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Win big with futures betting on Spanish football

Catch the exciting action on the upcoming Spanish football matches here at Sportsbet.io. The site brings you the hottest fixtures from different games that will feature some of the best teams in the league. La Liga betting makes your viewing experience more exciting and gives you a great chance to win big prizes.

At Sportsbet.io, we allow you to enjoy matches you can bet on for many winning wagers. La Liga futures betting is one of the most popular markets you can try at this site, and you can be sure that you can win big for a thrilling experience. 

Spanish football leagues you can try futures betting

Spain is home to many competitive football clubs, and they battle to be the king of football action now and then. Each of these football leagues delivers intense football matches that a lot of fans enjoy watching and betting on at the same time. Here are two of the best football leagues you can try futures betting:

La Liga

La Liga is the Spanish top flight and is home to some of the top-notch clubs known worldwide. This league hosts competitive matches that bring an intense thrill to many fans. It is one of the reasons why betting on La Liga has been a popular notion among many punters. 

Since its inception in 1929, the league has had 62 teams play at the highest level of Spanish football. There have been a lot of La Liga matches played ever since, and nine of these clubs have lifted the title before, with Real Madrid holding the record with 35 championships won over the years.

Here are the top clubs you should try for La Liga online betting:

Real Madrid

Real Madrid has always been the best club with the odds for a La Liga winner every season. The club is considered the most successful side in the Spanish top flight. Their dominance is not just at the domestic level but also on the international football stage.

The club has won 68 trophies since being founded in 1902. Aside from the 35 La Liga wins, they have also won 10 titles in the Copa del Rey, 12 Supercopa de Espana, and a record of 21 European trophies coming from the Champions League. They are also one of only three founding La Liga teams that have never been relegated from the top division since 1929.

Atletico Madrid

Atletico is the third-winningest team in La Liga, and they have been a consistent leader in the Spanish top-flight over the years. They stand as one of the favourites in La Liga betting odds thanks to their consistent culture that has kept the side competitive each season. The Colchoneros have won the La Liga 11 times, which includes a league and cup double in 1996.

Atletico's continued push in the Spanish La Liga table has made them one of the top teams to consider for any La Liga futures bet. On top of that, the team has also won the Copa del Rey twice, the Supercopas de Espana twice, and the Copa Presidente FEF and the Copa Eva Duarte. They are also a successful European club, winning eight trophies in different competitions.

Athletic Bilbao

Athletic Bilbao, known as the Los Leones, has won eight league titles over the years, making them the fourth-best club in the league's history. They are also the second-best club in the Copa del Rey trophies, winning it 23 times.

Bilbao's success over the years has made them an iconic side to bet on. They are favoured when it comes to La Liga online betting. On top of that, their strides as a consistent top-flight club make them one of the clubs with a good number on their betting odds for La Liga matches. They are also one of the three original La Liga teams that have never been relegated.

La Liga 2 

La Liga 2 is the second division of Spanish football, and it is home to the aspiring teams in the country that aim to get the best chance of playing in the top flight. 22 teams play in this competition per season and 42 matches each. The league brings in four new teams every season due to the promotion and relegation system.

The top three teams are promoted annually, while the bottom four are sent to the Primera Federacion. The third team to be promoted is the winner of a play-off between the teams that finished 3rd to 6th.

Here are some of the most successful clubs in the second division:

  • Murcia - The club has won the league title eight times and has been promoted 11 times, the most recent being in the 2002-03 season.

  • Real Betis - The team has been promoted 12 times after winning the league title seven times, and the last time they won the championship was in the 2014-15 season.

  • Deportivo La Coruña - Deportivo has tallied five league title wins and earned its ticket to the top flight 11 times. Their most recent title win was back in the 2011-12 season.

Betting odds formats in La Liga futures betting

Spanish La Liga betting odds come in different formats but express all the same outcomes for a specific game, which is why you need to know how each of these odds is represented in:

  • American - Odds in this format have a plus or minus sign, with the favourite having a minus sign next to its number and the underdog with a plus sign.

  • Decimal - These odds are significant, with the favourites labelled with smaller numbers and underdogs set at higher amounts.

Betting markets you can try for La Liga futures betting at Sportsbet.io

Learning to read Spanish La Liga odds is a good start to making the most of your wagers. However, you also need to come up with the best La Liga betting predictions from betting markets. Each presents a different outcome by the end of the game, making it a must for you to know how they work, especially in futures betting.

Try the following betting markets in your Spanish La Liga futures betting:


1x2 bets represent all three game outcomes, allowing you to choose the best winning chance based on the betting odds. The number 1 represents the result favouring the home team, 2 for the visiting team and the x for the game to end in a draw.


