Place your crypto bets on today’s UFC matches 

Bet on UFC matches today and get in on the ultimate showdown as it’s Next 24 Hours tab shows you all the upcoming UFC fights within the day.

Kickstart your UFC betting experience with this guide:

How to bet on today’s UFC matches at

Get ready to witness the hardest hits and amazing grapples in today’s UFC action after knowing how to lock in your bets. Here is the step-by-step process for you to start betting on UFC matches today here at 

  • Go to the top-right corner and click the Deposit button. 

  • You have two options for depositing: scanning the QR code or copying the wallet address and pasting it to your crypto wallet.

  • Verify the transfer and see if the amount is reflected in your account.

  • Choose your desired match and place a bet.

How does the Next 24 hours tab work?

At’s MMA section, you will see different tabs, including the Next 24 hours. This tab lists the upcoming and scheduled matches for today. 

Simply click on a match, and you’ll discover a variety of betting markets for that specific fight. If you’re interested in catching up on matches you might have missed and want to make predictions before they conclude, be sure to check this tab. With numerous betting markets, seize the opportunity to earn fantastic rewards.

UFC events to bet on lets you bet on UFC Fight Nights and other top events that will take place soon in the UFC Next 24 Hours tab. Dana White’s Contender Series is also another prominent UFC betting offer on the site. Check the time and date of these UFC fights to help with your betting decisions. 

The best betting markets for UFC Today

Here at, you’ll find numerous betting opportunities across various sports, including mixed martial arts and the UFC. For today's matches, you can explore an array of exciting betting markets, including: 

  • Winner: This is the most common market where you simply choose which fighter you believe will win the matchup. 

  • Total: gives you a specific number of rounds, and you will have to predict if the final result will have a number of rounds over or under the given range.

  • Method of victory: In this market, you predict how the fighters will secure their victory either via knockout, submission, decision, or a draw.

  • Exact round: You will select the specific round in which you feel the fight’s result will determine whether it will be a finish or a decision result. Odds for the UFC bets today

To make informed decisions, it’s essential to consult UFC betting odds. The numbers provide insights into the likelihood of outcomes and calculate the potential payouts.

To access the different types of odds available on, simply navigate to the sidebar on the left side of the screen. Scroll down and find the drop-down menu where you can find these three types of odds:

  • American: Positive (+) odds signify underdogs, while the negative (-) numbers represent favourites. To calculate potential payouts, positive odds like +150 will net you 150 USDT if you wagered 100 USDT. Negative odds like -150 would yield a 100 USDT profit when you wager 150 USDT.

  • Hong Kong: Odds in this format depend on proximity to 1. Odds lower than 1 are for favourites, while those higher than 1 are for underdogs. Calculate these payouts by adding 1 to the odds and multiplying that by your initial wager.

  • Decimal: Lower numbers signify favourites, while higher numbers are for underdogs. Calculate the payouts by adding 1 to the odds and then multiplying the result by your wager.

Useful betting tips to help with your UFC predictions

Seize the opportunity to place your crypto bets and aim for lucrative rewards. To enhance your chances of winning your crypto bets on UFC matches, consider these valuable tips: 

  • Analyse fighter match-ups: Every fighter has their signature style, and you should analyse how they match up against their opponent. Undеrstanding their strengths, whеthеr it's grappling, striking, or other specialties can provide context for your bеts. 

  • Make sure you’re up to date on injuries: Fighters come into bouts dealing with injuries. Stay updated with injury reports, as this information can influence the result. Adjust your bets accordingly depending on the publicly available information.

  • Look at the fighters’ record: Look back at their previous bouts, which will be vital since you can see the context behind how they won or lost. Apply that knowledge you learned to the upcoming fight today, and you will increase your chances of winning the bet.

  • Bet on the underdog for more lucrative winnings: Analyse the matchup for a potential underdog win. Underdogs typically have higher odds, which means if they win, your payout can be bigger, unlike bеtting on the favoritе. If you can see a potential path to victory from the underdog, don’t hesitate to place a wager. Features to improve your UFC bets for today

At, your betting experience is always enjoyable with a range of exciting features designed to enhance your overall journey: 

  • Promotions: Get incentives to place bets on the UFC matches today to get better rewards. They can improve your payouts with massive bonuses with promos like Match of the Day, highlighting a specific match where rewards are improved. 

  • Price Boosts: Maximise your wagers for any UFC match. Boost any single selection on your bet slip before you finalise your wagers and see more crypto wins if your selection succeeds.’s price boosts refreshes every 24 hours.

  • Bet sharing: Connect with fellow bettors through WhatsApp or Telegram by sharing your Betslip for the UFC event you wagered on today. gives you a dynamic experience for every UFC wager you make. Access a wide range of features, including diverse markets and competitive odds, that can help you make well-informed decisions for your wagers. Are you ready for today's knockout matches? Join us at and reap the rewards of crypto betting.