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    Spin the wheel in Southampton F.C. Roulette

    Turn the wheels of your destiny as you play Southampton F.C. Roulette by OneTouch. This is your chance to step into a Grand Heist of prizes and surprises. So, kickstart the excitement now and spin the Wheel of Fortune to potentially win big payouts!

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    Southampton F.C. Roulette: Get ready for the plot twist

    Enjoy every twist and turn in Southampton F.C. Roulette by placing bets and spinning the wheel. Here’s everything you need to know about it:

    How to play it

    The roulette wheel comprises 37 different numbers from 0 to 36. Winning the game requires guessing the number where the ball will land on. Once the ball lands and rests, a certain number will be marked and all winning bets will be paid immediately.


    Take a closer look at the different bets found in Southampton F.C. Roulette which comes in two main categories which are the Inside and Outside bets. Uncover all about them below:

    Inside bets

    Bets placed on the numbered spaces on the betting areas or lines between them are called Inside bets. It has the following subtypes:

    • Straight Up: It entails betting on a single number in any part of the wheel
    • Split: It’s a two-number bet put on the line of two adjacent numbers
    • Street: This is a three-number bet placed at the end of a row of three adjacent numbers
    • Corner: It’s a four-number bet positioned on the intersection of four adjacent numbers
    • Line: This is a six-number bet placed at the junction of two neighbouring streets/rows
    • 0,1,2,3: A type of basket bet where the chip is placed at the junction between 0 and 1
    • 0,1,2 and 0,2,3: This is a form of trio bet placed at the middle of the three numbers such as 0,1,2 and 0,2,3.

    Outside bets

    Compared to Inside bets, Outside bets are located on special boxes or on the side of the main grid of numbers. But take note that zero is not included in this category of bets. Browse through all of the different Outside bets here:

    • Dozen: It’s a twelve-number bet made on the side of the table that covers three different sets including the first 12 digits from 1 to 12, the second 12 from 13 to 24 and the third 12 from 25 to 36
    • Column: This is another form of twelve-number bet but it’s placed at the bottom of each corresponding column
    • Colour: It’s an eighteen-number bet that covers all the red or black numbers
    • Odd/Even: This is another type of eighteen-number bet but it covers all odd or even numbers on the wheel
    • 1-18/19-36: It’s an eighteen-number bet that covers all the numbers within the given ranges from either 1 to 18 or 19 to 36.


    In Roulette, the payouts are given depending on the bets placed on certain positions. Know more about them by checking the details below:

    Bet type












    First Four


    Six lines












    Bonus feature


    Open the Racetrack view by clicking the said icon on your screen. With this feature, you can try a neighbour bet and place it on a specific number that will position the chip on that number. This also includes digits 1,2,3,4 or 5 on each side of it on the Roulette wheel.

    Additionally, find the different Tier, Orphelins and Voisins du Zero bets on the racetrack view. The previously mentioned wagers are all listed below:


    Tier is a 6-chip bet with the following splits:

    • 1 chip placed on the ⅝ split
    • 1 chip placed on the 10/11 split
    • 1 chip placed on the 13/16 split
    • 1 chip placed on the 23/24 split
    • 1 chip placed on the 27/30 split
    • 1 chip placed on the 33/36 split.


    On another hand, Orphelins is a 5-chip bet that is divided into different parts which are as follows:

    • 1 chip placed on number 1 straight up
    • 1 chip placed on the 6/9 split
    • 1 chip placed on the 14/17 split
    • 1 chip placed on the 17/20 split
    • 1 chip placed on the 31/34 split.

    Voisins du Zero

    Known as the 9-chip bet, the Voisins du Zero is segmented into several parts which are broken down below:

    • 2 chips placed on the 0,2,3 trio
    • 2 chips placed on the 25 to 29 corner
    • 1 chip placed on the 4/7 split
    • 1 chip placed on the 12/15 split
    • 1 chip placed on the 18/21 split
    • 1 chip placed on the 19/22 split
    • 1 chip placed on the 32/35 split.

    A closer look at Southampton F.C. Roulette

    Get ready to roll in some fun and prizes in OneTouch’s Southampton F.C. Roulette. As you log in to this live dealer game, you’ll instantly see the lobby of options on your screen. Click the Roulette tab to start the round. Afterwards, you’ll see a real-time dealer behind the roulette wheel. They will facilitate the game and make certain announcements whenever necessary.

    Southampton F.C. Roulette: Turn things to your advantage!

    Play OneTouch’s live dealer game Southampton F.C. Roulette and experience a series of plot twists along the way. Ask for help from the Lucky Lion to boost your chances of landing a big win. Place bets now and use the God Hand to get a stroke of luck like never before.


    Southampton FC Roulette