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FIFA World Cup 2022 crypto betting for high rollers

FIFA World Cup 2022 crypto betting for high rollers

The FIFA World Cup is just around the corner, and betting on the best teams is going to be an opportunity of a lifetime. With a lot of contending teams, it’s easy to get lost in translation. So, start betting wisely and cheer for your favourite team.

There’s nothing quite like the FIFAWorld Cup. It is football’s ‘magnum opus’ of matches that every other tournament never quite captures. With the best players teaming up for their country, the stakes are even higher for each individual talented footballer to win the whole World Cup—or at the very least, reach the World Cup Finals.

Speaking of stakes, betting on the World Cup is one of the most incredible experiences that you’ll ever have. However, with the recent technological marvels, there are even more ways for you to bet on your favourite FIFA teams, especially when it is set to take place in November 2022.

With the use of crypto in FIFA World Cup Qatar betting, there is no doubt that it will be easier to place bets on the best FIFA World Cup 2022 teams that will be vying for football glory.

Want to know the best tips? Here is a comprehensive guide to crypto betting:

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Bet on the World Cup with crypto

It's easy to find the best crypto to use for FIFA World Cup betting. This is because there are a myriad of cryptocurrencies that you can use to bet on the best FIFA World Cup teams. With this, it might be overwhelming to choose the right asset to bet with. Nevertheless, there are a few that are better than others, especially when World Cup betting at a World Cup bookmaker.

Here are the top coins used in sports betting:

Using a FIFA betting site with Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency released in the market. At first, there were a lot of sceptics but it was eventually used for financial transactions.

Made entirely under the blueprints of blockchain technology, Bitcoin is the first of its kind that sparked intrigue to a whole new market that formed countless other coins known as altcoins.

Aside from being the first crypto, Bitcoin is the most profitable coin in the market. If you have BTC in your digital wallet, you’ve probably benefited from its surge. BTC is also one of the safest and most reliable crypto in the world. accepts BTC as one of its primary modes of payment. .

Learn how to use Bitcoin for World Cup betting here

Bet on FIFA World Cup with Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum is definitely BTC’s biggest competitor for ‘crypto supremacy’. Ethereum’s blockchain is also unique in a way that uses smart contracts. It is simply a program that runs on the Ethereum blockchain.

What makes Ethereum even better than BTC in some aspects is its faster transaction speeds and cheaper costs. Ethereum is the second best coin in price and it’s an easy entrant for those who want to begin betting.

Bet on FIFA World Cup with Dogecoin (DOGE)

Dogecoin is a meme-inspired coin that surged because of business and tech mogul Elon Musk. The coin was created by Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer in 2013. Even though Palmer departed the company in 2015, Markus continued as the altcoin's primary programmer.

Dogecoin is expected to be lucrative in the long run, at least in 4-5 years, according to analysts. The currency was expected to achieve a price of $0.003 per coin in 2020, however it unexpectedly rose to a price of $0.044 instead.

Bet on FIFA World Cup with Cardano (ADA)

A decentralised proof-of-stake blockchain platform, Cardano was launched in 2017 and is the third generation of its kind. The platform's native cryptocurrency is ADA. Unlike other coins that are mostly for storing, Cardano is widely used for everyday transactions.

Its native coin, ADA, is used to power the Cardano blockchain alongside Ouroboros as its consensus protocol. For safer transactions, especially when sports betting, you will never really go wrong with Cardano.

Bet on FIFA World Cup with Litecoin (LTC)

Litecoin is among the fastest and cheapest altcoin in the market. It was developed in 2011 to serve as an alternative to Bitcoin. However, Bitcoin's shortcomings, such as a longer transaction procedure and a lack of accessibility, were not the only reasons for its existence.

According to Charlie Lee, a former Google employee who founded LTC, the coin was created to provide much faster and more efficient transactions than BTC. It also has a larger block size and offers lower fees.

