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In-play tennis: Enjoy betting on Grand Slams at Sportsbet.io

Want to make your tennis viewing experience more fun? You can do so by in-play tennis betting on your favourite events in the ATP and WTA Tours, especially the Grand Slams. 

Sportsbet.io allows you to enjoy this type of wager by offering you competitive markets and reliable odds like no other. Find out more about in play tennis betting here to make the most of your chances of winning big prizes. 

Olympics tennis in-play betting at Sportsbet.io

Tennis made its debut at the modern Olympics in 1896 in Athens, but it was discontinued after the 1924 Paris Olympics due to disputes over amateurism and professionalism. It was reintroduced as a full medal sport at the 1988 Seoul Olympics, with singles and doubles competitions for both men and women.

The tennis events at the 2024 Olympics are set to be a significant highlight of the Games. The tennis competitions will likely be held at the Stade Roland Garros in Paris, known for hosting the French Open. 

The Olympic tennis tournament includes singles and doubles events for both men and women. Matches are usually played in a single-elimination format, meaning players must win each match to progress through the tournament.

Players to watch: Top-ranked players in men's tennis, such as Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal, and Daniil Medvedev, are expected to participate, barring any injuries or other circumstances. One of the most-awaited highlights of the men’s competition is Nadal’s pair up with Carlos Alcaraz for the doubles event.

In women's tennis, players like Ashleigh Barty, Naomi Osaka, and Aryna Sabalenka are likely contenders.

To bet on live Olympic tennis games, consider factors such as player form, head-to-head records, and performance on similar surfaces right before the matches take place. The surface of the courts (usually hard courts for the Olympics) can influence player performance.

How to bet on tennis live matches? 

Here at Sportsbet.io, you are in the right place for placing in play tennis or SRL tennis bets. To get started, you should follow the necessary steps. 

  • Click the sign-up button on the top right corner of the website. 

  • You can create an account on the site by filling in your details. Aside from that, connecting an account from different platforms is also available. This includes Google, Telegram, MetaMask, Line, and Telegram. 

  • Choose your preferred payment method so you can make a tennis live bet at every chance. 

  • Go to the tennis section of the Sportsbet.io site and then click the in-play tab to get started with your bets. 

How to win tennis live betting wagers

To have a better chance of winning your live tennis bets, you should keep these tips in mind for your tennis wagers: 

  • Stay updated with the news to see the latest updates about players and events. This will provide additional context that will be important for your wagers. 

  • Always look into the in play tennis odds because there will be times when the numbers do not provide context. Look into the matchup so you can have a better understanding of how odds are being used. 

  • Get a better understanding of tennis by reading more analyses and listening to experts talk about the players and the matches. 

What are the Grand Slams in professional tennis?

The Grand Slams are the four biggest tournaments in professional tennis. If you are a big-time punter, these are the tournaments that you should look forward to:

  • The Australian Open - This is the first Grand Slam of the calendar year which is held usually from mid-January to early February. Held in Melbourne Park in Melbourne, Australia, this event has been held since 1905. This tournament has a hard outdoor surface which makes for fast-paced and exciting matches. 

  • The French Open - Held at the Stade Roland Garros in Paris, France during late May of every year. This is the premier clay court championship in the world and the only Grand Slam event held on that surface. This event was first held in 1891 and it has maintained its elite status since then. 

  • Wimbledon - Regarded as the most prestigious tournament in all of tennis, the third and penultimate Grand Slam is held in Wimbledon, England from late June to early July. Since 1877, this event has been played on grassy outdoor courts which are seen as the optimal surface for tennis tournaments. 

  • The US Open - The fourth and final Grand Slam of the year, this is the last chance for players to earn a Grand Slam medal for the calendar year. The tournament is played on a hard outdoor surface like the Australian Open which makes it exciting and fast-paced, perfect for any casual fan. This event has continued to be held since 1881, and it will serve as one of the biggest stages in tennis history.

The best in-play tennis betting markets at Sportsbet.io

If you want to get into live tennis betting, you should know some of the biggest markets you can keep betting on. Here are a few of the best in-play tennis betting markets on Sportsbet.io: 

  • Winner: This is the most standard sports betting market. You just have to predict which player will win the ongoing match. Remember that the odds can change from time to time due to the events that transpire during the match. 

  • Total games: You need to guess how many games in total will be played during the match. In tennis, players will have to play multiple games to get the overall win and advance in a tournament. 

  • 2nd set game 5 winner: This is where you predict which player will win a specific game during the set. Stay updated with this market because it can come and go in a flash. 

  • Correct score: This is when you predict the score of the overall match, as you can predict how many sets a player wins. This can change from time to time as the match goes on. 

  • Total sets: A pretty standard market as you predict how many total sets will be played during the match. 

  • Game handicap: This will give a handicap to the favourite as the underdog will only have to reach a certain threshold to win this market. The favourite will have to win properly or even exceed their expected scoreline.

  • Will there be a tiebreak: You will predict whether or not there will be a tiebreak during a set. This can change during every set, which will keep popping up. 

How live tennis betting odds are used at Sportsbet.io

To earn rewards for your in-play betting, you should consult the tennis betting odds available on the platform. You will see these numbers attached to the bets you can make. There are a few types of tennis live odds that you can use on Sportsbet.io; here they are so you can learn more: 

  • Moneyline - In this format, the numbers are with either the plus (+) or minus (-) symbol. The options with the plus mean they are the underdog market and can net you bigger rewards since it is riskier. The minus is for the favourite since they are safer bets and usually net lower rewards. 

  • Decimal - This is an odds format where your bets will connect to every $1 bet made by punters. The calculation for this format is multiplying the odds by every $1 wagered. Lower odds are for the favourite, while the higher tennis odds are for the underdog. 

  • Hong Kong - This format is unique since it is a combination of both the decimal and moneyline formats. If the odds are lower than 1, they are the favourite, odds exactly at 1 will yield a 1/1 payout, and lastly, values higher than 1 will be the underdogs.

What features can you expect on Sportsbet.io’s live tennis betting?

In your time here at Sportsbet.io, there will be many features that will be at your disposal. Your experience betting on live tennis events like the US Open or the French Open will be more enjoyable than ever. 

  • Head-to-head - You will see this graphic on the right-hand side of the screen, where you can see each of the participating players’ ATP rank and current form. This is a helpful tool for you when you’re considering your wagers. 

  • Betslip and Betbuilder - You can find this feature at the bottom right of the screen. This allows you to place bets in one go and check your potential payout if you win your bets.  

Make your in-play tennis bets here at Sportsbet.io

Sportsbet.io is the apex of online sportsbooks because it has some of the best features. You can bet on multiple sports in different ways, including in-play betting. Keep up with some ongoing tennis matches, and you can bet on them using your favourite cryptocurrencies like Tether (USDT). 

Empower your wagers with Sportsbet.io’s resident features like Betslip and Betbuilder to make various bets in one game. If you also want to keep making bets on the go, use the Sportsbet.io mobile app to have a fun, fast, and fair betting experience for tennis matches.