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Useful betting tips for the 2023-24 Premier League campaign

Useful betting tips for the 2023-24 Premier League campaign

Betting on the Premier League might seem as easy as staking on a certain outcome and waiting if your prediction is correct. However, you can maximise your EPL betting experience even further by trying these EPL betting tips and tricks.

The 2023/24 campaign is the 32nd season of the English Premier League. Manchester City defends their EPL title, and newly promoted clubs Fulham, Bournemouth, and Nottingham Forest will join the competition in the English top flight.

Consider these tips as you bet on the exciting new season:

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Choose your preferred type of Premier League bets at Sportsbet.io

Each betting type requires a different approach to your betting. It’s important for punters to know what these types are before placing a crypto wager at Sportsbet.io.

  • Future/Upcoming: You can place your bets on various outcomes before any EPL match takes place. Sportsbet.io already has betting odds on different markets for each head-to-head game in the current campaign. Make your predictions based on what happened in the clubs’ previous games and recent updates.

  • Inplay: Punters bet on ongoing matches with this bet type. Betting odds change in real-time, depending on what happens in the EPL game. Finalise your bets before the match ends.

  • Outrights: This type of bet involves placing wagers on the EPL campaign outcomes, not its games. Place crypto bets on the bigger picture, such as the 2023/24 EPL winner, the Top 4 EPL clubs to get into the Champions League, and more.

Consult the betting odds before any Premier League bet

Consulting the odds can help you make proper bets, as these numbers tell you the likelihood of an outcome. At the same time, you can also calculate the potential payouts you can get with the odds present in your bets.

At Sportsbet.io, you have three options for odds which you can cycle through by clicking the hamburger menu on the top-left. Scroll down until you see the long drop-down menu to pick from these three types of odds:

  • Decimal: Odds in this format are straightforward, which is easy for beginners to understand. The lower odds are for favourites, while the higher ones are for underdogs. To calculate the payouts, you need to multiply the wager by the odds you see.

  • American: Here, the positive odds are for underdogs, indicated by the plus (+), while negative odds are for favourites, represented by the minus (-). Positive odds can appear like +140, meaning you must bet 100 USDT to win that amount. The negative odds are calculated at -130 means you have to bet 130 USDT to win at least 100 USDT.

  • Hong Kong: HK odds higher than 1 are for underdogs, while those less than 1 are favourite odds. Calculate the payouts using HK odds by adding 1 to the initial odds, then multiply that with your wager.

Analyse the recent EPL news

Stay updated with the recent events in the EPL by reading reports that provide useful information. This is helpful in knowing the context of the odds of your chosen prediction, which can lead to making smart wagers.

This news can come in different forms. First is player transfers, where a club’s roster can improve or regress based on their transfer business. Aside from transfers, you should also look into injury reports. If a star is injured, you can expect their likelihood of winning decreases. Other types of news, like manager changes, weather conditions, and more reports, can affect your bet, so make sure to read them.

Consider betting on Premier League underdogs

You can check which clubs are underdogs in the whole campaign or in an EPL game based on their odds. The higher it is, the less likely they are to win the game or the season. Underdog betting predicts upsets in the EPL based on various factors. This also gives punters higher payouts since it’s riskier to bet on lesser possible outcomes.

Try EPL underdog betting not based on a whim but on recent EPL transfers, injury reports, and club performances. When betting on the less favoured team, you should examine their form and see their positions in the odds.

Look into how EPL clubs are building their system

Some fall into the error of betting on a team according to popularity. However, making a successful bet is made by watching Premier League matches intently, which can help you understand the matchups you’re betting on.

Analyse the club’s tactics

A manager plays a huge role in crafting tactics for his squad. They run set plays with their formations and create the most optimal role for their players. It is the manager’s job to maximise their players’ talents, which is why you see certain clubs have managers who specialise in creative offence like Mikel Arteta or defensive whizzes like Sean Dyche.

An example of this is what Pep Guardiola built in Man City, where the club can pass the ball around with only one touch per player in the build-up for an Erling Haaland goal. A closer look into a club will help you identify their philosophy on the pitch. By being aware of that, you can compare clubs to each other, which are used for your wagers.

Remember that star players are vital to your bets

All clubs in the Premier League have their star players who they rely on to turn the tides and win the game. They can be defenders who stop the opponents from scoring or forwards who create plays and score goals when needed.

Players like Bukayo Saka for Arsenal or Son Heung-min for Tottenham will be proper candidates for this as they make a huge impact on their squads. They can perform in high-pressure situations which create excitement during the match, and they have the power to draw more fans and bettors to tune in on their matches or the league.

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Using the eye test can help you provide valuable insights for you to make well-informed decisions for your bets. Statistical trends can expose the differences between teams in a matchup, and you can gauge how well a team has been performing as of late.

These trends can also reveal tactical shifts that teams make during different parts of the season or under specific circumstances. Teams might adjust their playing style against stronger opponents or when playing away. Understanding these tactical adjustments can help you anticipate outcomes.

Observer clubs and players’ momentum

Momentum reflects a club or player’s recent performance. In the 38 matches being played, they can have winning or losing streaks which contribute to a clubs’ table position. If a team is consistently winning, they might be a good choice for a favourite for their next few matches, while the team on a losing streak might be a bad choice.

Take note of dark horses that can help you get big rewards

The Premier League has plenty of talented clubs that do not have the same popularity as the best clubs like Arsenal or Man City. However, there are under-the-radar clubs that have quietly built fantastic squads that make them dark horses for spots in the upper half of the table.

Betting on the underdogs can give higher potential payouts. Since they are the less favoured team in a matchup, they have higher odds which can give you substantial profits. Take a look at the league table from time to time and see which of the underdog teams can pull off the impossible. Then, watch out for the upcoming match they will play in.

Manage your bankroll to sustain your bets throughout the campaign

Your bankroll is where your betting funds come from. Managing it properly is key to long-term success, and it helps minimise the risk of huge losses. Set a percentage of your total bankroll and start slow with your bets, especially when you’re getting the hang of placing wagers on the tournament.

As you become more of a seasoned bettor, that is where you can increase your wagers. Manage your bankroll by knowing when to increase or decrease your bets based on the odds and matchups you’re betting on.

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