Just like other coins, LTC uses blockchain technology to record and execute blocks of transactions. These blocks will then be linked together to form a chain of information after the data has been placed in them.

The mining algorithm used by Litecoin, known as Scrypt, is more user-friendly for inexperienced miners.

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Ultimate guide to crypto betting in the FIFA World Cup

Since the FIFA World Cup only comes every four years, it’s worth mentioning that betting high is the way to go to make the most out of the betting scene. Being a high roller might be quite scary for most beginners. Well, do not fret because here is a quick guide to the most anticipated football event in the world:

How crypto betting works

Crypto betting is as simple as the traditional way of betting. Instead of using fiat currency, you’ll be using coins like Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin. The best part about crypto betting is the fact that the transactions are faster and safer which makes for a better betting experience, especially with FIFA World Cup victory odds.

Will multiple bets work as a high roller?

Absolutely! Having to bet on high roller accounts will make it better since you are diversifying the risk of losing and making up for the win that you’ll eventually get for betting on multiple markets.

In the earlier stages of the FIFA World Cup, it’s better to wager on multiple markets since there are several games to bet on. It is also best to bet on teams with a previous track record of winning games in the World Cup.

As the rounds shorten as more teams get eliminated, you’re going to deviate from betting on multiple teams and go straight to different markets. This improves your chances significantly because you’ll be putting different bets for different markets.

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The FIFA World Cup 2022 explained

If you are new to football, you might miss the point of the FIFA World Cup entirely. To some, it might just be another competition out of a myriad that existed for centuries. However, there are levels to football that make it one of the most global sports in the world.

To start, the FIFA World Cup occurs only every four years. This means that the competition is incredibly special among football fans. Every time this event approaches, the football world is hyped to the skies to see the world’s most impeccable players battle it out.

To vye for the World Cup, teams must win a certain number of games to qualify for each strand of the competition. These ‘strands’ or ‘rounds’ of the competition are what's known as group stages where 32 teams play until only two remain by the end of the World Cup.

The rounds start with 16 series that call for elimination that leads to a series of 8. It will then be condensed to 4 which is the semi-finals rounds until only two remain for the FIFA World Cup Finals.

Who decides which teams will compete for the FIFA World Cup 2022

In the 2022 FIFA World Cup, the competition will be hosted by Qatar. This means that they have a reserved spot for the standings of the World Cup. There will be 2,010 FIFA Association members who are all in different confederations that will ultimately decide whether or not they’ll be eligible for the upcoming qualifying rounds.

To qualify, each confederation is designated a particular number of slots. Here is the full allocation of the 2022 FIFA confederation:

• AFC (Asia Football Confederation): 4 to 5 slots

• CAF (Confederation of African Football): 5 slots

• CONCACAF (Confederation of North, Central America, and the Caribbean): 3 to 4 slots

• CONMEBOL (South America Confederation): 4 to 5 slots

• OFC (Oceania Football Confederation): 0 to 1 slot

• UEFA (Union of European Football Associations): 13 slots

• Hosts (Qatar): 1 slot

Latest World Cup: France’s victory over the world

To get an idea on how to bet on the World Cup, you first need to look at the previous World Cup Finals between France and Croatia. What a lot of people can learn from the 2018 World Cup is the fact that Kylian Mbappé was the youngest player to score a field goal in the FIFA World Cup. With that very goal, France were crowned the champions.

A deflected Antoine Griezmann free kick gave France the lead after 18 minutes. However, Croatia had the better of the first half and were rewarded with an equaliser from Ivan Perisic's left-footed strike.

Griezmann's penalty seven minutes before half-time, given by referee Nestor Pitana, left Croatia nursing a searing feeling of injustice. What followed was one of the best and most exciting FIFA World Cup Finals ever played.

Has the 2022 World Cup changed?

Aside from the venue and how the games will be curated through different allocations of the slots each nation will have to go through, the same level of excitement is still expected from the millions of football fans around the world.

