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What you need to know about Southeast Asian football games
May 13, 2022, 11:09:00 AM

What you need to know about Southeast Asian football games

Football has become so global that even the several regions of Southeast Asia are avid fans. It is so popular to the point where a league of its own was formed to appeal to the general Southeast Asian fans and ambassadors of the sport even more. 

The SEA games football bracket is one of the tournament’s most incredible sporting events. While the English Premier League (EPL) reigns in terms of football supremacy, there’s nothing quite like the diverse nature of talents and candour that SEA players established with their own teams. 

The increasing growth of the SEA football games is also providing a lot of opportunities for players to make a huge name for themselves, which explains the rapid demand for the games to be held in the first place. 

Furthermore, its betting scene is also taking a leap in terms of development as there are already more markets to choose from when deciding to place your wagers. Are you ready to bet on the best SEA football club? Here is all you need to know about SEA football.

Bet on inplay football games

The SEA football table explained

Just like any football leagues, the SEA football games live have a similar structure on how they weigh the best teams that are playing. When betting on inplay games, it’s important to check the tables to see how each club does against each other—especially when it’s the live games.

The SEA games football match too have a table to lean on for points and fixtures that decide if the clubs are worthy of a win. To learn more about the SEA games football standings, below is an in depth look at the system of the league: 


There are 10 teams that will be participating in the SEA football games. These teams are divided into groups wherein they’ll be designated to specific matches that will decide the outlook of the tournament. 

For the Group A table, the teams consist of: 

  • The Philippines

  • Vietnam 

  • Myanmar 

  • Indonesia 

  • Timor-Leste 

For the Group B table, the teams consist of: 

  • Thailand

  • Cambodia 

  • Malaysia 

  • Laos

  • Singapore 

To qualify for the Semi-finals and eventually final tournament of the SEA football games, the Winner from the Group A and B tables must face off for the ultimate challenge of winning the final game to take home the trophy. 

The fixtures 

Just like any other games in football, fixtures are decided matchups that will occur in a given season. These fixtures are what allow clubs to go on the field and have the most gruelling and impressive games for the fans to enjoy. 

The fixtures are also spread out evenly throughout a given season to make sure that the athletes are prime for the given games that the SEA football league gives them. 

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Best SEA football teams and its players

What you really want to see when the games begin are the players and clubs who fight it out to see who the best really are in the league. 

With the help of advanced medicine and technology, players are well-conditioned to play for longer periods. For the clubs and players, here are some of the best during the SEA football games: 


It should come to no surprise that Thailand is a great SEA football club because the nation itself is already an avid fan of the sport. Everywhere you go and every sharp corner you come across with, there are different football games that you’ll get to witness. 

Thailand’s football club is among the best in the SEA football league. They are consistently on top of the table and every fixture is what fans anticipate the most. 

Known for their incredible defence and offence, especially from their long line of roster who are passionate about the sport, Thailand graces its way to become one of the top teams to perform during the SEA games. 

In fact, the country has one of the most Gold bracket wins in history of 16. With players like Worachit Kanitsribampen and Weerathep Pomphan on the team, Thailand seeks to win another Gold bracket game that will solidify their place in the SEA football games. 


Vietnam is another country that has a lot of football fans. Just like Thailand, you can see a lot of potential players who can rally past different clubs in the same group. 

Of all the teams, the Vietnam national football team has a lot of star players that can steam roll through the competition. In fact, they are the defending champions of the Gold competition and are still the favourites coming into the tournaments. 

What makes Vietnam so special is their star players who have a lot of potential to become the greatest footballers of their nation. One, in particular, is Quincy Kammeraad who can assure you of a great defensive post-playing as the goalkeeper. 

Furthermore, there are also other different talents in the squad like Win Naing Tun and Htet Phyo Wai who both can offensively make a huge impact in the game for the team.

However, what makes Vietnam truly special is their wide array of skill sets to make an offence that’s worth watching and still find time to slow the game down and make a defensive stop when necessary. This is especially when they have a target on their backs from multiple clubs in the SEA football games who can do a lot of damage as well. 


Arguably, there’s no other team in the SEA football games that has quite the flair and stigma as Malaysia. Just like the previous two clubs on the list of great SEA football teams, Malaysia too has huge affection for the sport. 

With the rich football culture in the country, there are bound to be legendary Malaysian footballers who can contribute to the sport and make a name for themselves in the SEA games. 

Malaysia is no exception and they are among the most impressive teams in the SEA football games today. With a great system of offence and defence coinciding with each other perfectly, their development of young players also provides them with the right future when they eventually become a dynasty within the league. 

One of their best players are Farizal Marlias, Kalamullah Al-Hafiz, and Dominic Tan who are all incredible around one of the best rosters in the SEA football league. 


When it comes to the best teams, you seldom hear Indonesia as one of the top contenders. However, with their young prowess of players and great leadership from their head manager, Shin Tae-yong, you have a potential team who can wreak havoc in the league. 

With a lot of star players like Pratama Arhan, Egy Maulana Vikri, and Elkan Baggott, this team can pull off one of the best runs in the SEA football games to date. There aren’t quite a lot of teams who are great dark horses like Indonesia which makes the games more exciting to watch. 

While their offence can definitely be improved, they are still a force to be reckoned with and have a formidable roster behind all the potential star-power they can exhibit when they play. 

Judging their overall performance in the SEA games through the lens of their measly track record is not fair to the club, especially when they are overperforming in the SEA football games. 


