Get ahead in the 2023 NPB Climax Series betting with

Get ahead in the 2023 NPB Climax Series betting with

The Nippon Professional Baseball’s (NPB) Climax Series is just around the corner, which kicks off this October. Fans and betting enthusiasts are anticipating intense action from upcoming matches.

Betting on the NPB Climax Series is similar to many Japanese baseball matches. It revolves around the Central League (CL) and Pacific League (PL)’s conclusion as the season transitions to the championship. Here are all the details you need to know about it so you can bet with insights on the tournament:

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How does the NPB work?

The Japanese professional baseball scene is famous for being the rival to Major League Baseball (MLB). While both share some similarities, such as the division of teams into regions, the Japanese league has its own structure.

Japan’s top-tier baseball league, the NPB, follows a strict format from its opening day in March 2023 until the end in November 2023. Here’s a quick rundown of the tournaments:

  • Regular season (30th March to 2nd October)

  • Climax series (14th to 25th October)

  • Japan series (28th October to 4th or 5th November)

The regular season follows a series of round-robin matches between 6 teams from both divisions: the Central League and the Pacific League. They are scored by the number of points earned from winning and scoring. Whoever ends in the top three spots of their respective divisions moves up to the next stage, the Climax Series.

The Central League vs the Pacific League: Teams playing

The primary distinction between CL and PL is the geographical origin of its participants. Teams from CL are from the West and central part of Japan, while those in PL are in the west, bordering the Pacific Ocean. Here’s a list of every team from each side:

Central League

  • Chunichi Dragons (Nagoya)

  • Yokohama DeNA Baystars (Yokohama)

  • Hanshin Tigers (Nishinomiya)

  • Hiroshima Toyo Carp (Hiroshima)

  • Tokyo Yakult Swallows (Tokyo)

  • Yomiuri Giants (Bunkyō, Tokyo)

Pacific League

  • Chiba Lotte Marines (Chiba)

  • Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters (Hokkaido)

  • Orix Buffaloes (Osaka)

  • Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles (Sendai, Miyagi)

  • Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks (Fukuoka)

  • Saitama Seibu Lions (Tokorozawa, Saitama)

Both sides follow the same tournament round-robin structure as the other. This will continue towards the Climax Series.

Three teams each from CL and PL play to advance to the Japan Series

The Climax Series features a single-bracket elimination between the top three teams from each league. There will be two stages with parallel progression between CL and PL, consisting of a total of between 12 to 18 matches for Climax Series betting. Here’s a quick rundown of the events:


First Stage

Final Stage

Central League

CL 2nd place vs CL 3rd place

CL First stage winner vs CL 1st place

Pacific League

PL 2nd place vs PL 3rd place

PL First stage winner vs PL 1st place

The 2nd and 3rd place winners of each division compete on the first day of the Climax Series. It is a fight to compete for the 1st place winner of the same league for a chance to compete for the Japan Series championship.

First Stage matches are played for best-of-three, while the Final Stage is a best-of-six, giving you plenty of Climax Series betting events to look forward to. There is one reserved day between them and two more at the end for breaks. If a winner is decided during the main estimated time, then no matches are scheduled for those days.

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NPB Climax Series: October 14 - 25

The entire Climax schedule happens in the 2nd half of October. This promises two action-packed weeks for the contending teams and NPB Climax Series betting enthusiasts. Here is an overview of every event and their respective dates:

  • Round 2 - 15th October

  • Round 3 - 16th October

  • 17th October is a reserved day

  • Round 2 - 19th October

  • Round 3 - 20th October

  • Round 4 - 21st October

  • Round 5 - 22nd October

  • Round 6 - 23rd October

  • 24th and 25th are reserved days

All Climax Series odds for betting will be available once the teams for the First Stage are announced.

Top teams to expect for the upcoming NPB Climax Series

The Regular Season isn’t done yet, so there are no qualified teams at the moment. Many baseball fans have already begun speculating, and the following teams are the favourites of Climax Series prediction:

Central League

Pacific League

Hanshin Tigers

ORIX Buffaloes

Hiroshima Toyo Carp

Chiba Lotte Marines

Yokohama DeNA Baystars

Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks

These are the best performing teams so far in the active regular season. However, there is also support for two potential outliers. Their odds in the Sportsbet bookmaker Climax Series are not as good as the top 3 of their respective leagues. However, they have a chance to compete for 3rd place according to the standings. These are:

  • Yomiuri Giants - Central League

  • Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles - Pacific League

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Baseball betting markets for NPB Climax Series matches

NPB Climax Series betting is just like any other baseball event. Games are sorted chronologically by date, and you can distinguish them by competing team names. The NPB odds can be found in every match’s list of markets, where you can find many scenarios to bet on.

