⛳Golf Match Betting: Best Golf Odds at Sportsbet.io⛳

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To Win Bets

Bet on a specific golfer to win over the others. The draw option is also available, except in 18 Hole Matchups and other similar match plays.

Versus the Field bets

This fun prop bet is mostly done when one golfer is leading the tournament. The bet allows bettors to stake on the rest of the golfers. The wager is won if anyone aside from the initial pro wins.

Hole in One

Mostly based on a single pro, place your stake on whether a golfer will score an ace in the match play.

3 Balls/2 Balls

When wagering with 3 balls (referring to players) or 2 balls, punters can place their stakes on whoever will have the best scores.

Age of the Winner

This exotic bet asks punters to bet on an over/under bet that focuses on the age of the winner of the game. Bettors can bet if the winner will be older or younger the given age.

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