Talks circle around the SEA football league that the Philippine national team is not as great as other clubs participating in either the same group or another. However, this shouldn’t be an indicator that the club is not great because they actually have a foundation of great players who are ready to become prime time stars. 

With comparable offence and defence like the top-tier teams in the league, Filipinos have a lot to cheer for when it comes to their proud national football team– and the best part, they are only beginning to take form for the league. 

With players like Kevin Ray Mendoza, Patrick Reichelt, and Amani Aguinaldo on the roster, there is always a chance for them to win a lot of games. Especially with their great synergy when they play, it’s really hard to misplace your trust in them when they really have a good chance of beating a lot of great teams. 

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Winning tips when betting on SEA football games

Now that you know a few great clubs in the league, it’s now time to check on how to bet on them. Becoming a great punter takes a lot more than blindly placing your wagers on whatever team you think will win a particular game. 

Are you ready to become an expert punter? Here is a quick and simple guide to making your betting experience a great one. 

Prominent teams have a better chance of winning

Betting on the most prominent teams is a no-brainer for anyone who wishes to make a lot of money betting on whichever football games and leagues around. This is why it’s great to make sure they are the obvious favourites when winning.

Speaking of the favourites, it’s also wise to make sure that you bet on the favourites who are more likely to win in a match than the underdogs. You might have the lesser payouts when betting, but at least you also have a higher likelihood of winning. 

To check whether or not a club is particularly worth the investment of betting, here are clear-cut signs to ensure that the team you wagered on are among the best: 

  • The club has a great offensive output 

Offence can never be understated, it is that important during games. When the score goes beyond four goals scored, then you have yourself an incredible club offensively. 

A club that generates a lot of offence means that they run a lot of plays for other teammates which in turn allows for an exciting duel of a football game. Also, scoring is incredibly difficult in football, and it’s going to make it even more difficult if there’s not a great offence generated. 

Looking at the offensive numbers is a great way to determine whether or not the club is worth betting on. 

  • A good defence is a great offence 

If a club can make important stops that can lead to a great impact, then it’s going to be a huge deal on the defensive side where clubs can turn any wrong decisions into opportunities. 

Defence is a big deal in sports. In football, it’s especially more important that the defensive schemes work in the favour for the club executing it. 

  • Management 

Management or coaching is crucial for any sport as well. Without proper coordination, training, and a few guidelines from the managing coaches, it’s going to be difficult for any team regardless of how much talent is there. 

A club must form a bond and follow specific plays that allow for better chemistry and output when the players try to make a field goal. 

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Know how to read the odds 

Reading the Southeast Asian games football odds is part of any sport betting scene. For starters, you can’t really understand how the payouts and likelihood of each club winning the game without learning how to read the most basic principles of betting first. 

Here are a few key parts to understand before delving deeper into the betting endeavour: 

  • Decimal odds 

Decimal odds are denoted in decimals that make punters read them easily to understand the likelihood of each team winning the game. 

For instance, odds of 2.0 and 1.5 may be designated to each SEA games football team and the former is the underdogs. The reason for this is that decimal odds also act as the indicator for the multiplier of a certain payout. 

In this case, a 2.0 odds will have the punter win twice as much as his wager compared to the favourite’s payout of only 1.5 times. 

  • American/Moneyline odds 

American/Moneyline odds is also another type that punters love to use because they are incredibly straightforward. Instead of purely focusing on the decimal system, the American odds use the plus (+) and minus (-) symbols to portray the favourites and the underdogs, respectively. 

To calculate the American odds, suppose the odds of two clubs in a fixture game are +110 and -120. The underdogs are portrayed by the plus sign and will have punters bet $100 to earn $110 as a payout if their team wins. 

Betting on favourites has a lower payout because there are lesser risks involved when doing so. Favourites are chosen by bookmakers for a reason, and they may have a lot of qualities that will lead to a higher likelihood of winning. 

Find the most profitable markets 

Betting markets are ways for punters to bet on the best football team in Southeast Asia. While there is a clear cut distinction between markets, there are also other ways for you to bet on who you think will win.

For instance, betting on the winner like the SEA games football winners is among the most straightforward types of bets you can make while having the flexibility to win more payouts when choosing other markets as well. These other markets are the number of goals scored  or the over and under betting market which has you guessing what the score will be after the half. 

By choosing different markets, you are diversifying your bets and make it easier to manage your risk when there is a chance of losing. 

Manage your bankroll 

Probably the most important lesson for beginner punters, bankroll management is crucial for you not to lose all your bets in one game. This means that having the discipline to set aside a few cash to safely predict a winner is paramount to having a successful betting experience. 

In line with the markets involved when you place your bets, if you can manage your bankroll well enough, you can even accumulate a lot of earnings that will give you more chances of betting in more markets. 

Learn the games inside and out 

There’s no other way to get better at betting than learning the game inside and out– in this case, football. You’re sure to find a lot of insights from continuously watching the games, and the next time you place your wagers, you’ll fully understand who the best players are and which clubs have the best chances of winning for your great payouts. 

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Getting ready to watch the games with the idea of placing your wagers on a specific club of your own choice is a wonderful way to commemorate football and why it is one of the best sports in the world. 

It’s important to learn about football and all its leagues, especially one that is increasing in fame as years go by. Now, the football Southeast Asian games are proving to be quite a spectacle after a plethora of teams and players vye for the gold medal each year. 

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