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Kane Sets Historic Night in Win Over the Jets
Jan 20, 2020, 6:12:00 AM

Kane Sets Historic Night in Win Over the Jets

Fans during the Chicago Blackhawks’ 5-2 win over the Winnipeg Jets celebrated more than just a victory as Patrick Kane has finally notched his 1000th point in his NHL career, becoming the 90th player in the league to do so.

Kane picked up an assist on Brandon Saad’s goal in the third period, which led to the team’s season-high fifth straight win. The star winger passed to Ryan Carpenter in the right circle as the latter then found a wide-open Saad just at the left side of the net, allowing an easy tap-in that even goalie Connor Hellebuyck could not stop.

Blackhawks captain Jonathan Toews then checked with the referees before the game just to make sure that they are allowed to take the ice in celebration as he nailed 1000 points. Kane himself got tucked in by his teammates as he extended his point streak to 10 straight games.

21, 487 fans have gone on a standing ovation in honour of Kane’s 1000th point. The 31-year-old star himself is quite humbled with the moment.

‘That was special. What a moment. Obviously, everyone coming on the ice and sharing that moment with me. You see some faces in that pile that have been a big part of a lot of those points’, said Kane after nailing his 1000th point. ‘The team’s rolling right now, too. There’s a lot of good things happening. We’re playing well. Nice to have it come in a win’.

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As soon as Saad scored, the team crashed down on Kane, and Saad made sure to pick up the puck and give it to Kane.

‘Kinda felt bad for him’, Kane said of Saad during the celebration. ‘All the guys on the ice came to me and he was in the corner even though he was the one that scored’.

Saad himself was happy for the moment, and he didn’t mind about the goal or whatsoever.

‘What can you say? He’s a special player. It’s been fun to play with him over the years, see his successes and be part of it. It’s pretty neat how the whole team came out and huddled him’, Saad said. ‘It was just a great night. We’re playing well, and when you have things like that happen it gives you a boost in excitement’.

Kane also had his jersey retired last week in London. He received a call with London Knights GM Mark Hunter last year regarding the retirement.

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‘There are moments in my career where you get chills coming down your spine when you do something special or something special happens’, the future Hockey Hall of Famer said. ‘That was one of those moments. That phone call was pretty special. He just kind of brought it up casually at the end like it was nothing. I only played there one year, so I didn’t know if I really expected anything like a jersey retirement or anything like that’.

Kane himself was honoured to be a part of the London Knights, the team he played for when he was just on the way to NHL stardom.

‘There has been so many good hockey players in London and to be one of them and be part of a great organization like the Knights, I think that’s what it’s all about’, Kane said. ‘To me, it’s playing and having kids look up to you and make them excited about the game. If that’s the way it was for me in London, that’s what it’s all about’.

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Words: Paul Daniel Flores

Image: PA