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South America is always regarded as one of the most exciting sporting regions in the world. They are prominent in the international soccer scene with countries like Argentina and Brazil. However, their club soccer scene deserves more attention, especially the Copa Libertadores. 

It is a soccer cup competition led by the South American Football Confederation (CONMEBOL) for the top clubs in the continent. It functions similarly to the Champions League in Europe. To enjoy the fun experience this competition offers, learn how to bet on it below:

How to bet on Copa Libertadores matches

To start betting on Sportsbet.io, you need to create an account for your bets. You need to follow the steps for the process. 

  1. Click the green sign-up button on the top right corner of the Sportsbet.io website. 

  2. There will be information fields that you need to fill in, including your email address and password. Tick the box to agree to the terms and conditions. 

  3. You also connect accounts to certain platforms, making the process easier. These include: 

  • Gmail 

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  • MetaMask 

  • Line 

  1. Choose your preferred payment method for your Sportsbet.io wagers so you can start with your  Copa Libertadores betting. 

Where can I bet on Copa Libertadores? 

You can make your Copa Libertadores wagers here at Sportsbet.io, where you can look into a solid variety of betting markets. 

What are the betting types for the Copa Libertadores? 

Betting on the Copa Libertadores is exciting, especially when you have options for your wagers. You can find three standard betting types at Sportsbet.io that can give you a varied experience. 


With this Copa Libertadores sports betting type, you will make bets while the matches are ongoing. Remember that the markets can appear and disappear at a moment's notice, so you need to be quick on your feet. Keep watching to make the best bets possible while earning the rewards.


This is the standard betting type for all sports. The available matches here will be coming up in a week or two. Make sure you keep yourself updated with the schedules so you know what matches you can bet for the Copa Libertadores. You will have many choices for your bets since the Copa has many matches yearly. 


This is making bets well before a league or season starts. In the context of the Copa Libertadores, you can make outright bets that can net you massive rewards involving predictions about the winner of the overall tournament, not every match.

What leagues are connected to the Copa Libertadores?

The clubs competing for the Libertadores Cup come from various leagues in South America. Having a head start on the contenders coming from every country's top-flight leagues can give you an advantage for your wagers. Here are the competitions that contribute teams to this event. 

  • Primera División (Argentina)

  • Brasileirão (Brazil)

  • Categoría Primera A (Colombia)

  • Divisón de Fúbtol Profesional (Bolivia)

  • Liga Pro (Ecuador) 

  • Paraguayan Primera División (Paraguay)

  • Chilean Primera División (Chile)

  • Peruvian Primera División (Peru)

  • Liga Venezolana (Venezuela)

Sportsbet.io’s Copa Libertadores betting odds

To succeed in your Copa Libertadores betting, you must use the best tools available. Among the best tools on the site are the betting odds for Copa Libertadores. These are the probabilities of betting markets used to determine the underdog and favourite in a match. Another use for these odds is calculating the winnings bettors can get from successful wagers. 

Here are three main formats you can find and use on Sportsbet.io:

  • Moneyline - This is the Libertadores odds format, where you can see the plus (+) and minus (-) symbols. When attached to a market, the plus means it is the underdog market, as it can net you higher rewards while also being the riskier bet. The minus is for the favourite, which nets lower rewards because they are the safer bet. 

  • Decimal - The decimal odds will be connected to every $1 bettor wager. The calculation of the decimal format will be the odds themselves multiplied by the wager made. Lower numbers like 1.02 will be safer and less-rewarding bets in determining the favourite and underdog. On the other hand, higher odds, like 4.67, will lead to higher rewards since they are the underdogs. 

  • Hong Kong - This format is a combination of decimal and moneyline odds. If the odds are lower than 1, they are the favourite to win, while odds exactly at 1 will yield a 1/1 payout. Values higher than 1 will be the underdogs and better-rewarding odds.

