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Snooker is a cue sport, similar to billiards and pool. While it might not be as popular as other sports, snooker still has a lively professional scene that punters can bet on. Live betting on the snooker matches here at Sportsbet.io ups the ante since the stakes depend on an ongoing game. Learn everything about this sport before placing live snooker bets:

Biggest snooker events you can make bets on 

There are colossal snooker events that you can make bets on. Here are some of the best tournaments you can bet on: 

Sportsbet.io: How to bet on snooker

To begin online snooker betting at Sportsbet.io, here are steps that you must follow for a smooth betting experience: 

  1. Sign up for a Sportsbet.io account by filling out your personal details in all the boxes on the screen. Apart from the standard process, you can also log in using accounts from other platforms, including Gmail, Facebook, Telegram, Line, and Metamask. 

  2. With an account set up, you can deposit your funds with some of the payment methods at Sportsbet.io. 

  3. Go to the snooker betting section. You will see multiple snooker bets you can make, including the in-play snooker betting markets. 

  4. Select a game that you want to bet on. When you make a wager, a Betslip will appear where you can bet on more than one event or game. You can also try the BetBuilder feature, which lets you bet on a single event with multiple markets. Use both tools to your advantage because snooker sports betting gets easier with them.

What is in-play betting? 

Bet-in-play snooker matches mean you'll place bets on the available ongoing matches. This is a different dynamic from the standard of betting on matches before they happen or outright bets, where you have to make a decision well before the season starts. 

Snooker betting in play is quite fun because you can base your bets on what you are witnessing in real-time. All of the snooker betting online markets available here will have a time limit, which makes for an exciting experience and a good way to keep yourself observant of the game you're watching.

Sportsbet.io: Snooker’s top in-play betting markets

The betting snooker in-play section features ongoing matches with their betting markets. Here are the ones you will see in the snooker betting live section.

  • Correct score - This is a standard market where you must predict the score between the two players. 

  • Winner - Another standard snooker live betting market that lets you indicate which player will win a match. 

  • Total Frames - In this snooker in-play betting market, you will have to predict how many frames in total will be played during a match. This can range from a quick one to a long match that lasts for horses.

  • Frame Handicap - A team will be favoured to win, but they will have to overcome a handicap to win in this market. 

Snooker betting tips: How to increase your chances of winning bets

If you want to be successful with your wagers, you need a snooker betting guide. Here are some of the helpful tips and snooker betting strategies that will help your journey as a snooker punter: 

Find out who are the best snooker players

You should know which snooker players have the best stat in the sport. Because of their impressive record, expect these players to most likely be favourites in their games:

  • Ronnie O’Sullivan

  • Judd Trump

  • Mark Selby

  • Neil Robertson

  • John Higgins

Learn as much as you can about snooker’s gameplay

When you build up knowledge of a sport, it is natural that you will be a better punter when you make wagers. Watch snooker with a good perspective because you can learn with every match you observe and use your new learnings in live betting snooker.

Always observe the stats and trends

Like most sports, stats hold solid value in snooker betting. Look into recent snooker tournaments and see if you can notice a trend in these games. 

In-play snooker odds: Why these matter with your bets

You will see live snooker betting odds in every market at Sportsbet.io. These betting odds snooker are present because they determine how likely an outcome will happen. Outcomes include the winner of a specific game, for instance. With live snooker odds, the values shift in real-time depending on the ongoing game. 

Formats of odds snooker markets have at Sportsbet.io

Betting odds have various formats made for the convenience of every punter. Here are the available formats at Sportsbet.io: 

  • Moneyline - This type of snooker live odds will have the plus (+) and minus (-) signs attached to the numbers. The payout is higher for markets with plus signs because these are riskier bets. Meaning it's also less likely to happen. Markets with minus signs are safer bets with a lower payout.

  • Decimal - This is more straightforward because the lower the snooker odds live, the more they are deemed the favourites. To calculate the winnings, you must multiply the odds by a dollar wager. For example, if the odds are around 3.51, the bettor can win $3.51 per dollar wagered.  

  • Hong Kong - By using this format, bettors will have to know that if the odds for snooker are lower than 1, that player is the favourite. Exactly one will mean an exact payout of the wagered amount, and if it's more than 1, the bettors can be paid more.

Biggest snooker events you can make bets on 

There are colossal snooker events that you can make bets on. Here are some of the best tournaments you can bet on: 

  • The World Championship

  • The UK Championship

  • Invitation Masters

  • World Snooker Championship

Sportsbet.io: The top platform for snooker betting with Bitcoin and USDT

Snooker is considered an underrated sport, but punters can place wagers at Sportsbet.io. Place your bets on ongoing games and enjoy the freshest and ever-changing odds on snooker in-play markets.

Use your Bitcoin, Tether (USDT), or other crypto assets here at Sportsbet.io as you watch players knock one ball and the next to the table's pockets and wager on who wins the snooker game.

Frequently asked questions

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about snooker: 

Who is the No. 1 player in snooker?

Ronnie O'Sullivan is at the top of the sport's leaderboards.

Are the Triple Crown Series tournaments different from the other snooker events? 

Yes, the Triple Crown Series tournaments are the most significant events in the snooker world. They hold more weight than any other event, but that should not diminish the quality of other snooker events. 

Which country invented snooker?

The sport was created by the British Army and was first played in Jubbulpore, an Indian town.

What makes snooker different from pool?

Some people have branded snooker as the British version of the pool, but there is a good variety of differences. Here are the major differences between both sports so you can have an easier time when you bet snooker.

  • Snooker tables are significantly bigger than pool tables.

  • The pockets on the snooker tables are narrow compared to pool tables. 

  • Snooker has a different set of balls compared to pool. 

  • Snooker is more challenging to play because of the factors above, and the rules are also different.