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Bet on greyhound racing when you make your wagers at Elevate your experience and enjoy the sport by watching these exciting races and betting on them. Learn how to start greyhound betting at in our detailed guide below:

How to place greyhound racing bets at

Start betting on greyhound races right away upon signing up and depositing. Follow these easy steps:

  • Find ‘Greyhounds’ on the sports categories banner at the top part of the site. Next to Jump races mean they’re about to start soon. You can see a countdown counter beside a specific race.

  • Click on the greyhound race you want to bet on. Once you’ve clicked on a race, the list of runners is shown. You can also easily change the race you’re viewing by clicking on the drop-down button at the upper left corner of the page.

  • Go through the runner's details by clicking the drop-down button beside the runner’s name. These stats will help you make informed predictions.

  • Each runner has betting odds based on their previous performances and other factors. You can choose from three betting odds formats—simply scroll down and search for the drop-down menu below the language options at the bottom left part of the page.

  • Bet on Win and Top 2 markets in greyhound racing at You can see your bets on the Betslip at the bottom right section.

  • Check for available promotions for greyhound racing to boost your wagers. greyhound racing betting markets offers different betting markets for greyhound racing, like the following:

  • Win → Bet on which greyhound you think will win first place in the race. 

  • Top 2 → Wager on the runner you think will finish the race in first and second place. 

  • Place →  Bet on this market if you believe the runner you’re wagering on will finish the race in first to third place.

Betting odds formats for greyhound racing

Simply scroll down the page and click on the drop-down button at the lower left corner to choose from’s three betting odds formats. Regardless of your chosen format, these values will show how likely a runner will perform in any betting market. 

Learn how to read the different odds formats below:

  • American → This odds format represents the underdogs with a positive (+) sign, meaning betting on them is risky but can lead to bigger payouts. The favourites are presented with a negative (-) sign, signifying that betting on these odds is safer but with lesser payouts. 
    For example, if the odds you see are +120, you can expect to win 120 USDT when you bet 100 USDT. If the odds are listed as -120, you must bet 120 USDT to win 100 USDT. 

  • Decimal → These odds are shown in a decimal format wherein lower odds represent the favourites while higher odds represent the underdog. To calculate, multiply your wager by the decimal odds. For instance, when you bet 5 USDT on a greyhound with decimal odds of 6.00, and it wins, you receive a payout of 30 USDT.

  • Hong Kong → In this odds format, the favourite runner is the one with odds lesser than 1. To compute, add 1 to the odds, then multiply that number by the amount you wagered. For instance, betting 20 USDT on HK odds of 0.70 (add 1) gives you a payout of 34 USDT.

Simple yet effective tips for greyhound race betting

Taking advantage of easy yet helpful betting tips increases your chances of winning your greyhound racing bets. Some of these tips are:


Setting a budget is a crucial tip to avoid overspending. With a budget in place, you can avoid chasing losses or making impulsive wagers. Having a budget also helps you manage your expenses and know when to take a break from placing bets. 


Aside from setting a budget, check out the stats of the runners and their past performances, including recent races and their results. Analyse finishing positions, winning streaks, and average race times to know the runner's current form and help you assess their chances in the upcoming races.


Track conditions can significantly impact the outcome of a greyhound race. The weather, track surface, and distance can affect the runner's performance. Stay updated on any changes in track conditions and consider how they might favour or disadvantage certain greyhounds. 


Watching replays of previous greyhound races can provide valuable insights into a runner's racing style, strengths, and weaknesses. When you watch replays, pay attention to how they start, their position during the race, and their finishing kick. Look for patterns or trends that can help you gauge their chances in future races. 


Assessing the competition is essential to maximise your chances of winning when betting on greyhound racing. Look at the quality of the field and consider factors such as the race's class, the competitors' strength, and their recent form. Betting features to take advantage of

Have a convenient and hassle-free greyhound race betting experience when you maximise these features:

  • Betslip → The Betslip is a feature on the screen's bottom right. You can use it to manage your bets, keep track of your possible winnings, place multiple bets, and use price boosts when available.

  • Stats → provides you with accurate stats on the runners to give you information that will help you place informed bets, like the following:

    • Age

    • Sire

    • Dam

    • Trainer 

    • Previous race stats

Aside from runner details, you can also check track details such as distance and weather. Considering both runner and track details when greyhound race betting is crucial as it can influence or affect certain race outcomes. 

Race to win in greyhound betting at 

Experience secure and hassle-free greyhound race betting at when you make your wagers here! Numerous betting features here will make your experience more convenient, like using cryptocurrencies such as Tether (USDT), Bitcoin (BTC), and other cryptocurrencies. Place crypto bets on greyhound racing now!