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Some markets which you may bet on are listed below.

1x2 - Bet on the result of the match. 1x2 is the predicted win of the first or second team, hence the use of 1 and 2. X, on the other hand, refers to a possible tie.

Odd/Even - Make a guess on whether the final score of the match will be an odd or an even number for both of the teams. You may also predict if the score by the end of the first and second half will be odd/even.

Asian Handicap 0-0 - The Asian handicap is a virtual headstart given to a favoured team to lead the game. This eliminates the possibility of a draw as the value is then added to the team’s total. There are two types of handicap: half goal (0.5, 1.5, etc.) and the whole goal (0,1,2, etc.).

Highest Scoring Half - This determines whether the first or second half will have a higher total score. A draw may also be a bet.

Draw No Bet - This is a safe bet. Claim your earnings when the team that you bet on wins or get a refund if the game ends with a draw.

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