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Sportsbet.io has live basketball betting on all the popular leagues. Bet on your international team from FIBA, EuroLeague and fastbreak to victory. Sportsbet.io’s live basketball odds will draw you closer to your star-studded team and favourite players from the NBA. It doesn’t matter if you’re rooting for the Lakers, Warriors, or even the Raptors!

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Sportsbet.io offers a series of markets for basketball. From in-play, future, and outright odds, we have it all! With live basketball betting, you can view the market as point spreads change real-time throughout the game.

Here are some of the most popular betting lines for in-play:

The Winner bet is predicting which team has skill and sometimes, luck, on their side of the court. This may include overtime.

Point Spread is the handicap imposed on one team to make betting equal for both teams. The team expected to win (-) is the favourite while the other is the underdog (+).

Handicap bets add a handicap on a favoured team that starts the game with a virtual lead on points.

Halftime and Fulltime is betting on a team that leads, draws, or is behind by half time and at the end of the game.

Totals (Over/Under) are the predicted combined scores of the two teams playing.

Overs let you stake more than the predicted total points scored while Unders give you the option to wager less.

Propositional bets are not necessarily linked to predicting which team wins. Prop bets typically vary depending on the flow of a basketball game. Here at Sportsbet.io, a wide array of live prop bets are offered to keep you on your feet.

Player prop bets let you wager on an individual player. Who among the most aggressive point guards will commit a foul? Or which NBA player will be hailed as MVP?

Choose from any of the betting options, place your wagers, and get your head in the game!

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