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Bet on the T20 International Cricket Simulated Reality League (SRL) at Based on actual T20I matches, you can enjoy these virtual games all year round. Learn more about what this league is and how to place crypto bets below:

SRL vs traditional cricket betting

Comparing traditional and SRL cricket betting shows a host of similarities and differences. While they share a focus on the same sport and often target similar competitions, the differences are the main standouts. 

Here are the key differences between them: 

  • Availability of matches: When betting on T20 International matches, your wagers rely on the league's schedule, including its active and off-season calendars. However, SRL eliminates this as there are always matches available for betting.

  • The roster is not affected by injuries in SRL: Injuries are not present in the SRL because there are no missing players from the roster, including the injured stars. This makes you consider the injured cricketers’ stats for your wagers.

  • Focus on the stats: Unlike regular cricket matches, where you need to consider various factors, SRL betting focuses on statistics. SRL games use stats from real-life T20 International matches, which are used to make scenarios and simulations out of matchups between teams.

How to start placing T20 International SRL cricket bets at

The fun of betting on T20 International SRL matches awaits you at Before you start placing wagers, here are the steps you need to follow 

  • Create an account on by clicking Register on the top-right corner of the page. Fill in the necessary details or connect your accounts from other platforms, including Facebook, X (formerly Twitter), Line, Metamask, and Google, for an easy sign-up process.

  • Deposit funds into your betting account. You can do so by copying the provided wallet address and pasting it to your crypto wallet to initiate transfers. You can also scan the QR code using the camera feature of your crypto wallet app to jumpstart the process.

  • Go to the sports betting page and seek out the cricket section where you can find T20 International matches available. 

  • Click your desired match match you want to bet on to access the betting markets. You can place in-play and future wagers for the SRL matches. Place bets on the in-play markets, especially since you can use the live score to stay up to date. 

  • Once you’ve chosen your preferred outcomes, the Betslip will appear to confirm your bets. Review all your predictions and hit Place Bet when you’re ready to go.

Explore SRL cricket betting markets at

Understand the nuances of SRL cricket betting markets and how each of them works here: 

  • Winner (incl. Super over): This market involves predicting the match winner, even in case of extra time.

  • Which team wins the coin toss: A 50/50 market where you just have to predict which team wins the initial coin toss.

  • Team with top batter: Predict which team will have the top-performing batter. This is measured in the number of runs they scored individually.

  • 1st innings - Specific player (SRL) to score 50: This is a yes or no market where you must predict if a specific player can score 50 or more in the set timeframe.

  • Team with top bowler: Similar to the top batter market, you must predict which team will have the top bowler., determined by the number of wickets taken.

  • Will there be a tie: This market will predict if there will be a tie or not in the match.

  • Team with the highest score at 1st dismissal: Bet on which team has the highest score after the first dismissal. You have three options here: choosing one of the two teams or a draw during a first dismissal.

Explore the various types of odds for your T20 International SRL bets

SRL betting odds are numbers that can help you distinguish which outcome is likely to occur in the match you’re betting on. It also gives you a glimpse of the payouts you can get whenever you get a successful bet by using them for your calculations.

Here at, you can find three types of odds. Click the hamburger menu on the top-left and find the drop-down menu displaying the options. 

These are the three types of odds you can use for your wagers:

  • American: This format involves positive and negative numbers. The minus (-) sign indicates the favourites, while the plus (+) signifies the underdog market, which offers higher potential winnings but comes with increased risk. Betting on the favourites is less risky since they’re likely to win, but the payouts are lower compared to the former.
    For instance, an outcome with +125 odds means you can get 125 USDT when you make a 100 USDT wager. On the other end, you can win 100 USDT when you bet 135 USDT on an outcome with -135 odds.

  • Decimal: The lower decimal odds are for favourites, while the higher ones are underdogs, which are unlikely to win but more profitable. To calculate the payouts for this type of odds, you just have to multiply the odds by the wager you’re placing.

  • Hong Kong: For the odds lower than 1, they are favourites, while those higher than 1 are underdogs. To calculate using this type, you’ll add 1 to the odds and then multiply that by the wagered amount.

What are the countries you usually see in T20 International SRL?

Since this is the T20 International level of cricket, the SRL showcases countries from real-life competitions. Here are the countries that you can bet on: 

  • India 

  • England 

  • Pakistan

  • New Zealand

  • South Africa

  • Australia

  • West Indies 

  • Sri Lanka

  • Bangladesh

  • Afghanistan 

  • Zimbabwe 

  • Ireland

  • Namibia

  • Scotland

  • United Arab Emirates

Tips for your T20 International SRL bets

Understanding the nuances of SRL cricket and knowing expert tips can significantly improve your chances of making informed betting decisions and winning your wagers eventually. Here are some valuable tips that can be particularly beneficial if you’re just getting started with SRL cricket betting:

  • Consider the rosters and depth: International-level teams boast high-calibre talent. Examine the rosters as star players can produce phenomenal stats that can propel their team to victory and become reliable choices for future bets.

  • Study statistics for your SRL bets: In SRL, statistics have a significant influence on your wagers as they provide valuable insights and information, such as a clear picture of past performances, player form, and team dynamics. 

  • Take advantage of the in-play bets: This provides extra opportunities to wagеr on various aspects of thе gamе, such as thе nеxt wickеt, runs scorеd in an ovеr, or even the outcome of a single delivery. In-play bets can be less risky than pre-match bеts since you have more information to base your decisions on. For еxamplе, if a tеam is chasing a targеt and starts wеll, you can make morе calculated bets on their succеss.  

  • Use the bonuses properly: Bonuses extend your betting experience, allowing you to enjoy more games, matches, or rounds without depleting your initial deposit. With extra funds at your disposal, you can explore different betting strategies and options, which helps increase your chances of winning. 

Place your crypto bets on T20I SRL cricket matches at

To start crypto betting on T20I SRL cricket matches, you need to deposit funds into your account. Here’s a step-by-step guide that you need to follow:

  • Locate and click the Deposit button on the top-right corner of the page

  • Scan the QR code provided using your crypto wallet app. You also have the option to initiate the transaction manually by copying the address and pasting it into your crypto wallet. 

  • As soon as you confirm the transfer and your funds are reflected in your account, you are now all set to enjoy betting on T20I SRL cricket matches.

Check out the features that offers to make your SRL cricket bets more fun. Learn out how each of them works: 

  • Promotions: provides a variety of bonuses that can add up to your excitement. This includes cashback and free bets that you can use as extra funds. For cricket, a promo called Match of the Day can be applied to your SRL bets when needed.

  • Bet Sharing: By using this feature, you can share your predictions with your friends via WhatsApp and Telegram. Once the Betslip appears and you’ve chosen an outcome you want to bet on, simply click the ‘Share Betslip’ button at the bottom of the page. offers a seamless and exciting betting experience for your SRL betting for T20 International matches. With a wide array of markets to explore and competitive odds that enhance your potential winnings, you can ensure that you can have a worthwhile time wagering on your anticipated matches. Join today and embark on a journey in the world of SRL cricket betting.