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If you are looking for some primetime Premier League betting, has it all for you! We take pride in giving you a fun, fast and fair Bitcoin sports betting experience.

The English Premier League is home to some of the best teams in Europe who are also popular worldwide. The EPL is also known for being one of the toughest leagues to play in. This is why it is one of the fun associations to bet on, and each of the matches here offer a lot of intensity for punters and fans alike.

Betting types you should try

Betting on soccer fixtures is made easy for you here. With a lot of betting types to choose from, there is a huge chance that you can find your way around the games and bet on a winning wager. Here are the top two betting types you should try here at

  1. In-play betting

  2. Betting on live games is made easy with updated EPL betting odds. Putting your trust in a club should be a great way to win wagers since the Premier League has a reputation for heated games between contenders. This makes it a perfect league to watch live and even bet on at the same time.

    Watch EPL matches and use momentum shifts to your betting advantage. The charm of in-play betting is with its ever-changing odds that depend on how the ongoing match is played by EPL teams.

  3. Outrights betting

  4. As one of the known sites for Bitcoin football betting, also offers you a lot of options in outrights betting. Bets are placed before the season begins and no other wagers will be allowed after kick-off begins. Premier League bets on outright markets also come in many different ways. The first is who wins the league title with the best record overall. The next one is who will get a chance at the Champions League and Europa League. Count on your favourite teams to make history and make a dash at the top spot.

Betting markets for bigger winnings allows you to enjoy various winnings from different betting markets. These are the ones that you can use depending on the teams playing on a given day. Each bet has its own perk and it gives you a fair chance of winning.

Here are the different betting markets you should try for bigger winnings:

  1. Winner bets

  2. Winner bets are almost the same as outright betting on given matches. You have to wager if a team is going to win or not. For this betting type, all you have to do is to bet on a team that you think has a chance to win in a given game, no more and no less.

  3. Handicap bets

  4. Underdogs are not that rare in the Prem. A lot of games experience certain intense finishes where clubs force a comeback from a deficit. Most of the time, teams down by two or three goals still finish with a win or a draw.

    Handicaps allow you to stretch your wagers on that end. An added point is given to the underdog to level the playing odds between the two clubs. At this point, all you need to do is to bet on the underdog to score a goal or more than the set handicap.

  5. Totals

  6. Making a totals bet means predicting how many goals will be scored for the whole game. This combines the score for the two clubs, which means highly offensive teams are more likely to score bigger numbers than usual.

    There is even a chance that a game may end without any goals scored. This is common among many Prem matches and that means you need to know which team has high volume scorers in its lineup so you can gauge your wagers.

  7. Correct score

  8. Correct score is not that different from the total bet since all you have to do for this one is to predict the outcome of the game. No need to define which player scores the goal and so on, just lay out which team do you think will score a certain number of goals and win.

    This bet can be tricky if you do not know what to expect from a team in the first place. Prem games can be intense and you know that there are many factors to consider in every given match, so always make your research first about the playing teams.

  9. 1x2 bets

  10. 1x2 bets give you three different options since you have to wager on a match for a team to win or lose, and draw if you believe there is a chance for that. This is a good way to maximise your wagers since there is always a chance for the bet to work if it is a game between two equally matched clubs.

  11. Prop bets

  12. Prop bets are one of the best options in Bitcoin betting. Considering this wager in EPL matches looks like a promising wager since there are a lot of star players in the league. That means you can maximise your bets on a quick note. 

There are many prop bets you can make. Markets such as ‘first player to score’, ‘five goals before halftime’, and so on. The choices for prop bets vary with the teams playing at a given time.

Why should you bet on Premier League matches

Premier League matches are the most anticipated games for a lot of punters out there. With the latest EPL odds on various games as the season progresses, you can go the extra mile and get a huge win.

Here’s why you should bet on Premier League matches:

  1. The Premier League is one of the most popular leagues in the world. From the friendly matches all the way to the rivalry showdowns, you can say that it is a must for every punter to bet on the Premier League.

  2. It is easy to bet on the Premier League compared to others because there is a lot of information available about the league. Stats are available to begin with, and the wide coverage of the league games are promising enough to the point where you can expect updates from almost any site.

  3. The Premier League also has some of the best player matchups you can see in football. This is why there are many fans who are hooked to the game and follow the top stars from the start of the season all the way to their closing games.

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