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Bet on club friendly football matches using crypto at

The excitement and the stakes are as high as ever when you bet on club friendly football games here at! Watch clubs try new strategies and lineups outside the competitive football system when you bet on them using crypto here. 

How to place bets on football club friendly games at

Get the optimal football betting experience with as your premier crypto sportsbook. To get started, follow these simple steps:

  • Click the Deposit button on the top-right corner of the website.

  • You have two convenient options for funding your account: Scan the QR code using your crypto wallet app or copy the wallet address and paste it into your wallet app.

  • Choose which club friendlies you want to bet on using crypto and finalise your wagers on the Betslip.  

When do club friendlies happen and how do they work?

Club friendlies occur during the pre-season when the teams are just starting their pace ahead of the campaign. For example, before the 2023/24 English Premier League season, Arsenal and Manchester United played club friendlies in the United States to prepare for their long and arduous season ahead in Europe.

The clubs communicate with each other to set up these matches. Expect to find friendly games between clubs in the lower-tier leagues as well. 

Enjoy’s betting types for club friendly games

Here at, you have two primary betting types: in-play and future. In-play betting allows you to make predictions while the matches are in progress. This is an exciting betting type due to the high stakes of making decisions at the moment.

On the other hand, the future betting type is a more common way of placing wagers. You select a scheduled match in the coming days and predict the outcomes you believe will happen in that specific match. Your betting decisions depend on the statistics and other available factors before the football match kicks off. The best club friendly markets you can bet on

Discover the excitement of club friendly game soccer through the diverse betting markets available at Elevate your viewing experience with these betting options:

  • 1x2: For this market, predict the match’s possible outcome, which can be home, away, or a draw. 

  • Total: Guess the number of goals scored and predict if it will be over or under the given number. 

  • Both teams to score: This is a simple yes or no market where you predict if both teams score a goal during the match.

  • Double chance: Here, you will be betting on two outcomes. For example, you can predict Arsenal winning a match or at least getting a draw.  

  • Clean sheet: You get to predict whether either team will get a clean sheet.

  • Highest scoring half: Pick which half will have the most number of goals. You can also predict a draw or having the same number of goals across both halves.

  • Odd/even: Bet on whether the total goals will be an odd or even number.

  • Handicap: This levels the playing field by giving underdogs an advantage. Favourites must exceed the point spread, while underdogs must stay within the spread or win outright.

  • First goal time: Predict when the first goal will be scored, with options in 10-minute intervals or the possibility of no goals in a 0-0 draw.

  • First team to score: Guess which team will score the first goal or select none for a 0-0 draw. Odds for club friendly matches

Betting odds are crucial to your success because they can influence your wagers. They provide insights into the likelihood of various outcomes and determine potential payouts. 

Here at, you can easily switch between different types of odds using the hamburger menu button on the left side of your screen. Learn how each of them works:

  • American: In this format, you’ll encounter a number with a plus (+) symbol for underdogs and a minus (-) symbol for favourites. Betting on underdogs brings higher profit potential but comes with greater risk, while the favourites are safer choices, making them less profitable.
    To calculate the payouts using American odds, pay attention to the symbol attached to the odds.

    • With positive odds such as +110, you can earn 110 USDT for a 100 USDT bet.
    • Negative odds like -110 will require a 110 USDT wager to get a 100 USDT reward.
  • Decimal: Lower decimal values represent favourites, while higher numbers are for the underdogs. Potential payouts can be calculated by multiplying your wager by the odds.

  • Hong Kong: HK odds have numbers less than 1 for favourites and numbers greater than 1 for underdogs. To calculate the payouts with HK odds, you just have to add 1 to the odds and then multiply the result by your wager.

Valuable tips to boost club friendly wagers

New players need guidance to help them place the best football bets possible. Here are the fundamental tips every football bettor should learn:

  • Look at the news for important reports: Even in club friendlies, news reports can impact your wagers. Keep an eye out for player injuries, transfers, or other occurrences that might affect the match’s outcome. Staying up to date could lead to smart betting decisions.

  • Analyse the rosters: Take time to learn more about the players in the squads for the club friendly. Analyse how they fit in the system and whether their skills match up well against their opponents. 

  • Think about the playstyles: You must study the clubs playing in the friendly match you’re betting on. They will be crucial because a possession-based club like Manchester United will struggle with a strong defensive side like Arsenal, where the Red Devils’ system will get destroyed with a strong and effective press.

  • Look into the tactics: Look at how managers set up their squads for success. This can be evident in the formation before the match and the squad selection. That can indicate the tactics they’re using but this is more identifiable by watching game film and seeing how these teams play.

Why should you watch and bet on club friendly matches in football at

While the win and loss rate on club friendly games does not affect club standings in their respective leagues, these matches are still as exciting to predict as the usual games. Here are a few reasons why crypto betting on club friendlies is still a great activity at

  • Learn about new tactics and setups — Club friendly games allow both squad and manager to try new lineups and strategies. These might appear in the league season and can help with your betting decisions.

  • Watch more games from your favourite players — Players avoid injuries during these friendlies, so don’t expect them to play all out. Either way, club friendly games can give you a glimpse of what to expect from your favourite players in the upcoming campaign. In extension, you gain added knowledge if they can help win your crypto bets as well.

  • Practise making predictions before the league starts — Try making betting decisions in the club friendlies for a smoother experience once the league kicks off. Features to improve your football bets is a fantastic platform for football betting, even in friendly matches. To amplify your experience, here are some features to check out:

  • Promotions: Make the most out of every bet you place on a friendly match by partaking in the promotions. Explore a variety of promos, including the Match of the Day, which offers rewards and perks. 

  • Price Boost: This offer can maximise the payouts by boosting the value of your bet once per day. Choose a single market and enable this promo before finalising your bets.

  • Bet Sharing: Have an enjoyable time interacting with your friends through Bet Sharing. This involves the use of WhatsApp or Telegram, where you can send your Betslip to them by clicking Share Betslip. You can compare strategies, or they might even use your bets as a basis for their wagers.

Kick off your club friendlies crypto betting run now!

Place your crypto bets on football club friendly matches here at and explore a wide range of betting options. Use cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC) and Tether (USDT) for instant transactions and high-value wagers. You can place bets on friendly matches by using the mobile app, giving you the fun, fast, and fair betting experience you’re looking for.