Bet on Sportsbet's Big Bash League SRL markets!

The Big Bash League SRL is no different from other cricket leagues, and it’s a cricket league that will continue to rise in fame and garner a lot of attention from fans for years to come. 

If you are already a fan of cricket, then it’s a no-brainer that you should make the most out of the early success the league is having. Win a lot of payouts to get you started in Sportsbet—one of the best crypto sports betting sites in the world. 

Why you should start betting at the Big Bash League at Sportsbet

Big Bash League SRL is another cricket league betting option for punters but what makes it unique is that it’s a simulated version of the Australian professional cricket league which was established in 2011. 

This way, you can start going about your betting experience in a fast, fun, and fair way! Here at Sportsbet, you’ll have the opportunity to bet on live SRL games which are exciting to watch and bet on in real time! You can also place your wagers on future Big Bash League SRL matches. 

Big Bash League SRL betting markets at Sportsbet 

Much like betting on the BBL, Big Bash League SRL betting markets let you place wagers on different options. Aside from betting on who wins the match, Sportsbet also has other offers so you can maximise your online betting experience. Here are a few common Big Bash League SRL betting markets you can bet on:

Winner (incl. Super over) 

Think of the winner market in Sportsbet as your everyday moneyline bet. This is a betting market where you only need to wager which team in the SRL you think will win the match. 

This is probably one of the most basic types of bets. It’s going to win you a lot of payouts if you choose the right team based on either your intuition or the statistics presented during the game. 

Which team wins the coin toss

Each game in cricket begins with a coin toss. Even before the match begins, you’ll win if you guessed correctly. In this market, you simply need to bet on which team will win the coin toss. The team that wins the coin toss gets the first running possessions of the game.

You have a 50% chance of getting it right as there are only two sides of a coin and teams playing in a single match. Using this as your betting option at Sportsbet will give you a lot of flexibility if you decide on using other betting markets as well. 

Team with top batter 

The top batsmen where it’s often called in other sports betting sites is another simple market to bet on. With this market, you need to predict which player you think will score the highest runs for his team.

To score in cricket, batters must run the most miles during a match on the field. The best scorers are often the best runners. So, pay attention to those when choosing who you think will be the top batter after every match.

Team with top bowler 

Just like the top batter, the top bowler market is where you need to predict who will take the most wickets. To know who the best candidate is for the top bowler, know who the bowlers are and what their previous track record is when playing during the match. 


Innings betting is where you need to predict how many runs a single inning will have. This is similar to the over/under or quarter betting bets in other sports. The innings market has the highest potential for you to diversify your wagers, as it gives you a lot of opportunities for streaks and managing your risk when betting. 

A quick guide to betting in the Big Bash League SRL at Sportsbet

Now that you have all these options as your betting markets, it’s now time to find the best strategies to get the highest chances of winning. Here is a quick guide to winning your bets when wagering on the Big Bash League SRL at Sportsbet: 

Read the odds properly 

The odds will tell you how likely a team will win during a cricket match. Reading the odds will also give you an idea of the amount of the payouts which is integral to calculating your potential winnings. 

There are only a few types of odds to remember. One of them provides you with the multiplier of your bets you should win and whether the team you picked is the favourites or the underdogs, which is decimal odds. 

You can go more in-depth by using the American/Moneyline odds with the positive (+) and negative (-) symbols. Those with a negative symbol before the number are the favourites while the underdogs come with a positive symbol. 

Make use of the different betting markets available 

Betting markets exist for a reason and it’s for punters to have a lot of options to choose from when betting. However, there is more to the betting market than the enjoyment factor when betting. 

Betting markets are ways for you to diversify your wagers. If you only place all your bets in one market, you’ll risk losing all of them in one go than having different wins and losses that will equate to a safer road in betting. 

Now’s your chance to bet on the Big Bash League SRL here at Sportsbet! 

If you are interested in cricket and its many leagues, why not bet on Big Bash League SRL markets? There are also other virtual leagues to bet on like Premier League SRL to go with your Big Bash betting! Get your chance to win big at one of cricket’s greatest leagues!