In-play means betting on outcomes while the match is played live. This features all the popular sports markets in, including the following:

  • Winner bet - Bet on which team would win the match. Likewise, you can also bet on who would win the first five innings.

  • Handicap - This market levels the playing field of a lopsided match. The underdog is given +1.5 runs, while the favourite is given -1.5 runs. Bet on which team will win with or despite this handicap in their scores.

  • Totals - You guess the number of runs that will be reached in the match or first five innings. This is often an over/under bet where you guess if the total runs will reach over or settle under an arbitrary threshold set by the bookmaker.

Baseball betting also counts extra innings at, giving you only two possible outcomes per market rather than having to worry about a tie. Just focus on who you think would win and put your money in it.

How to read baseball betting odds

Professional baseball odds are determined by the likelihood of an outcome to win in its respective market. It also acts as a multiplier for your bets to scale your payout with the expectations of a hit. The general rule of thumb is that the outcome with the higher associated number is the underdog (likely to lose), and the opposite is the favourite (likely to win).

Odds format in

There are three formats in which odds can be written. They all serve the same purpose of indicating how much you can win in a winning bet, but they are calculated differently. Here are those three formats that you can toggle at for NPB Climax Series betting:

  • American: All odds in this format are centred around wagering $100 and come with a plus (+) and minus (-) sign. Positive odds are for the underdogs; you win that much if you bet $100. Negative odds are for favourites, and that’s how much you need to wager to win back $100.

The formula for both is further simplified here:

Underdog bets

Wager (odds/100) = profit + stake = Payout

Favourite bets

Wager / (odds/100) = profit + stake = Payout

  • Decimal: This is the simplest odds format because it simply shows the multiplier. It is named after consistently including decimal points across all odds, like 1.5, 2.02, and 10.1.

Your payout formula is the following:

Stake * (odds) = Payout

  • Hong Kong: This format is almost exactly the same as the decimal version. However, it does not include the return of your stakes. This means a decimal odds that write 1.91 will be written as 0.91.

This distinction is essential to gamblers because the decimal format communicates your whole payout. In the Hong Kong version, it only covers the calculation for your profit, but you will also get your stake back.

The payout formula for this format is as follows:

Stake * (odds) = profit + stake = Payout

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NPB Climax Series: Betting tips you need to increase your chances

Japanese baseball Climax Series betting can be stressful for a newbie punter. There are many factors to consider, and an online community can have conflicting predictions. Regularly watching the ongoing season is the best way to ensure your bets. Veterans in Nippon Professional Baseball betting suggest that you focus your attention on these tips if you’re a beginner:

Use cryptocurrencies to bet on any NPB match

First and foremost, you should consider Climax Series cryptocurrency betting. Tether (USDT) is the best option in because you can receive free money giveaways in this currency. Likewise, Bitcoin betting for Climax Series is also exciting because it’s a valuable asset.

Spread your bets

Spreading bets is a simple technique that requires counting on your part. The rule of thumb is to place a wager on both outcomes in a market, but the ante for each should result in a payout that covers the other. This betting style can be costly, so it’s only recommended if you use a free bet bonus.

Pay attention to news about transfers, injuries, and suspensions

News is the most important part of your research in the NPB. Take every detail into account regarding the availability of players. An athlete’s absence from the main lineup goes a long way to affect their chances of winning Bitcoin bets on the Climax Series. Star players’ absence typically makes the headlines of various news outlets, so stay tuned for those.

Watch the match, especially with in-play betting

There is no better way to predict the outcome of an event than to watch it live. Climax series betting with USDT is easy on because the bookmaker is updated as you go. Another handy feature is having the option to change your wager while watching. If you changed your mind because of new information, then hedge your wager on

Bet on the NPB Climax Series at for the best experience!

Explore’s fantastic features and services to improve your experience in NPB series betting. These are the features that you should check out:

  • Promotions: All kinds of bonuses are available at, which can be found on the promotions page. Some are always available and ready to be used for various types of sports betting. Others can be tied to major events like the NPB Climax Series, so go see what’s in store when the season begins.

  • Bet Sharing: encourages community building, and there is no better way to do that than sharing your predictions. With this feature, you can share your betslip with your friends through WhatsApp or Telegram so they can learn from your insight.

  • Rapid Betting: Casual betting is made easier with this feature from All live and upcoming events are listed, and you can click on outcomes to make a quick wager for each of them. Just keep scrolling down to explore more events and make a quick bet on each one you like. offers everything you need for a smooth experience when betting on Tether for the Climax Series. The bookmaker offers plenty of bonuses ready to be claimed, including USDT giveaways for loyal customers. Don’t forget to check on the promotions page because there are bound to be special bonuses tied to the NPB Climax Series and Japan Series just for you.

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