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    Prepare for a bumpy ride at F777 Fighter

    Strap in your seatbelts and prepare to take off into the greatest military battle of your life here at OnlyPlay’s F777 Fighter game! It’s a multiplayer title where you stand to gain massive prizes at an RTP of 95%, especially with the progressive jackpot. 

    An out of this world adventure is waiting for you here at F777 Fighter. Keep your boots tight, your guns close and wager at the maximum to win exciting rewards in this massive progressive jackpot game developed by OnlyPlay!

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    F777 Fighter: The fighter jet is about to take flight

    This one of a kind casino game developed by OnlyPlay takes your video slot gaming experience to the next level. Start your pilot journey by placing a wager between the minimum amount of €0.5 up to the maximum of €50 for the chance to win massive wins at an RTP of 95%. 

    How to play F777 Fighter

    No need for complicated strategies to enjoy this game and win prizes by wagering because of its simple game mechanics. What’s interesting is that this title is a multiplayer game wherein two or more players can wager at the same time.

    Upon entering the game, you’ll see a screen where the fighter jet will take off. All you have to do is wager and watch for the fighter jet to take flight then cash in your rewards before the plane crashes or gets bombed. 

    The crash is randomised so that the results vary every round. This way, there’s no predicting the outcome, adding to the thrill of playing the game and ensure fairness. 

    Once the jet explodes, the game will be reset and you’ll then be able to wager again at a predetermined time before takeoff. 

    How to wager: The betting rules 

    For you to join the game, you have to place your bets first. There’s a fixed time for you to place it before the plane takes off. The time is demarcated by a yellow bar that counts down until the jet flies towards the sky. 

    Below the screen is the betting options wherein you can customise your wagers. You can choose among the bet amounts of €5, €10, €20 or €50 but make sure to place it before the plane takes flight. Otherwise, you can place the bet for the next round when the game is still ongoing. 

    Cancel button 

    You can cancel your bets before the plane crashes. Just click on the cancel button at the bottom of the screen to retract your wager.

    More than one bet 

    An added betting feature of 777 Fighter is making two bets simultaneously so you can maximise the payouts. These bets are independent of each other and you can set different amounts for each bet. 

    To activate this, you have to click on the ‘+’ button and another bet sector will appear below wherein you can place your wager. This increases your chances of reaping massive payouts and accessing the progressive jackpot prize. 

    Once you’re settled with the bet you placed, you can click on the Make Bet button. 

    Taking the win 

    The mechanics of the game is to reap the rewards before the plane explodes in midair. You can do this by clicking the green Take button. However, you lose the game when the plane crashes before you get to collect your payouts. 

    Special features 

    To make the game exciting, special features such as the multiplier coefficient, auto bet mode and the jackpot game are added. Below are the special features that you should know about: 

    Bonus Aircraft

    Aerial refuelling aircraft can appear on the screen and connect with the F777 Fighter jet. This increases the multiplier coefficient and increases the chances of you reaping the rewards by the end of the round. 

    Results from previous rounds

    All results of the multiplier coefficient can be seen below the fighter jet screen. This allows you to know how big or small the coefficient values are before the plane crashes. 

    F777 Fighter: Avoid the bombs at all costs

    It’s time to strap on your seatbelts and take off towards the skies in an epic battle of large military proportions here at F777 Fighter! Not only is it a thrilling experience awaiting when the plane crashes but it gives you payouts so massive because of the progressive jackpot that’s up for grabs for any player. 

    F777 Fighter: Fight for your life and payouts above ground

    Brace yourself for this action-packed game brought to you by OnlyPlay because you’ll witness the greatest battle with fighter jets and Lucky Tanks. Be the hero and deliver a Lucky Punch to the sky and you might even win massive prizes at an RTP of 95%.


    F777 Fighter