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How can players win using Zerg
May 17, 2021, 5:30:00 AM

How can players win using Zerg

Zerg is the hardest faction to play with in StarCraft 2. Aside from being far from the tech tree of both Terran and Protoss, the Zerg has a lot of unique features that are only available to the said faction. This is why it is rare to see a lot of pros playing the Zerg on many tourneys in the game.

StarCraft’s unique design has allowed the Zerg to become one of the favourite sides yet the hardest to use. The game has done a great job of keeping a balance between the Terran and Protoss - who both use a mixture of air and ground units with tech to win a lot of battles.

Story-wise, the Zerg are feral alien beasts who are there to kill and infest planets. This is why they were seen as the common foe between the Terrans and Protoss. That allowed the first game to almost feature the Zerg as a hostile side.

StarCraft 2 then came along and showed the bright side for the Zerg. The primary focus was to further enhance the side and its units under Sarah Kerrigan - more known as the Queen of Blades. Under her rule, the Zerg proved to be a threat for both Terrans and Protoss.

That is why there was a huge trend of more Zerg users rising in numbers. The recent IEM Katowice Major saw a lot of Zerg users - and the tourney was even won by a Zerg user in Riccardo ‘Reynor’ Romiti.

The Zerg have only two strengths that can be easily used.

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Brute strength

The Zerg relies on heavy damage. Most of the units available to the side can deal tons of damage. Starting from the Zerglings all the way to the Ultralisks, the Zerg can wipe out an entire base without much worry.

This is why the Zerg became a favourite among many other players. However, the economy is another challenge for the players. They have to maintain a lot of vespene gas since the Zerg eats up a lot of those in training their best units. This is why it is much easier to rely on quick attacks rather than to wait out the Zerg to make their best units.

Vespene gas is one of the hardest resources to collect in the game, and that is why the Zerg need to expand territory early in the game while dealing some heavy damage to other enemies.

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Strength in numbers

The Zerg has always relied on how they can produce a lot of units. The StarCraft campaign has always called the Zerg a ‘swarm’. That’s because they are deadlier in numbers. The same applies to the way that the Zerg players can win a game: by numbers.

A huge army of Zerglings can wipe out an entire base with speed and quick damage. It is easy to come up with a lot of Zerglings early in the game and swarm an entire enemy base. Other players tend to put up some big numbers of the Ultralisk protected by the Zerglings.

The army mixture does not matter that much, but having the max number of units in a battle can easily win the game for a Zerg player. This is what makes them dangerous on a front attack. Players are having a tough time countering this one but there is no way to beat a Zerg swarm.

Playing Zerg is hard, but knowing the tactics to do so might earn an easy win for all players who wish to use the strength of the swarm.

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Words: Paul Daniel Flores

Image: PA