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Bitcointalk Sports Fanatics League - Season 3 Round 2
Oct 31, 2023, 7:00:00 AM

Bitcointalk Sports Fanatics League - Season 3 Round 2

Round 2 is behind us and competition is heating up, old rivalries are kindled once again and new ones are emerging. This was a round that surprised some of our participants while others had no problems which resulted in few strange games where one correct answer was enough to win while others needed 5 correct answers to win.

Division 1
Our derby of the round ended up as quite a disappointment since team cls63 did not show up due to technical difficulties and buwaytress recorded the easiest win of the season. There was fire on some other games though and I have a few results I would like to mention here. Cryptofrka recorded a 4:0 win which will help him greatly to establish himself in the league. Jeremypwr and darxiaomi recorded high scoring wins against LTU_btc and Slissy respectively and got a nice boost to their ranking.

Division 2
Div 2 was the place where we recorded already mentioned 1:0 win. Vivekdkhyani needed just one correct answer to win against fellow promoted hakan2217. Win is a win and this puts Vivekdkhyani on top of the table together with notblox1 and Igebotz. The three of them will be the teams to catch in the early season.

Division 3
Third Division had some really high scoring games across both subdivisions. LFC_Bitcoin won 4-3 against Rikafip, Kokee44 won with same result against ILuckyGuyI while PedroCunhaYori and Dittoup shared the points in 4:4 draw in Div 3A. Div 3B was a place where two big 5:2 victories took place. Danydee won against Jinetics1111 with that result and goodpunt matched it with win against DireWolfM14.

Round 3 – Preview
We are still keeping to mostly football questions and spicing it up with odd fringe sport question here and there. This time we have cricket and baseball included with the usual tennis question which pops up during big tournaments like the Masters in Paris which is currently under way. Questions are live so hurry up and go answer them. We would really love to have a first round without penalties this season.

After not showing up in the derby last round, things aren't getting any easier for cls63, this time he faces jeremypwr. This should be a cracking match judging by their past results and I sincerely hope there will be no technical issues with either of this teams. Jayce, Harkorede and buwaytress will try to keep their perfect streak going as long as possible but there are no easy games in Div 1 and we will see if they will manage to do so.

What better way to announce Div 2 then with the statement from the manager of notblox1 team that perfectly sets up the stage for famososMuertos vs. notblox1 match.

“Both teams didn’t lose a match this season but they are on opposite side of the table.
In H2H matches this teams are 1:1, last season notblox1 won 7:2, and in first season famososMuertos won 4:3 in last round. Weather conditions are good for this time of the year and all players are healthy for both teams, and I expect to see fair play and good match.“

We have an early season derby between two clubs that did not lose a point this season in imarios vs. Coin_trader match. Only one of them will be able to boast with perfect record after this round.

BSFL chat on Clubtalk

We have our room on Clubtalk chat so come and hang in there. I will drop by daily to answer possible questions and check up on you guys. Furthermore, we will have 1 hour dedicated chat on Friday 5 PM GMT this week. Actually, this is the same time as last week but we had daylight saving time kick in last weekend. Come join me for the chat and the chance for same free bets.

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