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You can enjoy betting on all the Champions League matches here at, using your top crypto assets like Bitcoin and USDT. But before you bet on Champions League games, find out more about one of the most anticipated competitions in the world below:

What you should know about the UEFA Champions League 

The Champions League is one of the most prestigious football tournaments in the world, especially in the European football industry. The UEFA Champions League (UCL) is an annual club competition played by the top teams in Europe. Only those clubs who have finished in a qualifying spot in their respective domestic leagues are allowed to join the competition.

Formerly known as the European Cup when founded in 1955, the Champions League rebranded and got its current title in 1992. The winning club is given a European Champions Clubs’ Cup in each edition. Each trophy is unique, with the official remaining with UEFA while the clubs receive a replica of the trophy.

Champions League soccer is more prestigious because they offer a lot of prize money for winning teams in the competition. A club can earn at least €5,000,000 in the play-off stage alone. For the squad who wins a Champions League campaign, they can take home €20,000,000.

How does the UEFA Champions League work?

Before you start your UEFA Champions League betting, you should know how does UEFA Champions League works and how long it takes for the stages to finish. You can start making a UEFA Champions League bet in late June since that is the time when the preliminary round of the UCL begins. 

There will be three qualifying rounds and then a play-off round to trim down the playing teams that will join the group stage. The group stage begins with 32 teams playing in eight groups of four, each in a double round-robin format for all Champions League football fixtures. 

The top two winners of each group will proceed to the knockout stages that will go all the way to the competition final, which usually takes place in late May or early June. The tourney winners will also qualify for the following year’s edition, the UEFA Super Cup, and the FIFA Club World Cup.

Best teams to win in the UEFA Champions League

Winning the Champions League is no easy feat for any club. Twenty-two clubs have won the competition, and 13 of those won at least more than once. Spanish clubs are the most dominant team in the contest with 19 wins, while teams from England and Italy are next in line with 14 and 12 wins each. 

Here are the top teams to win the Champions League title over the years:

Real Madrid

Real Madrid is the best team in the whole Champions League. They won 14 titles, including the first five runs of the tournament and five of the last nine editions. Moreover, due to their resilience and grit, they're a top Champions League favourites. 

AC Milan

Following Real Madrid's success in the Champions League is AC Milan. The team won seven titles in the Champions League, with their most recent finish being back in the 2007 edition, where they defeated Liverpool in the final. 

While AC Milan hasn't been able to break through the deeper stages of the competition since their 2007 win, the Italian club can still claim as the Best UEFA Champions League team thanks to their immense competition record. 

Bayern Munich

The German giants won six Champions League titles over the years, with their most recent triumph being in the 2020 edition. Bayern is the only club to make history in the Champions League as the only team that won all their matches in the tourney en route to the final win. Bayern Munich achieved that feat in the 2020 edition, which has remained untouched.


Liverpool won six Champions League trophies and were runners-up five times, the most recent being in the 2022 edition, where they lost to Real Madrid in the league final. The Reds are one of the most dedicated teams on the international stage, and they have made history over the years by continuing their consistent push in the Champions League.

Betting on the UEFA Champions League matches at

Champions League betting is something you will enjoy, especially with many elite teams playing on the big stage. However, this means you must know more about the betting types available and the markets you can wager on. To make the most of your chances with your wagers, learn how to bet on Champions League matches below.

Betting types to use in UEFA Champions League betting

To get started in Champions League betting, use the two betting types available at You must consider these two options since you can use them to your advantage and score more wagers in the long run. 

Here are the two betting types available for betting on UEFA Champions League matches:


Betting outrights in the Champions League works well for those bettors who consider placing their wagers ahead of the competition. The market is open long before the match even begins.

You can bet on any outright market months or weeks before the kick-off of the first match starts. There is always an option to check the Champions League outright odds to help you make the best decisions in your wagers.

Here are some of the markets that you can try in outright betting:

  • Winner - The easiest bet you can make is to wager on which team will win by the end of the competition. You can check the Champions League winner odds to see which team has the best chance of winning the tourney.

