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Enjoy betting on Serie A matches at Sportsbet.io

Italy’s Serie A is one of the best leagues in the soccer industry. During their active golden days, the league has been on the playing stage of legendary players like Zinedine Zidane, Diego Maradona, and Andrea Pirlo. Juventus, Milan, and Inter are some of Serie A’s highly-popular teams as well, known all over the world. 

Start betting on Italy’s top-flight here at Sportsbet.io, one of the best crypto sportsbooks online. Find out everything you need to learn about Serie A and how to bet on the league’s games below.

Italy’s best soccer league: Serie A format explained

Like most top European soccer leagues, Serie A uses the standard format every season. Twenty clubs will play for the top spot in the league table while avoiding the bottom three sports, resulting in relegation to Serie B. 

These three bottom teams will not play in the next season of Serie A, and they will be replaced by the top three teams of Serie B. All the clubs will play 38 Italy Serie A matches during the season, which involves playing a game at home and another away.

The season will be in a round-robin format. Each team will need to accumulate points from every game they play in Serie A:

  • Win: 3 points

  • Draw: 1 point for both teams

  • Lose: 0 points

Every Serie A season starts in August and ends in May. There are many international breaks throughout the season, so there are no matches for some weeks. Stay updated with the schedule because Serie A betting is fun and exciting, whether you’re placing wagers on an ongoing or upcoming game.

The second-tier Italian football called Serie B follows the same format. A playoff tournament at the end of the season makes a more exciting time for bettors and fans.

Serie A teams to bet on at Sportsbet.io

Italy’s best teams are suitable matches against other squads in Europe from other domestic leagues like the EPL and Ligue 1. This country has already proven that it is pretty good at the top level as it has produced strong clubs with outstanding performances in the Champions League.

Here are some of the best clubs in Serie A: 

  • Inter Milan - This club has cemented its spot as one of the most recognisable clubs in Europe because of their iconic blue and black kits and their top players like Giuseppe Meazza and Ronaldo. They remained competitive through the years with intelligent recruitment and a playstyle reliant on solid offence. 

  • AC Milan - The Milan club is also an iconic organisation with its red and black kits. They had terrific players during their time in the spotlight, with the likes of Paolo Maldini, Franco Baresi, and Gianni Rivera. They are the prototypical Italian club that focuses on defence. 

  • Juventus - The winningest club in Serie A history, Juve is one of the best teams to ever hail from Italy. They are a prominent club with their development and recruitment style, resulting in top-tier stars like Alessandro Del Piero and Pavel Nedvěd. 

These are just some of the iconic Italian clubs over the years. They are a huge reason why people love to bet on Serie A.

Bets you can make at Sportsbet.io

The Italy Serie A betting experience is as diverse as you can expect here at Sportsbet.io. Watching the top-flight league’s active and exciting games is better if you place wagers on every match here at Sportsbet.io.

From betting on live games to upcoming ones, here are the betting types that you can make on the Sportsbet Serie A section: 

In-play match betting

This type of betting involves bets on Serie A games that are ongoing. Also known as live match betting, this lets punters place wagers in the heat of the moment. Each ongoing Serie A match has active and ever-changing Sportsbet soccer odds based on how each team player performs. An underdog team can turn the tides during the second half and display better odds of winning compared to when the game started.

Future match betting

Future match betting is the standard format you can see in most sportsbooks because these will be bets you can make on the scheduled matches. You have until before the game’s kick-off to place your bet, which is easy as long as you know the schedule. 

Fortunately, Sportsbet.io’s interface lets punters see the dates and times of all Serie A’s future matches. You don’t have to check other sources online as you make your wagers. Of course, each head-to-head game is accompanied by the freshest Italy Serie A betting odds, which are helpful to your betting decisions. 

Outrights betting

Punters have to consider Serie A’s bigger picture in this betting type. Future and in-play betting involve games between two Serie A teams, while Sportsbet.io’s outrights betting lets punters bet on who wins the whole league.

Bet on the overall winner of the Serie A season based on each team’s performance in the campaign. Results of outright betting will also be towards the end of each season, so you have more time to decide your bets. This offer makes Sportsbet.io the best Serie A betting site because it provides punters with more options besides head-to-head match betting.

