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La Liga: Bet on Spain’s exciting top-flight at Sportsbet.io

Spain is one of the most prolific football countries in the world, and they are home to big names that have achieved significant achievements in the sport. The country's top-flight league, La Liga, stands among the best competitions. 

If you're interested in La Liga betting, you should look at the top flight and find out what kind of bets you can make here. Let's start first by learning more about the competition itself.

When will La Liga start? 

La Liga campaigns start around August of each year. This will last a long while as the season ends in April or May of the following year. There will be international breaks at some points during the season, which will be vital for your wagers since that can affect the players and the teams' momentum. 

The transfer windows are scattered throughout the season: one in summer or at the start of the season, and the other will be during winter at the turn of the new year. These are all parts of an important schedule that will be crucial for your La Liga bets. 

How many matches in La Liga season? 

During a season, teams will play 38 total La Liga matches. A win will result in three points for the club in the league table, while draws give one point, and a loss will yield none. Whichever club accumulates the most points at the end of the season will be crowned champions. 

Who are the best teams and players in La Liga?

La Liga is the premier league to bet on when it comes to Spain’s soccer betting scene. There are some prominent clubs and players that have gone through the system. Here are some of them to take note of:

  • Real Madrid - One of the most popular clubs in the world, Real Madrid continues to exude excellence. They are consistent winners of La Liga and they will continue to extend that legacy due to the talent they keep building up. 

    • Vinicius Junior - Arguably the most talented player in the modern Real squad, he is a creative winger who can score goals and make consistent plays more than any other player on the team.

    • David Alaba - Defenders usually do not get the spotlight but Alaba is a unique exception. He is a defender who can do everything from stopping the opponents but also contribute to the offence.

  • FC Barcelona - Real’s eternal rivals, Barcelona is similarly one of the most popular and successful clubs in the world. They have been the golden standard for developing young players to world-beaters with the likes of Andres Iniesta, Xavi Hernandez, and Lionel Messi.

    • Frenkie de Jong - Arguably the most talented midfielder, de Jong has been amazing with his build-up play but also his energy on both ends of the pitch. 

    • Pedri - Similar to de Jong, Pedri is a midfielder that plays beyond his age. He is a talented player and he is composed enough to be relied upon by other players far older than him.

  • Atletico Madrid - The third-biggest club in Spain, Atleti has always been a powerhouse just like their peers. They are a consistent threat to win the title even with the presence of those two titans. 

    • Antoine Griezmann - A fixture of Atleti, Griezmann is a creative force with his playmaking but he is also reliable with his goal-scoring. He is a flashy player that deserves praise because he is an influential player for the offence.

    • Jan Oblak - Arguably the most talented goalkeeper, Oblak is a consistent defensive force. He is one of the best shot-stoppers but he is a well-rounded goalkeeper too. 

  • Villarreal - One of the most consistent clubs in La Liga, Villarreal is a side that has kept up with the best, year to year. They need more of a spotlight because they always find a way to sneak into the Champions League or the Europa League spots.

    • Gerard Moreno - A striker that embodies Villarreal’s consistency, Moreno is the classic number nine that will always be ready to score goals and pressure ball-handlers on defence. 

  • Real Sociedad - Always on the tier just below the top teams, Sociedad has kept performing as one of the best clubs in Spain. They recruit well as they find diamonds in the rough. 

    • Alexander Sorloth - One of the most promising players in La Liga, Sorloth deserves the praise he has received due to his goal-scoring instincts and his playmaking ability at the same time.

The best La Liga betting markets at Sportsbet.io

La Liga offers you all kinds of betting markets here. Here at Sportsbet.io, you can make different kinds of bets, including the standard future betting, in-play betting, and outrights betting. These are the best markets you can place wagers on for La Liga football matches: 

  • 1x2: Arguably the most standard market you can find, you will have to bet on three options. The 1 is for a home win, the 2 is for an away win, and the x is for a draw result. You can succeed with your wagers if you can keep an eye on the matchup you're betting on.

  • Both teams to score: You must predict whether or not both teams in a match will score goals. You only have two options in this market with yes or no answers.

  • Correct score: You will have to predict the exact scoreline of a match in this market. There will be many options for your bets here which can be easier since soccer is a low-scoring sport.

  • Handicaps: This market levels the playing field between underdogs and favourites. For your bet to win, both teams must meet certain conditions by the end of the game.

  • Game totals: Bettors will predict the total number of goals scored by both teams. The options will be over and under a specific goal range.

  • First player to score: You will have to predict which player will score the match's first goal. Every member of both squads will be available as an option. 

  • Award outrights: This is a market to predict the award winners at the season's end. You will have to make these bets well before the season starts. The Golden Boot and Golden Glove will be the primary bets for La Liga. 

  • 2nd, 3rd, or 4th goal: This is seen in the in-play betting tab depending on the match's score. Bet on which team will get the goal, but there is also a none option if you predict no team will score anymore. 

How La Liga odds can be used for your bets at Sportsbet.io

To succeed with your La Liga predictions, you should know that the odds will be a vital part of your time betting. La Liga match odds will be valuable because they can help you identify which team to bet on, but you can also determine which option is best for any market. 

Since you are betting on Sportsbet.io, you should make sure that you are looking into the many types of La Liga betting odds that are available on the sportsbook. Here are the three primary types you can use: 

  • Moneyline - The odds format also involves the plus (+) and minus (-) symbols. The options with the plus will mean they are riskier, but they can also net bigger rewards, hence why they're called underdogs. On the other hand, options with the minus will be safer and have lower rewards, hence why they're the favourites. 

  • Decimal - This odds format is connected to every $1 punter's wager. The odds format is multiplying the odds by every $1 wagered. The lower the odds, the more they are seen as the favourite and the higher the odds, the more they're seen as underdogs. 

  • Hong Kong - This odds format combines moneyline and decimal formats. The Hong Kong odds also entail values lower than one will be considered favourites, odds exactly at one will yield a 1/1 payout, and those higher than one will be tapped as underdogs. 

With this knowledge of La Liga sports betting odds, you will improve as a solid bettor. Make sure you can keep up with these numbers to earn the biggest rewards possible with your La Liga online betting.

What features can you expect in Sportsbet.io’s La Liga betting? 

Now that you're here on Sportsbet.io, there will be various features that you can take advantage of to make making La Liga wagers even more enjoyable. These are:

  • Betslip and Betbuilder - These are the renowned features of Sportsbet.io since they are helpful tools when making bets. With these features, you can place multiple bets in one go. You can also view your possible payout if you win your wagers. 

  • Head-to-head - This will be a valuable tool for your wagers as they will keep all of the important statistics at a close distance for your bets. This includes match history, player stats, and many more. Keep this in mind because they will be valuable for your wagers.

Make sure you're looking at these features to have fun with La Liga on Sportsbet.io. Keep going with your Spain La Liga betting here at Sportsbet.io, which will lead to a fantastic experience.