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Virtual horse racing is today’s hot trend, made possible by blockchain technology. This concept introduces non-fungible token (NFT) horse racing, a new kind of virtual sports betting at Potentially win Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), or Tether (USDT) by betting on these events, just like you would on traditional horse races.

One of the best NFT horse racing platforms online is ZED RUN, and you can place bets on its events anytime at There’s always an ongoing race you can check out on the site with exciting features, including live streaming, in-play betting, and future betting. Let’s explore NFT race betting with ZED RUN at

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What is NFT horse racing?

An NFT horse is a uniquely minted digital asset in the image and function of a racehorse on the blockchain. In the case of ZED RUN, it uses the smart contract feature of the Ethereum network. An NFT horse contains all the data that makes it unique but with traits shared with its progeny and pedigree like bloodline, genotype, and colour.

Unique traits of the NFT horse, such as mutations, rarity, and gender independence of other elements, can differentiate it from its parents. The heritable traits are desirable factors for studs or broodmares, while these random traits dictate their breeding capacity.

An NFT horse race is a virtual sport resembling traditional horse racing. The only major difference is that random number generation (RNG) is added to simulate statistical deviations or the race's final results.

When a race starts, you can watch the ZED RUN horse races live on to see how it all plays out.

How does NFT horse racing compare with the traditional scene?

The major difference is that NFT horses aren’t limited to health concerns and mortality as the real ones. They stay in the game forever unless the owner decides to retire them in favour of a better one. NFT horses are always available for races since they don’t get sick or misbehave.

NFT horses also don’t need jockeys or trainers, unlike real racehorses. Therefore, bettors only have to consider the digital asset’s pedigree and value when predicting horse race outcomes. Breeding is still a feature so that you can determine horse racing odds based on lineage.

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Betting on NFT horse races is similar to its traditional counterpart, where you place a wager on one of the starters. Predict which NFT horse will win the race or at least reach the top 3 by the end of the event, and you will win crypto payouts based on their odds if your predictions are correct.

Here’s a quick step-by-step on how it works at on ZED RUN races:

  • Go to the ZED RUN page and go to ‘next to jump’.

  • Make your predictions from one of the races available.

    • You have two fixed bet options:

      • Win → This horse needs to win 1st place for your bet to win.

      • Place → Bet on this horse wins if they end with 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place.

    • Bets resolve at the end of the race

You can stream every ZED RUN race at Just click on the live stream option provided for the event you’re betting on, and then press the ‘Watch 3D’ hotlink. You can only watch streams of ongoing events, so you’ll have to wait until it starts if you’re betting on a future race.

ZED RUN virtual horse racing betting tips

Just like traditional horse racing, insight into the industry can give you an edge when betting on ZED RUN matches. Knowing is half the battle, as it helps you make well-informed decisions for every opportunity you take. Here are three tips to help you bet wisely on ZED RUN at

Outcomes of virtual races in ZED RUN are only as random as the given elements would allow. The NFT horses’ pedigree affects its chances against other horses in the race just like in real life. Keep track of factors like bloodlines, rarity, and horse class.

Browse through the race roster to have a quick look at this information before betting. You can simply look up their names on OpenSea and then compare values based on the latest bidding. This is handy because ZED RUN players are always in the market for winners and would always bid for the highest-valued NFTs.

Clicking on the NFT horse’s name on’s bookmaker brings up that asset’s full details, including its pedigree and career statistics. These are automatically updated every time they enter a race and it gives you an accurate representation of how often they win compared to how many times they competed. Knowing who has the best track record can give you a clue on how likely your bet is to win and decide how much money you want to stake on that risk.

One exciting aspect of ZED RUN is that anyone can start your stable with any budget. Some NFT horses can be bought for as low as 0.0006 ETH on OpenSea. Buy two or four horses so you can start breeding and keep doing it until you create the ideal foal for horse racing.

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Horse race betting strategies you can use in ZED RUN

Since NFT horse races are inspired to work similarly to its traditional version, you can apply classic strategies to ZED RUN betting. Here are three examples that allow you to plan around odds and potential payouts in horse race gambling:

Bet on two horses but distribute 80/20 of your wager

Backing long shots just means you can have them as one of the horses you’re betting on, but not the only one in that race. Choose a favourite, too and place a bet on them. Divide your betting budget for that event between your options in an 80% / 20% divide. Put 20% of that wager on the long shot and 80% on the more likely winner. This way, either outcome can cover your loss on the other and still leave you with a profit.

Dutching on multiple horses in the same race

If you like calculating odds and payouts, Dutching might be for you. This involves placing bets on as many horses as your budget will allow but allocating your funds based on their odds. The payout won’t be as big as a single bet, but you are almost guaranteed to take away profits at the end of the race.

Bet on ZED RUN events at is the ultimate bookmaker for crypto betting, not only in sports and esports but also in NFT virtual horse racing like ZED RUN. Get ready to potentially win huge prizes in crypto like BTC, ETH, or USDT from your correct predictions. Maximise your enjoyment with these features:

  • Bet sharing → Use Telegram or WhatsApp to share your bet slip with friends. It’s one of the best ways to interact with a community of bettors, and you can all compare each other’s predictions and see who wins big in your chosen ZED RUN race.

  • Price boost → enables price boosting in ZED RUN events. You must enable it on your bet slip before finalising your wager. This increases the potential payout of your prediction, giving you more additional profit on a winning bet.

  • Clubhouse → The Clubhouse rewards you with points on every bet you make above 1 USDT or equivalent in any currency. Win or lose, this program rewards you for your activities. Get enough points to reach the next tier, and you’ll get level-up bonuses and unlock new benefits exclusive to VIPs.

Now you’re all set to start betting on ZED RUN races at Sign up now to seize this amazing opportunity to win some of the most valuable digital assets in the market. Don’t miss out on the fun bonuses available on the promotions page that will enhance your ZED RUN betting experience at

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