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Should you bet on underdog football teams?

Should you bet on underdog football teams?

There is a wide range of football betting strategies you can explore. A high-paying but risky strategy many have found value in is betting on the underdog team. Find out why you should try this betting type below.

Underdog betting gives higher payouts but comes with bigger risks. Is it worth betting on teams and markets less likely to happen or not? If you are interested in trying out this high-risk but high-reward strategy, here is a complete guide to everything you need to know:

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Favourites vs underdogs: What is the difference?

In the realm of football sports betting, favourites and underdogs represent two opposing ends of a spectrum. The favourites are the teams deemed more likely to win a matchup, and underdogs are the ones expected to lose.

These terms can also apply to markets that involve other outcomes like Goals Scored or First Team to Score. The favourite markets have better odds compared to the underdog ones.

The football underdog odds are set and determined by the sportsbook through computing and identifying various factors. This includes:

  • The probability of an event occurring

  • The probability of punters wagering on an outcome

There is a higher chance of success when betting on the favourite team of a football matchup, but it offers lower potential returns. Conversely, underdog betting carries a higher risk but yields a more rewarding and satisfying payout when won.

How do you determine the underdog team/market?

Determining the underdog of a football matchup is easy. In the context of an American odds format, the underdog typically has a positive (+) sign, while the favourite comes with a negative (-) symbol.

For instance, in a football game between Chelsea (+150) and Manchester United (-400), Chelsea is the clear underdog, as indicated by the plus sign. It is best to note that the higher the positive value, the greater the underdog status. This means a higher payout when the underdog bet wins.

Besides this, you can identify the underdog through other key indicators such as:

  • Public perception: Underdogs are often teams who are less popular or perceived as less skilled. With this, you can consider public sentiment and media coverage when evaluating who is the favoured matchup.

  • Recent performance: Analyse the recent performance of the teams participating in the match. Those struggling or on a losing streak are more likely to be the underdogs.

  • Injury reports: In team sports such as football, injuries to key players can significantly turn the odds for the opposing matchup. Teams with injured stars are often labelled as the underdogs.

Why should you bet on the underdog?

While wagering on the favourites may be the clear-cut option when football betting, placing an underdog bet can be rewarding for several reasons. Here’s why you should consider betting on the underdogs:

Higher payouts

The obvious reason why you should consider betting on underdog football teams is the higher payouts that come with winning bets. While the football betting odds of an underdog team are low, conducting thorough research can help you decide if the team can turn the table upside down.

Look for an underdog team with a history of upsets or those playing with extra motivation. Underdog football teams who are competing in a rivalry match may have great odds of pulling off an upset.

Betting on the underdogs is exciting

Placing a bet on the underdogs offers a more thrilling experience compared to wagering on the favourites. This is due to the relatively high predictability associated with betting on the favourite team.

While upsets can occasionally happen, favourites are expected to win more often than not. In contrast, betting on the underdog turns each victory into an unexpected delight, adding an element of excitement and thrill to the wager.

When should you bet on the underdog?

When betting on underdog teams in football, timing is crucial. Since football is a low-scoring sport, minor errors can be the ultimate deciding factor between winning and losing. With this, it's wise to place your bets on these teams when:

  • They have a strong recent record

  • They are playing against a favourite with injured key players

  • They are playing on their home field

  • They are playing in a rivalry match

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Strategies to remember when underdog betting

While the odds may not be in your favour when betting on underdog teams in football, a proper strategy in play can turn the tides to your liking. Here are some underdog betting strategy tips to consider:

Have a great understanding of football

When Tether football underdog betting, it is essential to have a deep understanding and a grasp of the intricacies of the sport. This goes beyond learning just its basic rules.

Relying solely on luck should not be your primary strategy if you want to maximise your chances of success, particularly when dealing with the odds of underdog betting. With this, immerse yourself in the world of football by watching games. Consistently exposing yourself to the sport will give you a great understanding of football overall.

Stick to football betting

It is ideal to stick to just soccer underdog betting with cryptocurrency. This means focusing your attention and knowledge on one sport. While it might seem ideal to have a wide array of sports and betting options to choose from, specialising in one sport provides a competitive edge.

Accept that you can’t predict sports betting results completely

When Tether sports betting on underdog teams, it's crucial to have the perspective that luck plays a massive role in it. While some bettors may possess extensive knowledge of sports and make informed decisions based on their research and expertise, there's always an element of chance inherent in any bet.

Even the most seasoned bettors can only partially predict the outcome of some matchups. Acknowledging the influence of luck in sports betting can help you avoid overconfidence. This, in turn, allows you to make more rational decisions.

Know when to stop betting

There will be days when you encounter a losing streak when betting on underdog teams in football with Bitcoin. In such situations, the wisest approach is not to chase a win and exhaust your funds.

Instead, it is essential to recognise the significance of taking a break. This is particularly vital given the amount of money that underdog betting can consume.

Neglecting the value of taking breaks can lead to impulsive decisions with long-term financial consequences. It is critical to step back and objectively assess your situation, whether you're experiencing significant losses or wins.

Avoid making judgments based on momentary emotional highs or lows. These can have adverse effects on your betting outcomes.

Practise proper bankroll management

One of the most important strategies for betting on underrated teams in football is practising proper bankroll management. It starts with setting a reasonable betting limit before placing a wager. This will help you to avoid chasing your losses and overspending.

When setting a budget, recognise your financial boundaries and what you can comfortably afford to lose. Additionally, it is essential to avoid pushing yourself to the extent where you neglect your other responsibilities merely to continue gambling your funds away.

Top football leagues and tournaments to try underdog betting

There are several compelling league and tournament options when it comes to underdog betting. Here are some to consider wagering on:

  • EPL: The EPL is known for its competitiveness, making it an ideal ground for underdog betting. Unexpected outcomes are common, providing ample opportunities for astute bettors.

  • La Liga: Spain's La Liga is another league where underdog betting can pay off. With strong underdog teams capable of causing upsets, this league is a treasure trove for bettors seeking high-value wagers.

  • Serie A: Italy's Serie A features a mix of dominant and underdog teams. Understanding the nuances of Italian football can help you uncover valuable underdog opportunities.

  • UEFA Champions League: This prestigious European tournament consistently delivers thrilling underdog stories. The knockout stages are particularly attractive for those looking to capitalise on underdog teams' performances.

  • FIFA World Cup: The FIFA World Cup is the grandest stage of international football. There are tons of fantastic underdog stories here that have a special place in history. With this, there is more excitement with Bitcoin underdog bets in football when wagering on the FIFA World Cup.

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