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Rally your bets at Sportsbet.io’s first-rate live badminton betting featuring the matches of Kento Momota, Lin Dan, Viktor Axelsen and other professional hitters! Join our thousands of punters on betting on the various badminton matches and tournaments this year! Let Sportsbet.io take your wagering to the next level with its superb live sports betting! With our sportsbook’s in-play badminton betting, you can wager on various badminton live bets when your favourite shuttlers serve, return and kill on the court in real-time! Our live betting drives the best markets, a cross-court selection of options and exclusive offers. Check out the most popular and exotic bets that you can stake on at Sportsbet.io. Head to Head Matchups Applies for all singles, doubles, or mixed doubles matchups, bet on who you think will win the entire match. Set Winner A badminton game can consist of a maximum of three (3) sets. Betting multiple times, punters can wager multiple times on this bet and even on different players (to reach the third set). Correct Score Most games usually have two sets with a third set created to clinch the draw. Wager in your correct score with 2:0, 1:2, 2:1 or 0:2 as the given bets. Difference Bets A game can be won by a player once he reaches the score of 21. However, if both players tie at 20, the match will be won by whoever gets a 2-point lead or scores 30 first. Wager on how many point difference there is between the two scores. Total Set Points As an over/under bet, wager if the combined scores of a set will be higher or lower than the given number. This idea can also be applied to the entire match bet (Total Match Points). Cover the whole court when you hedge your bets on the various markets available for your betting pleasure. With multiple bets, you can also lunge for a Multi Bet Multiplier that maximizes the winnings of your stacked wagers. Aside from ongoing matches, you can rush to betting for the winner of the entire tourney. With our future and outright features, you can go ahead and wait for the match point that will decide the champions of the games. Sportsbet.io serves its punters not only the premium badminton markets but also the best deals and offers in the most competitive sports across the world. Check out our promotions to score multiple free bets, striking bonuses and welcome offers! Take advantage of our fast Bitcoin transactions and bet on your favourite shuttlers and matches whenever and wherever you want. With our new SB mobile app, you can place and monitor your stakes on the go! Experience a smashing badminton live betting right here at Sportsbet.io.