Top 6 MMA tournaments to wager on

Top 6 MMA tournaments to wager on

With MMA’s immense growth in viewership, betting on MMA tournaments has become increasingly popular among sports fans and punters. With a bet in place, there is an added layer of thrill and excitement to your sports-viewing experience.

There are tons of highly competitive and entertaining MMA tournaments around the world. The main differences are the fighting styles, production value, and talent pools.

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The UFC is undoubtedly one of the biggest MMA events in the world as it is watched by millions across the globe. It features the best fighters from across various weight classes, ensuring a constant stream of high-level matchups. The UFC regularly hosts events, providing ample betting opportunities.

The UFC offers a diverse range of wagering possibilities. There are main-card fights featuring famous MMA fighters like Conor McGregor or Khabib Nurmagomedov you can look forward to. There are undercard matches as well, showcasing MMA underdog fighters and rising stars you can bet on.

RIZIN Fighting Federation

RIZIN Fighting Federation is another Mixed Martial Arts tournament held in Japan. It is known for its spectacular events that often incorporate elements from Japan mixed martial arts traditions like kickboxing and pro wrestling. RIZIN's unique approach and international roster make it a compelling choice for crypto MMA betting enthusiasts.

While RIZIN events may be less frequent than some other promotions, they offer distinctive betting opportunities. The organisation frequently features crossover fights, allowing bets on intriguing matchups between MMA fighters and those from other combat sports.

ONE Championship

ONE Championship has rapidly gained recognition as a major player in the Mixed Martial Arts world ranking, particularly in Asia. This tournament features fighters from various martial arts disciplines, offering a unique blend of striking and grappling styles. ONE Championship hosts regular events that cater to MMA fans and bettors alike.

Betting on ONE Championship can be intriguing due to the diverse skill sets of its fighters. Alongside traditional win/loss bets, you can wager on outcomes like submission victories or decisions.

Bellator MMA

Bellator is one of the top competitors in MMA tournament rankings. It is known for its exciting fights and a mix of emerging talent and established veterans. Its substantial presence in North America offers a distinct betting experience from the UFC.

Expect marquee matchups and tournaments, all providing unique betting options. Betting markets extend beyond just fight outcomes, allowing bettors to wager on factors like the method of victory, round betting, and even fighter-specific props. This variety can appeal to a wide range of MMA bettors.


Based in Poland, Konfrontacja Sztuk Walki (KSW) is among the best MMA organisations in Europe. The KSW is popular for its passionate fanbase and high-calibre fighters. It provides a gateway for European talent to make their mark on the global MMA scene.

Betting on KSW offers a chance to explore the European MMA landscape. With a focus on local talent, bettors can get an edge by following regional fighters' performances. Betting markets typically cover standard win/loss bets and various prop bets.


Pancrase is among the oldest Japanese MMA tournaments globally and has a rich history. It is a platform for many fighters to transition to larger promotions like the UFC. Pancrase events often feature a blend of experienced fighters and emerging prospects.

Betting on Pancrase can be an opportunity to spot future stars before they become well-known. While betting markets may be more limited than larger promotions, Pancrase offers a unique appeal for those interested in the grassroots of MMA.

Why bet on MMA tournaments

MMA's unpredictable nature makes it thrilling to bet on. The outcomes can be influenced by various factors, including fighters' skills, strategies, and physical conditions, making it an intriguing betting landscape.

  • MMA leagues offer a wide range of betting options — Aside from simply picking a winner, you can bet on methods of victory, rounds, and even specific fighter statistics. This diversity allows you to tailor your bets to your knowledge and preferences.

  • MMA tournaments are frequent — You have tons of opportunities to wager. Major tournaments like the UFC host events regularly, ensuring a consistent betting calendar for enthusiasts.

  • In-play betting makes matches more exciting — Also called live betting, this type lets punters place crypto wagers on ongoing MMA fights. You can take the risk and place a bet as the fight unfolds.

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When betting on the top MMA tournaments, there are tons of different betting markets available for you to choose from. Depending on your risk appetite, you can wager on several markets all at once.

Here are some popular betting markets you are likely to encounter when betting on the most popular MMA tournaments:


The winner betting market is the most straightforward form of MMA fighting leagues betting. Choose the fighter you believe will win the match. Each fighter is assigned odds that indicate the potential payout.

Will the fight go the distance

With this betting market, you can bet on whether a match will last its full duration or end before it reaches this. A match could end before its full duration due to a knockout, submission, or stoppage. It's best to make keen observations of the fighters participating to make more accurate predictions. This market is quite straightforward but an exciting wagering option in MMA.

Winning Method

Choose among the various outcomes on which fighter wins and how they will win the fight. For instance, Yutaka Saito wins by KO or TKO. Each outcome also has corresponding odds to help you with your predictions. A fighter winning by submission might have better chances to happen than the same fighter winning decision and so on.

Strategies to use when MMA betting

When betting on MMA fights, you can improve your winning odds by using strategies. Although these do not guarantee success, they help you manage your funds better. This will help minimise the impact of significant losses. With this, here are some strategies to remember when betting on popular MMA tournaments:


The most important strategy when MMA betting with Bitcoin is doing proper research. You can start by looking into the statistics of fighter records and analysing them. By studying the win-loss ratios of the fighters, you will gain insight into what the participants are capable of doing. With this information, you can adjust your strategy and hedge your bets.

Listen to expert analysis

Always stay updated with predictions, insights, and pre-fight analysis, from reputable MMA analysts. These experts often provide valuable perspectives on fighters' strategies, recent forms, and potential game plans, which can help you make more informed decisions for your wagers.

Watch weigh-ins

Pay close attention to the fighters' weigh-ins, as they can offer insights into their physical condition, overall shape, and potential weight-cutting challenges. Changes in weight classes or missed weight can significantly impact a fighter's performance in the ring so make sure to keep this in mind.

Study the fighter’s cage control

Study a fighter's ability when managing cage control. Observe how they maintain distance, and effectively utilise footwork. These factors can be pivotal in determining the fight's pace and ultimate outcome.

Evaluate fighting styles

Assess how the fighters' styles align or contrast with each other. Some fighters excel in striking, while others have strengths in grappling and submissions. Analyse how these individual styles and techniques may influence the fight's outcome, considering the potential style clashes.

Review fight history

When watching matches from the biggest MMA organisations, examine the fighters' previous matchups and their respective outcomes. Look for recurring patterns or tendencies that could offer valuable insights into their potential performance against each other. Consider past victories, losses, and their performance against common opponents.

Each fighter’s recent performance also affects their MMA betting odds. Top UFC fighters like Justin Gaethje are more likely to be favourites in the octagon.

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Betting on Martial Arts strongest ranking tournaments is a more exciting and enjoyable experience once you become more familiar with its different elements. With this, always make sure to do proper research when MMA betting with Tether to ensure that your winning odds are always maximised. On top of this, just enjoy the entertaining nature of MMA fighting.

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