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Snooker is an exciting cue sport that has been popular among sports punters in the past years. This is thanks to its thrilling gameplay and many betting opportunities.

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Before you bet on snooker with USDT or other crypto, learn more about the sport and how to bet on snooker with this guide. 

What is snooker?

Some people call snooker the British version of pool. However, it features a variety of differences. Snooker is typically played between two players on a large table with six pockets. The goal of the players is to use the cue stick to strike and pot coloured balls in a specific order.

In a standard snooker event, there are 15 red balls worth one point each. There are also six coloured balls, each with its corresponding points:

  • Yellow - 2 points
  • Green - 3 points
  • Brown - 4 points
  • Blue - 5 points
  • Pink - 6 points
  • Black - 7 points

At the start of a live snooker match, players alternate potting red balls. A player continues their turn until they commit a foul or fail to pot a ball legally. Then, their opponent gets a turn at the table.

After all the reds are potted, players then need to pot the coloured ball in ascending order of their value. The player with the highest score at the end of a match is the winner.

What makes crypto snooker betting exciting is its unpredictable nature. A single mistake by a player can swing the momentum of the game. Here, even seemingly one-sided matches can have surprise upsets. This uncertainty keeps punters on the edge of their seats.

Snooker tournaments to bet on

Although not as popular as pool or billiards, there are tons of exciting snooker tournaments all year round. Here are some major snooker tournaments to look out for:

World Snooker Championship

Held annually at the Crucible Theatre in Sheffield England, the World Snooker Championship is considered the pinnacle of this cue sport. It is also the most anticipated event for snooker Bitcoin betting. Here, the top-ranked players from around the world compete in an intense format that typically lasts 17 days. 

UK Championship

The UK Championship is one of snooker's Triple Crown events, along with the World Snooker Championship and the Masters. It takes place at various venues in Britain every year. Here, the matches are shorter compared to the World Snooker Championship, making them faster and more exciting. The tournament's historical importance and the high calibre of players make it an exciting prospect for bettors.

World Open

The World Open is another top snooker tournament that offers tons of betting opportunities. It is a ranking event on the professional snooker circuit and has been held in various locations across the globe.

The tournament adopts a knockout format and matches are played over multiple rounds. Here, you will find a healthy mix of established stars and emerging talents. This makes it an interesting event for bettors looking for exciting odds and potential upsets.


Known as the ‘Invitational’, this snooker live event features the world's top 16 ranked players. Typically held at the Alexandra Palace in London, players compete in a unique best-of-11-frame format. The shorter match format favours players known for their quick thinking and shot-making skills. Snooker betting markets offers a diverse range of betting markets for snooker enthusiasts, providing an exciting opportunity to bet on various aspects of the game. Let's explore some of the snooker betting markets available at

  • Correct score: This is a standard and simple market where you have to predict the final score between the two players. 
  • Winner: With this market, you simply have to select which player you believe will win the matchup. The winner market is popular among both casual and experienced bettors.
  • Total frames: In the total frames market, you must predict the total number of frames that will be played during a match. This market offers a wide range of possibilities, as matches can vary in length from quick encounters to lengthy battles that extend over several sessions.
  • Frame handicap: This introduces a handicap to create a more balanced betting environment when a team is heavily favoured to win. In this market, the favoured player must overcome a set frame disadvantage to win the bet.

Snooker betting odds at

At, every snooker match has a numerical value next to them. These are odds that show the likelihood of an event happening. You can also calculate your potential payouts by simply knowing the odds.

Live snooker odds at comes in three different formats. Here is how to read each of them:

  • American: With this in-game snooker odds format, numbers are shown with a plus (+) or minus (-) sign. These typically indicate the underdogs and favourites, respectively. 

Depending on whether you’re betting on the favourites or underdogs, there are different ways to calculate your potential payout. For positive odds, you only need to bet 100 USDT, and if you win a bet with +130 odds, you can get 130 USDT. Conversely, if you bet 130 USDT on a -130 odds, you would receive 100 USDT in return.

  • Decimal: In this odds format, values are represented in decimals and indicate your potential winnings for every unit wagered. For example, if the odds are 6.00, you can potentially win 6 USDT with 1 USDT wager.

  • Hong Kong: For the Hong Kong snooker odds, those lower than 1 determine the favourites of the matchup. Those with more than 1 are the underdogs. 

You can calculate your payouts by adding 1 to the number and then multiplying that by your wagered amount. For instance, if you wagered 50 USDT to an odds of 2.50, the payout would be 350 (1+2.50*100). 

Tips to remember when snooker betting

In-match snooker betting can be an exciting and potentially profitable venture. To increase the chances of winning over today's snooker odds, you must approach it with a strategic mindset.

Here are some tips and tactics to consider when snooker USDT betting:


When betting on snooker, research is always a must. Familiarise yourself with the players by looking into their recent form and head-to-head records.

Also, consider their performance on different table conditions. Pay attention to factors like break-building ability, safety play, and consistency. It is ideal to keep up to date with snooker news and statistics to gain valuable insights into the game.

Target-specific frame scores

Snooker matchups are divided into frames. Understanding the potential frame score can give you an edge when snooker betting with Bitcoin. Some of the factors to consider are: 

  • Players' average frame scores
  • Tendency to win or lose frames by a large margin
  • Ability to mount comebacks

Avoid players struggling with safety

Safety play is a crucial part of snooker. Some players struggle to execute effective safety shots. This creates winning opportunities for their opponents. With this, look for players who struggle with safety play. They may be prone to making mistakes or leaving scoring chances for their opponents. 

Bankroll management

Effective bankroll management is standard when it comes to any form of betting. Start by setting a reasonable budget based on snooker prices today. You must never go beyond the set amount.

It is advisable to spread your bets across multiple matches and avoid placing all your wagers on a single outcome. This will help you mitigate losses and ensure a more sustainable betting experience. 

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