Enjoy betting on NFL matches at Sportsbet.io

Sportsbet.io is an optimal platform for betting on the National Football League (NFL). You will find a variety of betting markets to wager on, including point spreads, over/under totals, player props, and more. Whether you're a seasoned bettor or a newcomer to NFL crypto betting, Sportsbet.io offers a fun, fast, and fair experience to add a layer of excitement to your football viewing.

How to start betting on NFL matches at Sportsbet.io

Before you start your NFL betting with Bitcoin, you must sign up for an account at Sportsbet.io. Here are the steps you need to follow: 

  • Click Register on the top-right of the website. You can choose to fill in the details or connect accounts from other platforms to Sportsbet.io. Those platforms include X (formerly Twitter), Facebook, Metamask, Line, and Google.

  • Click the Deposit button on the top right after you have an account. Copy the address to paste into your crypto wallet to transfer, or you use the camera feature of your crypto wallet app for a quicker process.

  • Go to the American football section at Sportsbet.io, where you will see scheduled NFL matches. Click the match you want to bet on and scroll down to see the available Tether betting NFL markets. 

  • Select an option you feel will happen, which will appear on the Betslip on the lower-right. Enter your wager amount and click Place bet.

NFL betting markets you can place wagers on

Now that you get the basics down, you can start your NFL USDT betting at Sportsbet.io. After clicking the match, you will have plenty of betting markets for any Dallas Cowboys match in front of you that can result in good payouts. Here are the NFL predictions you can make: 

  • Winner (incl. overtime): You are predicting who wins the match between the two teams playing. Take note that the overtime period is included so the best does not just stop after the fourth quarter.

  • Total (incl. overtime): There is a number given and you have to predict if the total combined score between both sides of a Philadelphia Eagles vs Cincinnati Bengals match is over or under that given number.

  • Handicap (incl. overtime): Level the playing field with this market, as there is a point spread that the favourites, like the Kansas City Chiefs, have to exceed while the underdogs, like the Dallas Cowboys, have to stay within the spread. This gives more of an advantage for the underdogs so they can match up well with the favourites.

Types of NFL betting odds you can use for your bets

Every NFL Bitcoin betting market you place bets on has odds attached to it. They help you determine which are the likely and unlikely outcomes from the betting market. At the same time, these NFL odds are useful in determining the potential payout amount you can get when you make the right bet. 

Cycle through the types of odds at Sportsbet.io and find which one best suits your preferences between the three types whenever you’re betting with USDT on the NFL:

  • American: Odds in this format are indicated with plus and minus symbols. The positive numbers (+) are for underdogs since they are more lucrative while the odds with the minus (-) are for the less-lucrative options. Calculate these payouts according to 100 USDT as a bet of that amount on +125 odds will result in a 125 USDT reward. For a -125 bet, you must wager 125 USDT to win 100 USDT.

  • Decimal: Higher decimal odds are reserved for underdogs since they have more payout potential, while the lower odds are for favourites or safer choices. To calculate the payout, just multiply the odds by the wagered amount. 

  • Hong Kong: HK odds lower than 1 are for favourites, while those more than 1 are for underdogs. Calculate your payouts using HK odds by adding 1 and then multiplying it by your wagered amount. 

Tips for your NFL match bets

Make your NFL betting predictions with these useful tips that can help you get better results and payouts. Here are the tips you need to help you thrive: 

News reports are vital to your wagers 

Stay updated on the latest news reports on the NFL because there are circumstances that can shift the odds in your NFL predictions. Injuries can damage a team’s momentum, especially if the one injured is the star player. The same goes for trades because they shift the dynamics of every game you’re betting on.

Always take note of influential players 

Star players in the NFL usually have the most impressive statistics, and they are the ones who turn the tide for their team when crucial situations arise. Here are some names you should remember: 

  • Jerry Jeudy: A wide receiver for the Denver Broncos who can outpace and outjump any defender he cases. In 2022, he had his best statistical season, as he had 972 receiving yards while also posting 40 rushing yards. He is primed to be a focal point for the Broncos moving forward.

  • Garrett Wilson: Another superb wide receiver, this time for the New York Jets. Wilson was one of the best draft picks from the 2022 NFL Draft, as evidenced by his NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year award. He had 1,103 receiving yards during his rookie season with the Jets.

  • Dameon Price: Running back for the Houston Texans, Price loves making big plays. He can avoid tons of tackles and contribute to getting carries on offence. As a 4th-round pick from the 2022 NFL Draft, he exceeded expectations and proved to be useful with 939 rushing yards.

Coaches’ tactics must be observed properly 

Look into how coaches set up their teams to win and compare them to what you see with other coaches’ tactics. Analyse all tactics to help distinguish which teams are tactically better, which can guarantee you a sure outcome for your NFL predictions.

Sportsbet.io’s features help NFL punters

Make the most out of your American football wagers using the site’s features. Find out how each of them works: 

  • Betslip: This appears in the bottom-right corner after you click an outcome you want to bet on. This helps you track wagers and make adjustments to your wager. Remember to check out any ongoing Sportsbet.io promotions before you finalise your NFL bets.

  • Head-to-head: This feature allows you to see valuable information like statistics. You can also see individual matchups like Jeremy Chinn vs Jaelan Phillips, the starting lineup of a team like the San Francisco 49ers, and more. Use this feature to help put context in your bets and boost knowledge of your decisions.

  • Club Talk: Present in Sportsbet.io’s Clubhouse, this feature helps you talk to other people about NFL games. You can get valuable insights that help ease your struggles with betting and make smart wagers.

Place your NFL crypto wagers at Sportsbet.io 

Place your bets on NFL matches at Sportsbet.io and experience the thrill of combining the excitement of American football with the innovation of crypto betting. With a diverse range of markets, user-friendly features, and expert insights, Sportsbet.io offers the ultimate platform for fans to elevate their NFL betting experience while embracing the future of online crypto betting. Bet with confidence, engage with passion, and enjoy the game like never before.