Copa Libertadores’ best betting markets

Now that you know the formats of Copa Libertadores odds, you should look into the best betting markets and wagers you can make. These are a few of the best Copa Libertadores markets from which you can win rewards.

  • Winner - This is the most standard and popular market or bet Copa Libertadores has to offer. Bettors will just have to predict which team will win the match. This can be done in both the in-play and future matches sections because the outright type will involve predicting which team will win the Cup at the season's end. 

  • Asian handicap - This is a market where the favourite is handicapped while the underdogs are given an advantage. They will have to meet a certain threshold by the end of the game to win the bet. 

  • Will the club reach the quarter-final? - This market will involve predicting whether or not a certain club can reach the quarter-final.

  • Copa Libertadores finalists - Another outright market; predictions will be made by picking two clubs that you feel will make it to the event's finals. 

  • Correct score - As the name of the market suggests, this will involve predicting the exact score for the end of a match. 

  • Total - This market will involve predicting what will be the number of total goals scored by both clubs. 

  • Both teams to score - This will predict whether or not both teams will score in a match. If only one team scores, that will not fulfil the parameters of this market. 

  • First player to score - This market involves betting on a specific player to be the first goalscorer in a match. There is another similar market to this called the last player to score, which is the inverse of this market.

  • Player to score 2 or more goals - You will have to predict which player will score a brace or more. There is another market for 3 or more goals which is similar, just with one more goal for the momentum. 

  • Anytime goalscorer - This market will need you to pick a certain player to score a goal at any point in the match. 

Useful tips for Libertadores betting at Sportsbet.io

With your knowledge of the biggest Copa Libertadores betting markets, consider trying tips to help with your wagers. This will be important to take note of because this can help you make better decisions. 

Identify the best Copa Libertadores players

The top players will be the crucial stars for the teams. They will influence the result because they are the best match performers. A player like Gabriel Barbosa will be helpful for Flamengo because he is their best goalscorer. If you know a player as effective as him on the team, they will be a significant factor for your wagers. 

Copa Libertadores matchups will be important 

Make sure you look into the schedules because that will be crucial to knowing matchups. You will see matches like Flamengo vs River Plate, with a history and previous matchups that you can look into. You can also compare the Flamengo players to RP players, which will factor into your bets. 

Statistic trends for Copa Libertadores 

If you are looking to bet, you should look at the statistical trends in the Copa Libertadores because that will factor into your bets. If a team is playing intense defence, that will show up in the stats, which will be useful for your wagers. This can be present with goals conceded or even goals scored to measure the offence. 

Maximise your Copa Libertadores betting with Sportsbet.io

Don't miss the opportunity of placing wagers on South American soccer's flagship event. Here on Sportsbet.io, you can find various betting odds and markets that can give you more winning chances on your Copa Libertadores wagers. Use available cryptocurrencies like Tether (USDT) as payment methods and enjoy instant payouts. 

You can use many features, including the Betslip and Betbuilder, which can help you place more wagers in one game and check your potential winnings. You can also use Sportsbet.io's mobile app, which will give you a fun, fast, and fair betting experience on the go. 

Frequently asked questions

Here are some common inquiries about the Copa Libertadores on Sportsbet.io. 

What are the best teams in South American soccer? 

Since tons of teams will be playing in this Cup, you should look at the region's top teams. 

  • Palmeiras (Brazil) 

  • Flamengo (Brazil) 

  • River Plate (Argentina) 

  • America De Cali (Colombia) 

  • Club Atlético Independiente (Argentina)

  • Boca Juniors (Argentina)

  • Club Atlético Peñarol (Uruguay) 

  • Club Olimpia (Paraguay) 

Are there other leagues I should watch for Copa Libertadores betting? 

You should take a look at some of the leagues that will connect to the Copa Libertadores. The top flights from the participating countries in the CONMEBOL are great matches you need to watch, which can also help your bets. 

Can I use bonuses for my Copa bets? 

Yes, you can use bonuses from Sportsbet.io to help you win bigger rewards for your Copa wagers.