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Bundesliga’s Unstable Competition
Feb 7, 2020, 6:48:00 AM

Bundesliga’s Unstable Competition

The competitiveness in the league has changed in a big way as the first half of the season is already in the books. Teams are looking forward to make a strong finish in the league.

It has been quite a tough and tight race in Germany’s top flight. The Bundesliga has certainly become more competitive and dangerous for the teams who dare to dominate and win the league.

It has been a tight race since the start of the season. The top 10 spots in the Bundesliga table are merely separated by just a point. Some clubs are making unexpected performances and have found a good position in the league’s table.

Gaps are usually not that tight. The Premier League has a 15-point gap from 1st to 10th place. 11 points in Serie A, and 12 points in Ligue Un. The Bundesliga is one of the leagues to feature rare single-digit gaps in the top 10.

True competition makes leagues interesting. Bayern has won the last seven titles and has led the league in those runs. They averaged a gap to the second place by 14.5 points. Today, Bayern the defending champions are slowly falling behind on the top spot to start February.

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To make things more interesting, Freiburg and Wolfsburg recently trailed behind Bayern tied at the third spot but has fallen behind through the season. Dortmund, who lurked behind with 16 points earlier, has slowly found its way to back to the top five with key performances from young players.

The small gaps have made the league shaky. A single win or loss clearly affects the whole table. A team can simply go up or down by doing nothing. This is the new competitive side of the Bundesliga.

Bundesliga’s top 10 is certainly in a title race. Both Dortmund and Bayern are still the heavy favourites to win the title. These two teams have won the last 10 titles in the Bundesliga. No other team has dared to challenge these two behemoths, and it is the main reason they hold the two of the top five spots in the league.

Bayern remains the sole face of the league despite the current situation in the Bundesliga table. They have won seven straight Bundesliga titles, but they have not dominated the league today like they used to before. It is never too late to count out the team’s shot in winning the title. They are the defending champions for a reason.

These close gaps in the Bundesliga table make the league more interesting than it is. Fans can expect intense battles as the season continues to progress. The league is in for a rollercoaster ride as these teams will battle it out for the top spot, and who dares, wins. It will take some time to see who will dominate and will come out on top of the Bundesliga as the second half of the season ensues.

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Words: Paul Daniel Flores

Image: PA