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Experience the thrill of Big Bash League betting at This event stands out as one of the most exciting cricket leagues, with elite squads taking over the field while showcasing their proficiency in batting and bowling.

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Big Bash Cricket League: How does it work?

The Big Bash League is Australia’s premier domestic cricket competition. Its reputation owes to the high-quality matches played in the competition since its inception in 2011. 

BBL matches are played in a T20 format, spanning the summer from December to February. Eight teams participate in the tournament in a double-round robin for the initial stage, and the top teams are then moved to the knockout stage. 

The format for BBL’s knockout tournament is as follows:

  • The Eliminator: 4th seed vs. 5th seed

  • The Big Bash League Qualifiers: 1st seed vs. 2nd seed 

  • The Knock-Out: 3rd seed vs. the winner of The Eliminator

  • Challenger: Qualifier loser vs. the winner of The Knock-out

  • Final: Winner of the Qualifier vs. the winner of The Challenger

The BBL’s participating teams

There are eight franchises in the Big Bash League, a change from the six teams of the previous version of Australia’s top league. Every Australian state capital has a team except for Sydney and Melbourne, who have two teams each.  

Here are the teams you should consider betting on the Liga Big Bash SRL: 

  • Adelaide Strikers

  • Brisbane Heat

  • Hobart Hurricanes

  • Melbourne Renegades

  • Melbourne Stars

  • Perth Scorchers

  • Sydney Sixers

  • Sydney Thunder

What is the difference between SRL cricket and cricket?

Step up your game with any bet on Big Bash League match, which is different from traditional cricket. The Big Bash Simulated Reality League matches take data from previous league games to create their simulation based on factors that play a role in real-life games.

This gives you a unique opportunity because while most are familiar with betting on real BBL games, SRL offers a year-round of simulated games at your disposal. At, you’ll find numerous betting options available, so don’t miss your chance to place your Simulated Big Bash League bets. 

Here are some of the distinctions between the two types of cricket betting

  • Big Bash SRL matches are always available: Compared to the actual BBL, where you can only bet on matches in the summer or from December to February, you can bet on BBL SRL matches all year round.

  • SRL matches do not rely on player injury reports: You won’t have to adjust your bets on those injuries like betting on the real BBL.

  • Stats are the necessary factors for your bets: In SRL matches, only statistics matter. You don’t have to consider playstyles on the field. Focus only on the numbers and how they stack up against the opposing team’s numbers instead of comparing them through your game film analysis.

Place your wagers on the best cricket bet Big Bash League markets at

Maximise your winning opportunities with the available cricket betting markets at Here are the markets you can try betting on:

  • Winner bets: This market is the standard option where all you need to do is pick a team you think will win the match.

  • Will there be a tie: A yes or no market where you predict if there is a tie or not in the match.

  • Handicaps: Handicap bets level the playing field between two teams. Underdogs and favourites are given a headstart and handicap to begin the Simulated Big Bash League game and must win while also meeting certain conditions.

  • Innings total score: Most Big Bash winner odds offer a chance at winning in this market. All you need to do is to make a correct guess on the total score of a Simulated Reality League Big Bash SRL per inning.

  • Player total score: Much like betting on the innings of a Big Bash League Cricket game, you also have the option to predict a player's total runs. This entails placing a wager on a set number of runs that a batsman will tally by the end of a Simulated Reality League cricket Big Bash game.

  • Total at X dismissal: Another game totals bet you can try in Simulated Reality League Big Bash League fixtures is the number of runs scored at every dismissal. This involves betting on the runs accumulated by a batsman or two every time the opposing team comes up with a dismissal in a BBL Simulated Reality League match.

Big Bash live score: Bet on in-play cricket games 

Ensure you’re updated with the matches you’re betting on. Check the SRL ball-by-ball updates and live score to see innings stats that can help with your in-play bets at 

Select the ongoing SRL match you’re betting on. You can see a visualisation of a cricket field, and every bat and bowl is recorded. While checking the live score feature, you can explore Big Bash League live betting and odds to enhance your SRL betting experience.

Big Bash betting tips for your SRL matches 

Make the most of your chances in betting on the Big Bash League SRL live with these helpful tips. The more tips and tricks you have up your sleeve, the better Simulated Reality League Big Bash League SRL prediction you can make.

Aside from reading the Big Bash odds in every single game, here are some tips to consider in betting on BBL SRL matches:

  • Check the team’s latest performances: Each team comes from a win, draw or loss in their recent game. It is how the Big Bash League SRL.

  • See and compare head-to-head stats: These are important, especially for punters who are checking the Big Bash SRL live score between two teams.

  • Consider roster composition and squad depth: Check which Big Bash SRL League squads have the best line-up in the match. Don’t just focus on star players. Consider if they also complement the team they’re playing with.

  • Read the BBL betting odds properly: Check the BBL odds and pick a team to wager on so you can bet on the Big Bash League favourite or an underdog full of surprises.

  • Try in-play betting: The perk of betting on live cricket games is keeping track of how the game unfolds. You can check the Big Bash SRL Simulated Reality League live scores when you try in-play betting to know which team has the upper hand in a given game.

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Big Bash SRL betting FAQs

How do you predict a cricket match?

Research is the key to coming up with the best way to predict a cricket match. While not every match ends in the way projected by the Big Bash betting odds, having prior knowledge about the playing teams and their chances of winning allows you to predict the possible outcome.

Is cricket a good sport to bet on? 

Cricket has a lot of games played in a single year. There are also various playing teams all over the world, which means more chances for you to win with your wagers if you ever get lucky. You have the Big Bash League odds to help your wagers.

Is the Big Bash League profitable for betting?

The Big Bash League is one of the most popular leagues. Betting on this cricket competition is profitable if you manage to get your guesses right. This is why it is a must to consider the playing teams on the Big Bash to get a winning wager.