The best Serie A match betting markets on Sportsbet.io

Now that you know all the types you can see at Sportsbet.io, you should look at the best-betting markets for Serie A. With more than 50 betting markets alone in a single Serie A game, here are the biggest markets that you can see on the platform: 

  • 1x2 - This is one of the most popular bets on the Sportsbet.io platform because you have three choices. Bet on 1 for the home team to win, and 2 if you think the away team has a better chance of success. Meanwhile, the x market is a draw result.

Sportsbet.io also has markets that let you wager each half of the game. Your preferred result in the 1x2 overall market might be different from the results in the markets below:

1st Half - 1x2

2nd Half - 1x2

  • Correct Score - In this market, bettors must predict the exact score full-time. It's challenging but fun to see, considering that it will be a thrilling experience as you wait for the game result and find out if you guessed it correctly.

  • Exact Goals - Bet on the total number of goals for each Serie A game. Take, for example, a match between Inter Milano and Torino. If you think Inter will score three goals in the overall game and Torino scores 1, your Exact Goals bet would be 4.

The odds formats on Sportsbet.io

At Sportsbet.io, there are three kinds of Serie A betting odds. It will be essential to know because odds formats help you determine your winnings in each market. Betting odds also show punters which results are most likely to happen.

You can choose any specific format you prefer. Here are the top three formats that you can use at Sportsbet.io:

  • American - In this format, the odds have symbols before them. Odds with a plus (+) symbol are the underdogs and grant higher winnings because of the risk. On the other hand, markets with the minus (-) symbols are the favourites. Simply put, the lower the value is, the more likely it is to happen. 

  • Decimal - This is the type of odds that is easy to understand. The team with the higher number are the underdogs, while the favourites have lower odds. If you’re betting on a team with 6.00 odds of winning, you can win $6 for every dollar you wager.

  • Hong Kong - Similar to the American odds, Hong Kong odds use the same symbols, but the number is divided by 100. For example, if the American odds show +135, that will become a +1.35 in Hong Kong odds.

Use these Italy Serie A odds to help you win but don’t let it dictate your every move because the underdogs can turn the tables. It is always best to research, watch the match, and bet wisely.

What you need to remember when betting on Serie A

To place wise bets, you need Italy Serie A betting tips to keep you going. Here are just a few of the best tips you should know:

  • Research will pay off - The Serie A online betting experience highly depends on the league and its games. By researching the teams and players, you will have a good idea of their talent level and playstyles. Knowing the league’s teams and players gives you a better chance of winning your bets.

  • Remember that star players will matter in each game - Every match in Serie A will always involve star players as the focal point of their teams. Based on the best Serie A betting tips, you can gauge both teams’ performance levels once you recognise the best players.

  • Always consider momentum - As you go through the many betting markets, always consider momentum. You will get a perspective on how these teams play more confidently when they keep winning matches which will be vital to your wagers. You can also check Serie A standings to see the team’s most recent game results.

Keep betting on Serie A matches on Sportsbet.io

Sportsbet.io is a top-tier betting site for football betting Serie A and most of the best leagues worldwide. It is the best platform, especially if you’re a big fan of Serie A and prefer betting with Bitcoin and USDT. Other top crypto assets are accepted as well. 

Serie A match betting: FAQs

Now that you know the ins and outs of Serie A betting at Sportsbet.io, you might still have questions about the Italian top-flight. Here are some of the common queries:

How do the points work in Serie A?

Serie A has a standard format for the points system just like the other top-flight leagues around the world. Here are the results in Serie A and how they will affect the point total in the league table. 

  • Win - 3 points

  • Loss - no points

  • Draw - 1 point per club

Can Serie A odds be trusted? 

Yes. The odds are trusted guides to show each punter the chances of each betting market. However, note that they can change anytime because of essential factors like injuries or recent transfer news.

Will the mobile app be useful for Serie A betting? 

Yes. Every bet you can make on a desktop is available on Sportsbet.io’s mobile app. It’s a perfect companion for punters who are always on the move.