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How to bet on today’s games at

How to bet on today’s games at

Find out what matches and tournaments across various sports are about to take place within 24 hours at After checking today’s betting tips and predictions, you can place crypto wagers on today’s games.

But do these betting tips generally apply to every sport or not? Read further to find out more.

Crypto betting on today’s matches at How does it work?

Start betting at by topping up your account with your preferred crypto. Here are the steps you need to take:

  • Click the Deposit button found at the top-right corner of the page. You can either use your crypto wallet to scan the QR code or copy the wallet address and paste it onto your crypto wallet to transfer crypto funds.

  • Look for your chosen sport at and click the Next 24 hrs tab. There, you will see the games to bet on today.

  • Click the match you want to bet on and choose among’s betting markets and predict which outcomes will happen.

  • You can find all your predictions in your Betslip. Input your stake on each outcome. Your stake depends on the asset you’ve chosen. For instance, Tether punters can finalise their sports betting on USDT for today’s games by inputting how much USDT they want to stake on each outcome.

  • Apply’s Price Boost feature if it’s available on your chosen sport and match.

  • Finalise your crypto bets by clicking ‘Place bet’.

General betting tips for today’s matches

Across different sports events, there are still common daily betting tips that generally apply. Check out these tips regardless of which sport you’re wagering on:

  • Stay up to date with injuries: Significant players getting lost to injuries hurts a team’s chances of winning a game. Before placing bets for today, check if the best players can compete or not.

  • Consider underdog betting: Underdog odds for today’s games means bigger payouts but higher risks. The underdog bet on sports games today means you’re predicting for an upset to take place. If the favoured team recently just lost their MVP, for example, it would be a good chance to consider betting on the underdogs.

  • Check the star players for today’s games bet: Stars are crucial to any team’s performance. Compare and contrast star players from teams about to face off.

Kick-off: Football betting tips today

Whether you’re betting on your favourite domestic league or a FIFA World Cup, your football bets will benefit from today’s games betting tips:

  • Keep up with transfers and new players: Keep up with the news over the summer and January transfer windows. New transfers can play a huge role in a club’s system and your football bets today.

A transfer like Erling Haaland was a game-changer for Manchester City because, in his first year with the club alone, his 52 goals helped them secure a treble. In the year before, City only won the Premier League but with Haaland, they won both the Champions League and FA Cup to pair with the domestic trophy.

  • Pre-match press conferences provide tons of context: A day or two before the match happens, the manager will usually have a press conference to talk about the team, injuries, and tactics. Do today’s game analysis based on the info presented by the manager to help your bet succeed.

  • Check their schedule ahead of the match: Players can get injured when they play too many matches, especially when there are additional games on top of their domestic league schedule. This hurts their durability, affecting your bets because they might not have complete and healthy squads.

  • Look into the clash of styles between the teams: Clubs have head-to-head history, so look into a matchup’s history and use that as context behind your bet on a team for the football games today.

Off to the races: Tips for today’s horse racing events

Betting on the horse races is a time-honoured tradition and the significant payouts make punters want to maximise every wager. Here are some of the best sport betting tips today to help you:

  • Track the statistics and performance data: Look into numbers like a horse’s win percentage and average speed to help you identify which horse is a good choice. A race horse that placed in a Japan Cup can be considered a top prospect.

  • Dive into in-depth information about racehorses: has comprehensive stats on each race horse that you can check before you bet on a racing event. Factors like age, sire/dam, and win-loss percentage matters a lot.

  • Check the track’s condition: The state of the ground is impactful for your bets because if they’re damp due to the rain, horses might thrive. The weather will also be influential as rain, wind, and harsh sunlight will affect a horse’s pace.

  • Assess the jockeys’ performances: Horses are not the only factors in the races as the jockey can get the most out of them. Look into the jockeys and their race performances as well.

Hit the big shot: Basketball betting tips today

The NBA is the best league to consider betting on, as one of the world’s most popular sports leagues. Teams compete in a full 82-game season, with Playoffs also following right after. Bet on basketball with these tips:

  • Check the stars’ recent performances: Recent games will play a role in your bets because stars carry over strong performances into the next few. Think of a torrid stretch like Damian Lillard in February 2023 when he won Player of the Week after averaging 38.3 points per game.

  • Compare the teams’ statistics on both sides of the ball: Take a look into a team’s defensive and offensive ratings.

Apart from advanced metrics, look at how teams take care of the ball using turnovers per game and turnover rate. Points and assists are important but remember, stats like rebounding and shooting efficiency will help you gauge teams better ahead of making basketball bets for today.

  • Stay up to date with injuries, especially with NBA teams’ load management: By checking which players are available, you can improve today’s game predictions since you know who can make an impact on the basketball game today.

  • Look into teams’ playstyles: Some teams value defence more than their offence which can lead to contrasting styles. This is even more important when you decide to bet on the EuroLeague as they have different styles compared to the NBA. Get a balanced view of favourite and underdog NBA betting factors and make your prediction on basketball games today from there.

