SG.LGD wins the 2021 OGA Dota PIT Invitational

Even if they lost their mid player, Paris SG.LGD still won OGA Dota PIT Invitational with the team’s coach Zhang ‘xiao8’ Ning as their stand-in mid player. Their usual mid player Cheng ‘NothingToSay’ Jin Xiang is still struggling with his visa which is worrying for the near future.

The International 10 is only a month away which is why people are worried about NTS’ visa. While xiao8 is an experienced player and a former TI winner, he is not the top player they want on the team. NTS is arguably their best player and losing him is such a big blow to the team.

However, LGD has proven that the other four players in the squad are still world-class with their win at Dota PIT. They were amazing during this event as they avenged their ESL One Fall 2021 loss to Tundra Esports and they beat Team Spirit in the best-of-five grand finals.

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Spirit tried to counter LGD’s tactics in the grand finals but they failed. LGD's overall mobility was overwhelming for Spirit as they failed to keep up with the game’s pace. It was clear that LGD was the better team but Spirit tried their best. However, it wasn’t enough to catch up to arguably the best team in the world.

The momentum was a key factor in this series because Spirit tried to pull off some tactics that were all based on timing. It wasn’t enough because LGD had the right idea of being aggressive when needed but when they’re not fighting, they kept farming resources.

This LGD squad is proving why they’re seen as the favourite to win TI10. Even if they don’t have NTS on the current squad, they are still beating top teams like Tundra. It will be difficult to win TI10 with all of the best teams in the world there but LGD has remained in step even without their best player.

It will be fun to see this team play at TI10 since they have a huge target on their backs. They are ready to prove everyone wrong and redeem the org’s failures in this event over the years.

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Words: Cholo Martin

Image: PA