  • Group stage winners - Punters can also bet on the 16 teams that will emerge victorious in the group stages. With 32 teams playing, there are a lot of winning chances up for grabs for punters.

  • To reach final - You need to place wagers on the last two teams that will win in the semifinals of the UCL and push their way to the final stage of the competition to play for the trophy.

In-play betting

In-play betting is a great option to consider in Champions League betting as you get the chance to place your wagers as the game unfolds. offers you to bet on the hottest games live and on-demand, and you can get the opportunity to score the best wins as soon as kick-off begins for a particular match.

Depending on how the match goes, the odds will change throughout the game, and you need to come up with critical decisions on which one you would bet on before the final whistle blows. Punters can expect thrilling finishes in most games, with the Champions League being an intense tournament.

How to read betting UEFA Champions League odds offers the most competitive Champions League odds. These odds show the chances of a specific team winning. 

The UEFA Champions League betting odds are in three different formats:

  • American odds - American odds have a plus or minus sign before the number. The favourites come with a minus symbol, while the underdogs have a plus sign beside them.

  • Decimal odds - These are betting odds expressed in decimal. The team with a lower number is the favourite, while the club with a higher value is the underdog.

Top betting markets for the UEFA Champions League at

Have the best chances of winning in Sportsbet soccer betting by trying the different wagering markets. At, you have the best opportunities to enjoy an outstanding betting experience on Champions League matches. These markets are the key to winning big prizes:

Winner bets

If you are feeling lucky, you can try making winner bets and placing wagers on a team with a chance to win. You need to wager before the games begin, and the prizes will be automatically sent to your account if you win.

Correct score

This market allows you to guess the correct score for any game you choose. The market is available until the first half of the game, and you get the chance to wager on a set score for either one team or the whole game.


Handicap bets are a great idea if you are keen to try your skill in reading Champions League fixtures betting odds. To win in this bet, the underdog must win the game by more points than the given head start or the favourite to win less than the given handicap.

1x2 bets

1x2 bets allows you to bet on each of the three possible outcomes of a particular match. The number 1 means the home team will win, while 2 means the visiting team will come up with an upset win in the game. On the other hand, the x symbolises the chance for a draw by the end of the game.

Game totals

Game totals are one of the most popular markets you can try on any Champions League betting site, such as To win in this market, guess the combined total score of the two playing teams by the end of the game. You can also bet on other stats such as assists, passes, tackles and fouls.

Helpful betting tips on the UEFA Champions League

You should also consider reading a few UEFA Champions League betting tips to get the highest possible rewards. If you do, it can boost your winning chances and help you come up with handsome prizes in each match you wager on. 

Here are some helpful tips to consider in betting on the Champions League:

  • Setting a budget - You need to set a budget since it’s a great way to avoid unwanted losses and help you limit your wagers and manage your bankroll better.

  • Game research - Knowing more about the game, the teams and players will be a huge advantage that can help you make a better decision in your wagers.

  • Checking the stats - The stats tell the pace and performance of teams and players, which can help you determine where to place your wagers. 

  • Using different betting markets - You need to use other betting markets since it’s an excellent way to maximise your winning chances and develop wise wagers for each match.

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UEFA Champions League betting FAQs

People also ask a lot about the Champions League and how you can bet on the games. Here are some of the common queries we’ve compiled for you:

  1. Who is the GOAT of the UCL?

Cristiano Ronaldo has won the Champions League title five times, which is one more trophy in the cabinet than Lionel Messi, who won it on four occasions.

  1. Can I bet on Champions League?

You will have no problem betting on each and every Champions League game here at From match winner to goals betting, there are various markets you can bet on in either ongoing or future games.

  1. Are UCL matches fixed?

There have been a lot of issues surrounding the Champions League’s so-called fixed matches, but authorities have refused to name which games have been investigated but are confident that the acts are no longer present.