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The IIHF World Championship is a yearly competition that pits the world’s best ice hockey countries. The best national teams will perform high-level plays to reign the entire championship. 

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IIHF World Championship: How does it work?

This ice hockey event is the equivalent of the FIFA World Cup. The IIHF World Championship schedule is annually held in April, which is the perfect time when the biggest leagues are in their off-seasons. 

It is divided into multiple divisions according to countries’ place in the world rankings. Across these divisions, there will be a round-robin format to decide the rankings. Here are the divisions you will see in the IIHF WC: 

  • The Top Division (Championship group): This is the group where the world champion will be crowned. The top 8 teams will be decided from the round-robin, and then they will play out a bracket to decide the winner of the entire event. 

  • Division I and II: This group has 12 teams each, and their main goal is to get promoted to the higher division. These Divisions will have their halves as Division 1/2 have Groups A and B, with the former being the higher sub-division. The teams from the latter will compete for promotion to A and then the higher division itself. 

  • Division III: The same as the previous divisions but with only 10 teams. 

  • Division IV: If there are more than 52 participants in the IIHF WC, they are put into this division to compete for promotion. 

The best ice hockey betting markets for the IIHF WC allows you to place wagers on your chosen IIHF World Championship predictions. Here are some of the top markets you need to check out:

  • Winner: Predict which team will win the match in question. This can be seen with the scheduled fixtures, but you can also bet on live matches.

  • Handicap: This market was created to keep it fair between the favourite and the underdog. The underdogs are given a virtual advantage for the bet to win, and they just need to reach a particular score set by the bookmaker. The favourites have to compensate by dominating the match.

  • Total score: offers you a choice of values, and you will predict if the combined final score will be over or under that number. 

  • Both teams to score: This is a yes or no market, as you will predict if both teams will score a goal.

  • Winning margin: You are given options for the winning margin for both teams. Select which you feel will happen and reap the benefits of your wager hitting.’s IIHF World Championship odds

The odds are meant to help you determine the likely and unlikely events in the match you’re betting on. The ice hockey World Championship odds will give you context on the favoured team in the matchup. You can also determine the best wager based on the potential payout. 

Learn to read the World Cup of hockey betting odds to gauge which market or side you will bet on. Here are the three types of IIHF betting odds at

  • Moneyline: This format will centre on the plus (+) and minus (-) symbols. This will be attached to the odds to indicate their status. The plus is for the underdogs, a risky yet more lucrative wager. On the other hand, the minus is for the favourite since it is a safer wager and less lucrative.

  • Decimal: In this type of odds, the payout is calculated by multiplying every $1 you wager with the decimal odds. For example, if you have a $14 bet on 2.54 odds, that will net you a $35.56 reward. To determine the favourites, they have lower World Cup hockey odds, while underdogs have higher odds.

  • Hong Kong: This odds type revolves around the number 1. Negative odds will mean they are favourites, while the positive numbers are for the underdog. There are also rare cases where the odds are exactly at 1, meaning there is a 1/1 payout. To calculate, you must add 1 to the HK odds and multiply it by every $1 from your wager.

The best tips for your IIHF bets

You need to have a good eye for your ice hockey World Championship betting because the IIHF can be a bit challenging with all the talented countries in hockey. Now, here are some tips that can help you overcome the doubters for your ice hockey World Cup wagers:

  • Stay up to date with news reports: Bettors should always tune in to the latest updates all the time. These reports include injuries, roster changes, and many more. You can adjust accordingly based on what you see in the news reports.

  • Identify the crucial players on the teams: Look into the teams you are betting on and find out who the stars are. They will be vital for your wagers, especially since they are impactful due to their production.

  • Use statistics properly: The IIHF matches you will bet on require you to know how they play. People value the eye test, which works, but you need a more balanced perspective to make decisions.’s features for your IIHF bets gives you the best experience possible by providing features that can help you make wagers more enjoyable. These are features you can use for the ice hockey World Cup today match betting:

  • Head-to-head: This is a graphic feature you use to make the most out of your bets. Look into the information provided: stats, matchups, individual player evaluation, team formations, and many more. Use this with nuance because it can lead to some solid rewards.

  • Betslip and Betbuilder: The Betslip is the pop-up menu that appears whenever you click a market to bet on. It can track your bets while also giving you potential payouts. Lastly, the Betbuilder will help you create a huge bet that combines your wagers that can result in fantastic prizes.

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