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Score an ace on live tennis betting at Sportsbet.io! After being served by Thiem and Djokovic at the Australian Open, which players on the upcoming matches and tournaments will you bet on? Can the Big Three—Nadal, Djokovic and Federer, secure their advantage or will the underdogs break a point from them? Bet on this year’s much-awaited tennis events at Sportsbet.io! As the Grand Slams and other tennis tournaments occur real-time, reel in the best odds at our tennis in-play betting! With stakes reaching up to 100 BTC, wager your boldest game predictions!

Check out the most popular bets in our sportsbook.

First Set Winner / Set Winners

You can bet on whoever you think will get the upper hand in the first and next sets. There are a different number of sets in tennis competitions. You can bet on this market multiple times in each playoff with three (3) sets for most ATP and WTP competitions and five (5) for the majors.

Game Winner

Similar to the set winner bets, this wagers on whoever will win each game. In this market, there can be multiple games to bet on. The games will continue until one player scores at least six games with the opponent behind him by two games.

Correct Score

In this set betting, you can stake your coins on how many sets you think a player can win against their opponent in the entire play. Depending on the set format, you can wager on a 3-0 on best-of-three sets or a 3-2 on best-of-five sets and many more! There are also bets that are not directly affected by whoever wins the game, set or competition!

Total Games

Played in tennis, a player must win 6 games with a margin of two games to win a set. Similar to over/under betting, wager on whether the games will be higher or lower the provided number of games.

Total Aces

Regardless of whoever wins the game, you can bet on this over/under wager. You can bet if the aces of both players combined will go higher or lower the given total number of aces.

To Deuce

Punters bet on whether a game will have a deuce or the players tie at 40-40. With both at one point away from winning the match, one will need to score at least two shots to win the game.

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