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Maximise your wins with’s Price Boost

Maximise your wins with’s Price Boost

When it comes to crypto sports betting, knowing how to make the most out of your winning chances is crucial. At, you can make your sports betting experience more worthwhile by taking advantage of the site’s daily Price Boost feature.

Learn how Price Boost works below:

What is Price Boost?

Price Boost is one of’s most popular promotions that lets you maximise your stakes daily. This promo offers enhanced odds on selected sports events, allowing you to instantly boost your winning chances for a more exciting betting experience.

This feature automatically resets every 24 hrs. This allows you to make the most out of the promo every day and use it in any sports category and market. Just keep in mind that the Price Boost is only available once every event.

Enhance your odds with Price Boost at

How to use your Price Boost?

Choosing your Price Boost is easy. All you need to do is follow these simple steps:

  • Make your selections.

  • On your Betslip, enter the amount you want to wager for each market.

  • You will know if the feature is available in your chosen event when the blue ‘Price Boost’ button appears on your Betslip. Click it and check your new boosted price.

  • Once you’re done selecting the markets, click the green ‘Accept new odds’ button on the bottom to finalise your crypto bets.

  • Your Price Boost will be automatically credited with your winnings.


  • You can boost a single selection within a Multi

  • Price Boost cannot be cashed out. If you cash out on a Price Boost, it will revert to its original value.

Why should you take advantage of Price Boost?

There are many reasons why you should take advantage of’s Price Boost. Here are a few of them:

  • Increased odds and value → Maximising Price Boost gives you better odds and more value for your money. The better the odds, the more chances of winning big.

  • Wide range of sports events → offers Price Boost on a variety of sports including soccer and basketball. This allows you to use the promo on sports that interest you.

  • Easy to use → Simply make your selection and click the ‘Price Boost’ button to see your boosted price. The enhanced odds will be automatically applied to your bet.

  • A good head start → If you are new to sports betting,’s Price Boost is a great way to get started. This is because it offers you the chance to win bigger prizes without spending more.

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Where to use your Price Boost?

Price Boost is available on every sport and on any market the site offers. Some of the popular sports you can use your Price Boost on include:


Soccer is among the most popular sports in the world and features popular leagues and tournaments. Some of the biggest soccer leagues and tournaments you can wager on are:


Basketball is another well-known sport that has featured some of the biggest athletes in the industry. The sport also boasts big leagues and tournaments including:

  • National Basketball Association (NBA)

  • International Basketball Federation (FIBA)

  • EuroLeague


Baseball is known to be America’s favourite pastime but it’s also a successful sport in various countries. The sport offers a unique blend of excitement and predictability, as well as notable leagues and matches. Here are some of them:

  • Major League Baseball (MLB)

  • Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB)

  • World Baseball Classic (WBC)


Tennis is a sport known for its athleticism and elegance, making it widely appealing to fans. The sport also comes with popular events that feature the biggest names in the tennis world. Some of the top tennis events you should not miss out on are:

  • Wimbledon

  • US Open

  • Australian Open

  • French Open

Horse racing

Horse racing is a sport with a rich history and a passionate fan base. The sport blends excitement and suspense, making it a favourite among punters. Here are some of the well-known horse racing events you can wager on:

  • Kentucky Derby

  • Melbourne Cup

  • Japan Cup


Cricket is a popular sport known for its complexity and intricate rules. It also comes with huge events to look forward to. These include:

  • Indian Premier League (IPL)

  • Big Bash League (BBL)

  • ICC Cricket World Cup

Betting types you can place at is a popular online sportsbook that offers a wide range of betting types across various sports for a worthwhile betting experience. These include:

  • In-play → Also known as live betting, it is a type of wager you place while the game is still in progress. This means that you can watch the action unfold and make your bet based on what you are seeing.

  • Future → A futures bet is a type of wager placed on the outcome of an event that is yet to happen. Instead of betting on individual matches or games, future betting involves predicting the outcome of an entire season, tournament, or championship.

  • Outrights→ Wager on the final outcomes of leagues or tournaments with outrights betting. Which country takes home the World Cup trophy and which team wins their respective domestic league by the end of the season are some of the most common betting markets in this bet type.

FAQs about’s Price Boost

Learn more about’s Price Boost with these frequently asked questions:

What is Price Boost?

Price Boost is a feature of the site that offers enhanced odds on selected sports events. This means that you can win more money if your bet is successful.

How can I maximise the Price Boost?

To take advantage of Price Boost, look for the best odds before placing your bets. You should also read the terms and conditions that come with it.

Where can I use my Price Boost?

You can use your Price Boost on a variety of sports offered by the site. These include soccer, baseball, basketball, and cricket. Just keep in mind that Price Boost can only be used once on each event and resets every 24hrs.

Bet with crypto and boost your wins at

For a seamless and secure betting experience, look no further than The site allows you to bet using cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC) and Tether (USDT). Betting on your favourite sports at also exposes you to a wide range of features like Price Boost for a fun, fast, and fair betting session

Use your daily price boost and bet on available categories at


The information provided by the blog above on is for general information purposes only. All information on the Site is provided in good faith, however, we make no representation, warranty, or guarantee of any kind, express or implied, regarding the accuracy, adequacy, validity, reliability, or completeness of any information or betting tips on the Site.

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