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2024 FA Cup quarterfinals preview: The clash of elite football

2024 FA Cup quarterfinals preview: The clash of elite football

The 2024 FA Cup has come a long way since its first round proper in November 2023. With a total of 124 competitors that entered the tournament, the stakes are at an all-time high with eight teams left to play in the quarterfinals. Which teams will come out on top?

Will Man City successfully defend their title, or will Newcastle deny them that chance? Brace yourself for the clash of elite football as the remaining clubs compete for a spot in the semi-finals. Before the quarterfinals, prepare your bets by learning more about the upcoming matchups here:

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Wolves vs Coventry

Wolverhampton Wanderers vs Coventry City is an exciting matchup that brings two fierce competitors on the field. Throughout the tournament, both have proven themselves worthy of the quarterfinal spot. Considering their impressive track records, victory could swing in either direction.

Head-to-head records

The Wolves and the Sky Blues have a closely contested history. Having competed in a total of 13 matches, both secured four wins each. The rest of their games ended in a draw.

Considering the balanced records, this sets the stage for an intriguing contest in their upcoming match. The team's familiarity with each other's playing style and tactics may lead to a tactical battle on the field.

Current form of teams

The Wolves don’t have the best track record when it comes to other competitions such as the English Premier League (EPL). However, this FA Cup has shown their rigour and talent. They secured impressive wins against Brentford, West Bromwich Albion, and Brighton & Hove Albion.

Coventry City, on the other hand, have also shown great form leading up to this clash. They started their FA Cup campaign with a 6-2 win against Oxford United, followed by a draw, a rematch, and a subsequent victory against Sheffield Wednesday.

They then swept Maidstone United 5-0 during the fifth round. Coventry City's performance in the FA Cup so far highlights their ability to grind out results and maintain their composure during crucial moments.

Who is likely to win

Although the records and current form of the teams dictate a balanced matchup, the odds say otherwise. The odds favour the Wolves to win. However, it is important to note that upsets are not uncommon in football. Coventry City has the ability and resilience to seize victory in this encounter as well.

Manchester City vs Newcastle United

Considered to be two footballing powerhouses, Man City and Newcastle United are set to lock horns in the FA Cup. This clash promises a spectacle of skill, passion, and legendary football rivalry. As the 2023 FA Cup title holder, Man City is looking to defend their title and bring a back-to-back victory this campaign.

Head-to-head records

Man City and Newcastle United have competed against each other 48 times in different football settings. Out of these matches, Man City has come out on top with over 32 wins.

Newcastle, on the other hand, have only won nine and drew on seven. Despite this statistical imbalance, the competitive nature of their matches suggests that Newcastle still has a solid chance of clinching victory.

Current form of teams

The Cityzens enter the FA Cup quarterfinals in great form. They secured their first match of the tournament 5-0 against Huddersfield Town. The team followed this performance with wins against Tottenham Hotspur and Luton Town.

The Magpies started their FA Cup campaign in great form with wins against Sunderland and Fulham in the earlier rounds. In the next round, they faced a tough challenge against Blackburn Rovers, resulting in a draw. However, they won in the ensuing penalty shootout with a 4-3 scoreline.

Who is likely to win

According to track records and current form, Man City is the clear favourite to win this quarterfinal matchup, which is also supported by the odds. However, the magic of cup competitions lies in their ability to produce surprises, and Newcastle United's determination to win cannot be underestimated.

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Chelsea vs Leicester City

A much-anticipated clash between Leicester City and Chelsea is set to unfold in the FA Cup. Having a rich history of thrilling matches, fans can expect their upcoming game in the quarterfinals nothing short of a riveting clash.

Head-to-head records

Leicester City and Chelsea have crossed paths on the field 38 times. Chelsea has enjoyed the better share of success in this fixture, having won on 22 occasions while Leicester City, has managed to grab seven wins. Nine matches in total ended up in hard-fought draws.

While Chelsea holds a statistical advantage, it is important to note that Leicester City's recent rise in their ability to challenge top teams could make this upcoming match an exciting contest.

Current form of teams

Leicester City’s FA Cup run so far has been filled with ups having swept the floor against Millwall and Birmingham City. However, they struggled during their match with Bournemouth.

Both teams fought hard but were unable to find the net. This caused the match to go into overtime where Leicester was able to win the matchup. The team’s display of determination bodes well for their chances against Chelsea.

Chelsea has also been in their fair share of challenging matchups, overcoming tough opponents such as Preston North End, Aston Villa (in two matches due to a draw), and Leeds United. In the end, Chelsea was able to grab a spot in the quarterfinals. Their current form suggests they are a force to be reckoned with and present a stern challenge for Leicester City.

Who is likely to win

While Chelsea holds a historical advantage and boasts superior form, Leicester City's ability to defy expectations shouldn't be underestimated. Though the odds favour the Blues, the Foxes’ resilience and fighting spirit are sure to make this an exciting clash.

Manchester United vs Liverpool

In a clash that ignites the passions of football fans worldwide, Manchester United and Liverpool are set to renew their historic rivalry in the FA Cup quarterfinals. These two powerhouse clubs have a rich history of exciting matches and this upcoming one promises to be no different.

Head-to-head records

Man United and Liverpool have a storied past, having crossed paths on the field an impressive 67 times. In this fixture, Man United holds a slight advantage, with 31 victories to their name. Liverpool, on the other hand, won on 22 occasions. The other 14 matches ended in a draw.

This rich history and competitive balance between the two teams add an extra layer of anticipation to the upcoming match. Both teams are well aware of each other's strengths and weaknesses, making for an intense matchup.

Current form of teams

Man United have navigated their FA Cup campaign with flair. They secured wins against talented teams such as Wigan Athletic, Newport County, and Nottingham Forest. These matches not only highlight the team’s attacking capabilities but also their defensive prowess.

Liverpool boasts solid form entering the FA Cup. They secured their spot in the FA Cup quarterfinals having beat Arsenal, Norwich City, and Southampton. On top of this, their stellar run at the EPL can’t be overlooked.

Showcasing the team’s quality and consistency, they are currently one of the frontrunners to win the EPL. Liverpool's dominance in domestic competitions and their impressive league standing underscore their determination to lift the FA Cup and solidify their name as a top-tier team.

Who is likely to win

Liverpool is the favourite of the match seeing their recent success and consistency throughout the 2023/24 season. However, considering Man United’s solid form and track record, they also have a solid chance to grab a spot in the FA Cup semi-finals. The intensity of this rivalry adds an unpredictable element to the match, ensuring an electrifying encounter on the field.

FA Cup 2024: Tournament favourites

The FA Cup 2024 quarterfinals showcase some of the best teams in English football. While favourites emerge, the unpredictable nature of football reminds us that any team can be the winner. Considering their current form, track record, and odds, here are the potential contenders to win the FA Cup:

  • Liverpool: Liverpool is undoubtedly one of the strongest contenders in this competition. Looking at their records and form this season so far, they have a great chance of winning the 2024 FA Cup.

  • Manchester City: A perennial powerhouse, Man City is a clear favourite to win the 2024 FA Cup. In recent years, they have dominated the football scene in various tournaments. Considering their almost flawless record, Man City are likely to continue their win streak.

  • Chelsea: Chelsea is another strong competitor in the tournament. Although not as strong as Liverpool and Man City, their ability to defy expectations and capitalise on crucial moments could see them emerge victorious.

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