Between the wickets: Today's cricket match betting tips

Stay ahead of other cricket punters by looking into the most effective sports betting tips for today's cricket markets. Some of these are:

  • Look into the impact of the coin toss: They can take advantage of their team starting strong or getting time to warm up through bowling. Deciding these on a coin toss can either make or break a team’s game.

  • Make sure to adjust to the cricket format: Think of Test cricket as a format that hones in on the cricketers’ endurance while the One-Day International and Twenty20 formats are more fast-paced and match up well with more athletic cricketers. Try betting after you consider these factors.

  • Evaluate a team’s composition ahead of the match: Look into the cricket teams’ rosters in the Indian Premier League or Big Bash League you’re betting on and see if they have enough talent in every position to keep up with the other team.

Serve it up: Tennis betting tips today

Tennis can be challenging to bet on if you don’t know the fundamentals. Here are some of the best tips that can help you learn about the tennis games today and how to bet on them:

  • Make sure to stay tuned with momentum at the bracket: Analyse the quality of the players in the bracket and see if one can build good momentum. That can lead to more wins for the player and good results for you.

  • Distinguish between aggressive and baseline players: Some players love to hug the baseline and play more like a counter-attacker but players like Rafael Nadal love to be mobile to throw off the opponent.

  • Look into surface specialisation: Some tennis players thrive on certain surfaces like Nadal on clay-court events like the French Open. Keep this in mind to know what to expect in a tournament having a specific surface.

  • Tournament formats are crucial to players’ performances: Some tournaments have best-of-five series but some have best-of-three. Make sure you know this for your tennis bets today about which players have better endurance and thrive in longer matches like the final of a Grand Slam like Wimbledon.

Big swing: Tips for baseball today’s game

Hitting a home run with your bets can be challenging but when you have a good set of tips, your baseball betting predictions today can be accurate, especially for Major League Baseball. Some of them are:

  • Look into the numbers ahead of today’s game: Baseball is a sport driven by stats as they can help you learn trends. Statistics like earned run average (ERA), help determine how good a pitcher is because a lower ERA means limited runs for the opponent.

This is a universal baseball tip as it’s not limited to North America but you can use it in Japan’s Nippon Professional Baseball teams too. Stay up to date with numbers and you’ll have a better chance of consistently hitting on your predictions.

  • Consider the home-field advantage: Some teams play better when they play at home because their fans are cheering and supporting. Use that for your sports betting today as it can be effective, especially in Major League Baseball rivalry games.

  • Get to know if the games are within the same division: You have head-to-head history to base inter-division games on, helping you make the best bets for today’s games.

Advantage: Tips for the rugby matches today

With every tackle and pass, rugby matches become more exciting to bet on. Find out what kind of tips can help you improve your sports betting on today’s games in the rugby league.

  • Assess a team’s priorities with strategies: Some teams prioritise forward dominance to have a clear path to scoring but others focus on expansive play at the back to pass the ball to create gaps in the defence.

  • Keep an eye on player discipline in rugby matches: Some players have a history of bad discipline which can lead to suspensions, hurting a team’s chances of winning because they don’t have a complete squad.

Hit it strong: Tips for the volleyball games today

Volleyball is an exciting sport filled with massive hits and amazing saves. By watching, you can be enticed to place bets, here are some tips:

  • Check the pace for how they’re playing volleyball: Some teams value playing with speed, using the middle blockers on offence. However, teams might go for the slow approach by relying on slowing the game down and hitting powerful hits to score points.

  • Look into the quality of teams’ serves: The best way to score points in volleyball is through serves. By looking at the number of service aces and how much opponents struggle to receive it properly. The level goes up when you bet on the professionals but expect this to be more prominent in collegiate volleyball.

  • Identify if the teams are good at floor or block defence: Look into a team’s preference on defence and the opponents’ playstyle. Distinguish a floor defence-centred system or a block-centric system. Make your prediction based on your assessment of how they match up against each other. Features to improve your bets offers superb opportunities to bet on today’s sports using Bitcoin. To help you with that, some features can help boost your payouts and improve your experience.

  • Promotions: Uncover the best promotions that give you incentives for your bets. The most well-known is Price Boost which is available for all kinds of sports where you can boost the payouts you can receive from a single match.

For football fans, Match of the Day is another good promo where a specific match has better rewards compared to the others. Keep playing with good promos and you won’t regret it when you win.

Succeed with crypto betting on today’s games at

Level up your betting experience with today’s match at Access a vast array of betting markets for every sport where every prediction is an opportunity for big rewards. Enjoy the heights of sports betting here at where you can use cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC) or Tether (USDT) for some big-value sports predictions today.

Maximise your betting experience with the mobile app—bet on the go, anytime and anywhere. Get a fun, fast, and fair experience with which you won’t get anywhere else.


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