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Listed below are some of the popular in-play categories of dart tournaments that you may bet on at Sportsbet.io. Let us take a look at these categories.

Winner - Place your outright bets on who you think would win the overall tournament. Sportsbet.io also allows you to bet on the winner of individual matches as it happens.

First Time Winner - This prop bet allows you to vote a yes or a no if you think that the tournament winner will be a first-time winner or not.

To Reach Semi-finals - You may also bet on your favourite darts players if you think that they have what it takes to reach the semi-finals of the tournament.

Winning Nationality - If you can’t properly decide on who you think will be the overall winner, then try to bet on the nationality of who might win the tournament!

Regular Season - Winner - Aside from betting on the overall champion of the tournament, you may also bet on who you think will win the regular season.

Wager your money on outright bets to predict the overall results of the tournament for larger payouts. On future bets, you can bet in advance for your anticipated matches.

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