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Why the underdog odds mean so much in MMA betting

Why the underdog odds mean so much in MMA betting

Mixed martial arts (MMA) is a dynamic and exciting combat sport that has captivated millions of sports enthusiasts. It showcases the ultimate test of skill, athleticism, and strategy inside the cage, making it a popular choice for underdog betting.

Don’t know how to bet on MMA underdogs? Learn why underdog odds mean so much in MMA betting and the factors you need to consider with this MMA underdog betting guide:

What is MMA underdog betting?

MMA underdog betting is all about placing wagers on fighters who are considered less likely to win a certain match. In sports betting, odds are assigned to each fighter based on their perceived probability of winning. The favourite is the fighter expected to win, while the underdog is the fighter considered less likely to come out on top.

When you bet on an MMA underdog, you are essentially placing a wager on that fighter to win the match despite being the less favoured competitor. In MMA betting, the martial arts odds assigned to the underdog are often higher than those given to the favourite. This means that if the underdog wins, the payout for betting on them will be higher than betting on the favourite.

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What makes underdog odds crucial in MMA betting

Underdog odds play a crucial role in MMA betting due to various key factors influencing the dynamics and appeal of mixed martial arts fights. Here's why underdog odds are essential in mixed martial arts betting:

Value betting

Assessing underdog odds can help identify instances of value betting. Value betting occurs when the odds assigned to a fighter by the sportsbook are higher than the fighter's actual chances of winning.

By conducting thorough research and analysis, you can uncover situations where an underdog has a better chance of winning than the odds suggest. Thus, betting on the underdog becomes favourable as the potential return outweighs the perceived risk.

Higher potential payouts

Underdog MMA betting odds offer the chance for higher potential returns on your bets. Since underdogs are considered less likely to win, sportsbooks assign higher odds to them.

If you bet on an underdog and they pull off an upset, your payout will be greater compared to betting on the favourite. MMA underdog betting is a lucrative option if you look forward to higher potential returns and seek larger profits.

Upsets and unpredictability

MMA is a highly unpredictable sport, and upsets occur often. Even when a fighter is considered a heavy favourite, there is always a chance for the underdog to defy the odds and emerge as the winner. This unpredictability adds excitement and intrigue to MMA betting!

Market perception

MMA underdog odds work by providing insights into the market's perception of a particular fight. Sportsbooks like set odds based on various factors, including fighters' records, skill levels, recent performances, and public betting patterns.

By analysing underdog odds, you can gauge how the martial arts betting community views the relative strengths and weaknesses of the fighters. Significant movements in underdog odds or a high volume of bets placed on the underdog may indicate a shift in perception or uncover hidden opportunities in the betting market.

Shifting betting lines

The movement of underdog odds can provide valuable insights into the dynamics of a fight. As the betting market reacts to various factors, such as fighter injuries, public sentiment, or changes in betting patterns, the odds for underdogs may fluctuate. Monitoring these shifts can help you make more informed betting decisions.

Overlooking underdogs

In MMA, upsets are common, and underdogs win more often than in some other sports. The nature of the sport, which combines multiple disciplines, creates opportunities for underdogs to exploit weaknesses or catch their opponents off guard.

Bookmakers and casual bettors may overlook these potential advantages, leading to underdogs being undervalued in the odds. Savvy and smart bettors who can identify instances where the odds don't accurately reflect the underdog's actual chances of winning can capitalise on these betting chances.

Factors to consider when MMA underdog betting

When looking at MMA underdog odds, there are several factors to consider that can help you assess the potential value and likelihood of an upset. Here are some key factors to keep in mind when MMA betting:

Fighter records and performance

One of the most important factors in MMA underdog betting is the records of both the underdog and their opponent. For an effective underdog betting session, always look for patterns in wins, losses, and methods of victory or defeat. Also, consider recent performances, especially wins against strong opponents or losses that might have been due to certain circumstances.

Fighting style and matchup

When MMA underdog betting, analyse the fighting styles of both fighters and how they match up against each other. Some styles can be advantageous against certain opponents while posing challenges against others. Consider whether the underdog's style could exploit the weaknesses of their opponent.

Size and weight discrepancies

Another important factor to consider to make the most out of your MMA underdog betting odds is the size or weight discrepancies between the fighters. Sometimes, an underdog may have a size advantage or be moving up or down in weight, which could affect the fight's outcome.

Historical upsets

To find out whether a certain underdog fighter is worth betting on, look at historical instances of underdog upsets. While each fight is unique, studying past examples of underdogs winning can help identify patterns and factors that contribute to surprise victories.

Betting line movement

Betting line movement refers to the changes in the odds or point spread set by sportsbooks for a certain event. It reflects the market's response to various factors such as betting volume, public sentiment, injuries, or other relevant info that may affect the event's outcome.

To have effective MMA underdog betting, it’s crucial to monitor the movement of the betting line. If the underdog's odds are improving or if there is significant betting activity on the underdog, it may indicate that others see value in the upset potential.

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MMA leagues you can bet on at

As one of the leading online sportsbooks in the world, offers various MMA leagues you can bet on. These include:

  • Rizin Fighting Federation → Rizin FF is a Japanese mixed martial arts organisation known for its unique rule sets and exciting matchups. It features a mix of MMA, kickboxing, and other combat sports, making your Rizin bet worthwhile.

  • Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) → UFC betting is one of the most popular wagering opportunities in MMA. The UFC is the premier MMA organisation globally, hosting high-profile events with top fighters worldwide.

  • Bellator MMA → Bellator MMA is a prominent American-based MMA promotion that showcases a mix of established veterans and rising talent. Due to the popularity of Bellator MMA, Bellator betting is a top option for most punters.

  • Professional Fighters League (PFL) → PFL betting provides various betting markets and competitive odds. It is a unique MMA promotion that operates under a tournament format. In this event, fighters compete in a regular season, followed by playoffs.

  • Konfrontacja Sztuk Walki (KSW) → KSW is a Polish MMA promotion that has gained fame for its exciting fights and regional talent. KSW betting is not only popular among Polish bettors but also among punters worldwide.

  • One Championship → One Championship is a Singapore-based MMA promotion that showcases fighters from various Asian countries. One thing you need to know about the organisation before placing your One Championship bet is that it combines MMA bouts with elements of traditional martial arts.’s MMA underdog odds formats

To give you the best MMA underdog betting experience, offers MMA underdog odds in the following formats:

  • Decimal → These odds are shown in a decimal value, and they indicate your possible winnings for every unit wagered. For example, if the underdog has decimal odds of 3.00, a successful bet of 100 USDT would result in a total payout of $300.

  • Hong Kong → They indicate the potential profit of a winning bet for every unit staked. To get HK odds, add one from the decimal odds. For instance, a wager of 5 USDT on 0.60 (+1) HK odds will give you a total payout of 8 USDT.

  • American → These are presented with a positive (+) and negative (-) number. The positive represents the favourite, while the negative represents the underdog. Positive American odds indicate the potential profit for every 100 USDT wagered, while negative American odds indicate the amount you need to bet to win 100 USDT.

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