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MVPs: The best players in the 2023 Rugby World Cup

MVPs: The best players in the 2023 Rugby World Cup

The 2023 Rugby World Cup is the highest level of international rugby, featuring the world’s top teams competing to cement their spot in the rankings. Don’t miss the opportunity to see the exciting rugby matches played by the prominent names in the sport’s prestigious event.

International rugby has seen steady growth, with countries around the globe rising to the pinnacle of the sport to earn the coveted spots in the Rugby World Cup. Enthusiastic fans want to see a glimpse of top-tier rugby and the quest to find out the best rugby player in the world. Interested to see who are the candidates for the 2023 edition? Read further to find out.

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South Africa’s trio of world-class players

South Africa has a rich rugby history, establishing them as one of the best top nations in the sport. Their status can be attributed to their robust rugby culture and how they develop youngsters into some of the best Rugby World Cup players. Here are the best products from the South African rugby system:

Evan Roos

At only 23 years of age, Evan Roos is a sensational rugby player. He can play multiple positions, but he primarily plays in the back row. His high school coach, Hector Siwegelaar, described Roos as a generational talent.

Roos is a dynamic player who lives up to his name, ' young warrior,’ which perfectly describes his relentlessness. He also earned the nickname ‘Everest’ as he can tower over his opponents at 6’2” and stop them in their tracks by stopping them.

Canan Moodie

Channelling his motivation from his early life into his rugby career, Moodie has a strong case for winning the Rugby World Cup best player award. As a productive winger for the Springboks, he has not only thrived in this role but is also a standout performer for the squad.

Moodie has the ability to intercept and offload plays with just one fluid motion, which he then transitions into offence to step around defenders. This natural talent, combined with his intense speed, makes him a valuable asset to the team.

Grant Williams

Grant is a scrum-half who plays with remarkable speed. His former coach, Sean Everitt, is one of his biggest fans who believes in Williams’ great potential to become a top player. The 27-year-old player can stop his opponents’ progress down the field by limiting their space well and keeping them on their toes to getting tackled.

Williams had a phenomenal 2022/23 season playing for the Sale Sharks, which helped him get the nod for the Springboks World Cup squad. He had a notable performance against the DHL Stormers in March 2023 when he almost single-handedly led the team to a win. They ended up losing, but the way he took control of the game showed signs of him being a world-class talent.

Japan’s top representatives at the Rugby World Cup

From South Africa to an even bigger underdog, Japan is a talented sporting country, although they may not enjoy the same level of recognition in rugby. Their formidable squad consists of players who each deserve the spotlight and have a compelling case to be the world’s best. Here are some of the top Japan National Rugby Team 2023 members:

Keita Inagaki

Inagaki is a veteran prop player for the Japanese national team. He is quick, but his main attribute is his power. Just take a look at his physical traits and see why he can physically dominate his opponents. He combines that power with solid IQ and smart moves at sharp angles.

Kazuki Himeno

Team captain Kazuki Himeno is a superb player who sets the bar with his leadership on and off the field. He plays either as a loose forward or lock, where he has mightily impressed fans. Kazuki is a versatile forward who can use his speed and power to outpace his opponents. Expect Kazuki to make the heads-up play, as he can exploit the opposing team’s defensive gaps and not fold against multiple defenders.

Shota Horie

Arguably the most athletic player on the Japanese team, Horie plays in Japan’s front row as one of their fastest and strongest players. He can barrel through anyone but can also defend them at a high level. Horie can stick to them like glue, but he can tackle them down and steal the ball. He can withstand any contact using his world-class strength and physicality.

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The biggest names from Argentine rugby

Argentina, despite being overlooked in rugby, boasts a talented roster of players. While they are primarily known as one of the top football countries with their two World Cup victories, they have remarkable prowess in international rugby, too, as evidenced by some of their biggest stars.

Juan Martin Gonzalez

Primarily in the back row, Gonzalez is a massive player who stands at 6’3”. He has devoted almost his entire life to the sport, and his goal has always been to play for Los Pumas, which he realised successfully. He is a strong ball-handler, and with his long limbs, Gonzalez can travel long distances quicker than most.

With the combination of a rangy body and explosive athleticism, Gonzalez is a top World Cup rugby player for Argentina as he can keep up with anyone both in speed and power, making him a good candidate to be one of the Rugby World Cup top players.

Rodrigo Isgro

Known as a superstar wing player in Hong Kong Sevens, Isgro has made it to Los Pumas. He is seizing this opportunity to showcase his boundless talent. He is a force to be reckoned with on the field, as he can run through almost anyone with the athleticism to elude defenders and power through tackles.

A well-rounded athlete who plays well with teammates, Isgro is a phenomenal member of any team. He has the brilliance of an Argentine star and continues to be a valuable asset to the team. Isgro makes precise passes to the most suitable recipient available on the field. He also recovers quickly to contribute again.

Marcos Moneta

Another star in the Sevens, Marcos Moneta, was named World Rugby's Men's Sevens Player of the Year in 2021. Nicknamed El Rayo or The Lightning, Moneta is one of the fastest players in the world. That translates on the field as he can outpace his opponents in the dust and reach the end zone to score. If you are looking for a speedy player to take the lead in the game’s crucial moments, Moneta is your ideal choice.

France’s best players at the Rugby World Cup

As the host country for this World Cup, France is pressured to outperform. That is why their top stars are needed to compete for the title on home turf. Here are two names that you should be wary of:

Antoine Dupont

Labelled as the best player in the world, Dupont has an immense skill set that makes him a superstar. He is the face of the 2023 World Cup, as he’s the superstar for France. He is built like a superhero; you can see his body overpower any of his opponents, and he also has solid speed.

Those physical traits, combined with his natural feel for rugby, make him such a tough matchup. His performances have made people hail him as the best in the world, and he does not disappoint. He is the one who holds the spot for the Rugby World Cup best players as he is productive all the time.

Thomas Ramos

Once known as a backup player, Ramos has constantly improved and cemented himself as a versatile option. He has great kicking skills, making him the primary place-kicker for the French squad. His all-around skill set makes him a good choice for being the best, as he can make an impact in the game in more ways than one. Expect him to have a sterling performance at the event.

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