Handicaps level the odds on La Ligamatches between two playing teams. The Spanish La Liga futures odds may not be balanced, especially if the teams are unequally matched. For the bet to win, the underdog or favourite must win the game by meeting certain score conditions set before the game begins with the handicaps in place for them.

Game totals

Game totals are one of the most popular betting markets to consider in any game since it is where your Spanish La Liga betting predictions are tested. You only need to bet on the game's final score between the two teams. There is also an option for you to try betting on different stats, such as total assists, passes made, tackles, red cards and yellow cards.

Both teams to score

It is one of the most famous yes-or-no markets that will need you to rely on La Liga winner odds. It is a simple question requiring you to guess the chances of both teams scoring a single goal in a given game. You win if neither of the teams' scores the ball or only one side manages to do so.

Clean sheet

Betting on a clean sheet to happen is another yes or no market. This one needs you to consult on the La Liga winner betting odds since the game flow will be the one to decide the outcome on this one, especially if both teams play well. You may also want to consider some Spanish La Liga betting tips if you have doubts about your winning chances.

Betting types that you can use to bet on La Liga matches

Knowing the best betting type to win a Spanish La Liga futures bet is the key to racking up huge prizes. These bets work differently and can affect your winning chances if you play it smart. It's why it is essential to understand how each of these works.

In-play betting

It is the act of placing your wagers in the middle of the La Liga fixtures. You need to wager as soon as kick-off starts and before the final stretch of the match. This way, you can make a well-decided wager since you can consider how the team is performing in the middle of the game. 

Making an in-play bet can be a lot of pressure, but if you watch the games, you would be able to determine which team has a chance to cap off a solid pace to close out the Spanish La Liga matches for good. With in-play betting, you wouldn't miss an opportunity to get winning wagers


It means placing your wagers on the league results before the season begins. Here are some of the outright markets you can try at Sportsbet.io:

  • Winner - You can place bets on which team you think will end up as the winner of La Liga by the end of the season's final match.

  • Top 4 - Based on the La Liga table, bet on which team you think will end up as the top four by the end of the season and qualify for the Champions League.

  • Relegation - Place your wagers on the bottom three clubs that will be demoted to La Liga 2 as soon as the campaign wraps up.

Why should you try futures betting at Sportsbet.io

Sportsbet.io presents the best chances for you to get many winning wagers in futures betting. There are a lot of Spanish football matches every matchday, and we provide the best La Liga futures odds to help you figure out which side can emerge as the winner. 

On top of that, we have a lot of blogs on the site that will serve as your La Liga betting tips that can lead you to handsome rewards in each game you bet on.

Helpful tips to keep in mind in futures betting

Futures betting is a tall order, but then you can make the most of your chances by reading a few of these tips that can give you an edge in your wagers. Since you are betting on odds placed before the game begins, it helps to know a lot of helpful tips that can give you an edge in your wagers.

Here are some of tips and tricks you can use in futures betting to increase your winnings:

  1. Know the playing teams - The playing teams change depending on the schedule. The odds set in the game also differ based on their performances and how they put up a fight against various teams in the league.

  2. Check the team’s roster - The roster changes most of the time, and teams will make a lot of changes based on how they perceive the opponent. Injuries also play a role on roster changes and it will affect the overall strength and chances of winning for the team.

  3. See the betting odds - The betting odds serve as a guide for you to see which team has a better chance of winning. While there is no guarantee that the favourites will win all the time, this is a way for you to decide which of these teams to bet on.

Make the most of your La Liga futures betting with USDT at Sportsbet.io

Sportsbet.io brings the thrilling experience of winning big prizes on your La Liga futures bets. With our competitive La Liga odds, you can be sure that you will enjoy a fun, fast and fair chance to score huge wins. You may also use Tether (USDT), among other cryptocurrencies available for a smooth betting session here at Sportsbet.io.

La Liga futures betting FAQ

People have asked a lot of questions regarding futures betting in La Liga. Sportsbet.io has compiled some of these common queries to help you have a smooth betting experience like no other:

How do I increase my chances of winning in futures betting?

Do a lot of research and always check the betting odds. These are your best tools in winning futures bets as you do not have the liberty of watching the games unfold.

Should I stick on betting on the favourites?

Betting on favourites is a good starting strategy, but it is not recommended all the time since there are no guarantees that the favourite will always come out on top.

How many matches are there in La Liga?

La Liga plays a total of 38 matches in a single season per team, which means plenty of futures bets that you can try for a lot of winnings possible in your betting sessions.