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Pablo Laso’s Coaching Legacy
Jan 22, 2020, 6:56:00 AM

Pablo Laso’s Coaching Legacy

The coach is working on a very fruitful coaching career in the EuroLeague. Pablo Laso’s legacy may have already been cemented in the EuroLeague’s history. He was already a big figure in European basketball before being a coach. He had a great career as a point guard when he played for his hometown club Baskonia Vitoria-Gasteiz.

He started his coaching career back in 2003. He coached Castello before moving on to Valencia Basket for a season. He followed his career with four years of Gipuzkoa of San Sebastian.

Laso then was given a chance to work on one of the toughest jobs European basketball has to offer. The former 1995 Spanish Cup MVP succeeded Emanuele Molin as the head coach of the most successful team in the EuroLeague in Real Madrid.

The most successful team in the EuroLeague has been finding recent success in head coach Pablo Laso’s leadership. The team has been efficient in the Spanish Basketball League. Despite their success in the Liga ACB, they aren’t the same at the EuroLeague.

Madrid had a strong frontier but lost to Maccabi Tel Aviv prior to Laso’s start as a coach. Expectations are high, so Laso knew that he had to do something for the team to be better. He later reforged his roster when he added Rudy Fernandez and Jaycee Carroll into the team.

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The most successful team in the EuroLeague has been finding recent success in Laso’s leadership. The team is considered the most successful team in the EuroLeague. They have won ten titles in the history of the league. Their recent win was back in 2018. The team was led by Slovenian Luka Doncic for their campaign.

Madrid finished at third last season at 22-8. In those 30 games, they had a point differential of +236, meaning that the team did well but just lacked the necessary push to win last playoffs. They finished in the final four but fell against CSKA, 95-90 before winning the third-place against Fenerbahce in a 94-75 rout.

Considering that the team continues to push for a consistent finish in their games, there is a huge possibility that the team will be going for another title run as they are set to get their three-peat in the Liga Endesa, and possibly, reclaim the EuroLeague title this season.

He may be the missing piece that the team needed for so long. His legacy as one of Real Madrid’s greatest coaches will surely be remembered. No fan of the sport will forget how much he has changed the European basketball.

With that, Pablo Laso’s legacy will hopefully end in a positive note. The coach has been truly great in the game of basketball. He will surely go down as one of the best players and coaches in history. Not just in Europe, but for the whole sport itself.

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Words: Paul Daniel Flores

Image: PA