What makes it more exciting to watch is the fact that the FIFA World Cup crypto betting will become even more interesting as the new age of football with young stars and rising players face the challenge of being in the spotlight for the first time.

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Overview of the top FIFA World Cup contenders

Aside from knowing the different World Cup betting odds, here is an overview of the top contenders that will help you win your bet:

France to repeat?

As the previous champions of the FIFA World Cup 2022, France is among the top tier teams to make it all the way back to the World Cup Finals and win it all with the highest World Cup odds. However, with emerging teams from a lot of different countries, France may have more roadblocks to deal with than its performance in 2018.

France’s Kylian Mbappé will be older when he plays. With his experience with the Paris Saint-Germain Football Club (PSG), he’ll even have more experience to go with when playing at the biggest stage in football.

Will they win again? With teams like Brazil, Germany, and Great Britain, it’s hard to say for now. However, one thing’s for sure, they’ll surely make a lot of noise when the event comes around later in 2022 with one of the best World Cup 2022 odds.

Neymar’s last hurrah in Brazil

As of this time of writing, Neymar is already 30 years old which puts a lot of mileage under his legs for playing a lot of games and appearing in a lot of World Cup games. However, Brazil’s history of playing at the World Cup is slightly hazy.

A World Cup win from Neymar will put his already great career to an even higher lift that will make him one of football’s great—one that certainly adds the credentials of Brazil being among the finest countries that produces football prodigies like Pelé.

Germany’s exemplary offence

Ten European national teams, including Germany, have already qualified for the event. They won their qualifying group and are ready to defend their title as world champions once again.

The four-time world champions were knocked out of the competition in Russia four years ago when they finished bottom of their group.

For the first time since 1938, Germany failed to go beyond the group stage at the World Cup. However, the German national team had a difficult time at Euro 2020 last summer and were eliminated in the Round of 16. A comeback to Germany's former glory is certainly on the horizon.

Germany is a frontrunner in the Qatar Cup because they are a squad of outstanding players led by an excellent management. With the likes of Serge Gnabry, Leon Goretzka, Manuel Neuer, and lkay Gündoan on the roster for this year's World Cup, Germany is a sure-fire contender in any series.

England not backing down

England's strength is a major factor in the team's optimism for Qatar Cup 2022. With the possible exception of Harry Kane, the team would be able to cope with the loss of almost any player and still have a capable substitute.

Although England faced a lower level of competition than they would face in the World Cup 2022, they were nevertheless able to make seven substitutions without weakening their squad.

Lionel Messi vs. The World in Argentina

There were four teams in Group C for the FIFA World Cup 2022, and Argentina was one of them. They won the Copa America last year with Lionel Scaloni in command.

Group D's runner-up, which includes France and Denmark, would be their opponent if they make it out of the group stages. They will play France in the final 16 if they finish second.

If they make it to the quarterfinals, they will face a relatively easy opponent. The winners of Group A would face off against the losers of Group B this time. The most probable Group A winners are the Netherlands who would then face Group B runners-up, the USA team or whoever qualifies from Scotland, Ukraine, or Wales to play in Group B.

At World Cup finals, Messi has always been the centre of attention, which he enjoys while his teammates dread.

When he led his team to the World Cup final in Brazil in 2014, he was named the tournament's best player but lost in extra time to Germany. For the first time since Javier Mascherano and Diego Maradona, he will be the first Argentinian player to appear in five World Cups, making him the first Argentinian to do so. Crypto betting on the FIFA World Cup 2022

Now that you know how to bet on the FIFA World Cup, it’s now time to test your newfound knowledge and earn a profit by betting on the best teams. If you are looking for the best crypto sports betting site, then should be your first site of choice.

Win big with different markets and have the chance to multiply your wagers by ensuring that your favourite team wins on football’s greatest stage. No matter which teams go at it in the World Cup like Japan vs Germany or Japan vs Spain, you’ll have all the right tools to make your bets worth it!

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15 May 2022

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