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Sportsbet.io is proud to present to you its most exciting new feature in recent times - it’s all-new Free To Play Games!

Our latest & greatest innovation offers you a fun, fast, fair and FREE betting experience where you can win prizes every week, for FREE!

How to Play

Playing a 4-3-Free is essentially the same as placing a BetBuilder Bet. There are 4 questions based on one match and 4 possible answers. All you need to do is submit your answers for all 4 questions, according to the result you think will happen for a match.


If you answer correctly to all 4 questions, you will get a $50 Free Bet*. If you answer correctly to 3 questions, you will get a $10 Free Bet.

General terms:

  • Entry requirement applies, check Terms and Conditions for more information.
  • Prizes are paid out in USDT only.
  • Prizes are paid out the next day by 15 GMT.
  • Own goal is considered as "Other/No Goal" For "Type of 1st Goal".
  • Multi accounting disqualifies all entries.
  • Other terms apply, log in to read more from our Terms and Conditions.


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2021 is all about adrenaline-inducing, heart-racing, show-stopping sporting action! All headed your way in the upcoming months, for a host of electric fixtures, matches and playoffs.

And, to stay on the pulse of all the action ahead, we’re sending Free Bets your way. Every Single. Day! All you need to do is answer 4 questions on an upcoming match and BOOM! You’ll be scoring a daily Free Bet quicker than you can say. “Viva Sports!”

The game is called 4-3 FREE, and much like the name suggests, the mechanics are simple as can be! Now you can scoop up Sportsbet Free Bets in the blink of an eye with the ultimate player incentive.

Here’s to the home of Daily Free Bets

So, how exactly does it all work? All you need to do is log onto the Sportsbet.io platform daily and head over to the 4-3 FREE competition page. You’ll see 4 questions based on the upcoming sporting event.

Answer all 4 questions correctly on a given day, submit your answers and, if your submission is right on the money, we’ll send a crypto-cash Free Bet your way (to the value of $50). If you miss an answer, no sweat! For 3 correct answers, you’ll still get a Free Bet (to the value of $10) to use on your all-time favourite Sportsbet.io fixtures.

And the best part? With the widest range of sporting action headed your way, there’s a perfect set of trivia questions for every fan! Test your knowledge of the game for 3 upcoming signature sporting showdowns, including Indian Premier League Cricket (IPL), English Premier League football, or the upcoming UEFA European Football Championship (kicking off in June 2021). There’s never a dull moment and always a chance to win your own Daily Free Bet.

You can be sure that when the players lace-up and set out to do battle, you’ll have a front-row seat to the greatest sporting fixtures in the world… And, a Daily Free Bet to supercharge your own winning streak!

And, with so many upcoming fixtures, where does one even start?

Strike into the ultimate Cricket Free Bets

The pitch is waiting to be conquered and the crowd is starting to roar in anticipation! Head over to the competition page during the IPL cricket season and answer 4 different questions to do with a host of upcoming fixtures. Log in from anywhere in the world and put your cricket knowledge to the test. Faster than you can say “Free Bets India”! Knock the ball for a 6 and make sure you don’t get “stumped” by any of the fastball questions.

Will the Chennai Super Kings vanquish the Rajasthan Royals? Will Suresh Raina surpass Virat Kohli’s legacy for most runs scored? If you think you’ve got the answers, login and earn your Free Bet today!

Experience top Soccer Free Bets

Enjoy signature football with EPL Free Bets and a ton of action-packed fixtures! The absolute best in the English Premier League will light up the field once again for a host of star-studded football face-offs. Head over to the Sportsbet.io competition page throughout the duration of the EPL and answer 4 new questions. Get them right and SCORE a Free Bet to use on your all-time favourite Sportsbet.io fixtures.

Will Man City hold their top position with United on their tail? Will Olivier Giroud bring home the gold for the Blues? All these answers (and daily Free Bets) will be revealed, with your help!

Light up the field with UEFA Free Bets

Headed your way this June 2021. Get ready for all-out football action as the UEFA European Football Championship makes its way back to the stadium and into the hearts of sports fans across the globe. Make sure you get in on the action! Login to Sportsbet.io daily, where 4 fresh questions will be waiting for you to put your football trivia to the test.

Does Ronaldo have what it takes to lead Portugal to victory? Has Spain’s preparation been enough to put them in the running for the cup? You be the judge!

Action attractions with Sportsbet Multibet

Put your football/cricket trivia to the test every weekend for a host of electrifying fixtures, just by logging onto the Sportsbet.io competition page and submitting your answers on the Sportsbet.io player’s platform. With multiple 4-3 FREE competitions running daily (according to the hottest sporting fixtures), there’s never a dull moment and always an opportunity to win your Daily Free Bet, to the value of $50.