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Open barrels of fun prizes when you play Fruit Towers!

Ready for a fruity surprise? Turbo Games brings you a unique crash game with Fruit Towers. Make your way up the tower as the stakes grow and the coveted prize increases. Get the chance to win a maximum of 10,000 USDT the farther you go!

Turbo Games brings you a fun crash game where the fate of your reward lies in your hands. Will the next level end your run, or will you win a bigger prize? Find out when you play Fruit Towers on Gamdom!

Fruit Towers Details 


Turbo Games

Game Type

Crash Game



Minimum Bet

0.1 USDT

Maximum Bet

100 USDT


10,000 USDT

Fruit Towers: Frequently asked questions

What is the RTP of Fruit Towers?

Fruit Towers by Turbo Games has an RTP of 97%.

What is the volatility of Fruit Towers?

The volatility of Fruit Towers by Turbo Games is high.

What is the maximum win available for Fruit Towers?

The maximum win of Fruit Towers by Turbo Games is a maximum of 10,000 USDT.

What are the minimum and maximum bets on Fruit Towers?

The minimum bet is 0.1 USDT and the maximum bet is 100 USDT. 

Look through the barrels and win some fruitful prizes!

Fruit Towers may look like a simple game to get easy wins, but don’t let the colourful themes fool you. Behind the cheerful guise of tropical fruits hidden inside barrels is a game that will have you at the edge of your seat the whole way through.

After setting up your bet and adjusting it to your liking, click ‘Start Game’ to play. Your goal is to climb the tower of barrels by clicking through one from each level. Each level has an indicated multiplier bonus, increasing as you climb higher up the tower.

Each barrel either hides a harmless fruit or a mine. Clicking on a barrel containing fruit lets you advance to the next level. Meanwhile, opening a barrel to a mine will end your run, and you will lose your bet. 

The challenge presents itself when you have to decide when to cash out by yourself; will you risk climbing to another level where you’ll encounter more mines, or will you be content and cash out?

How to play Fruit Tower

Here’s the step-by-step guide to playing Fruit Tower and scoring big prizes:

  1. Set your bet by clicking the buttons on the left. You can bet from 0.1 USDT to 100 USDT.

  2. Click ‘Start Game’.

  3. Pick one from the five barrels on the right. If it reveals a fruit, you proceed to the next stage. If it shows a bomb, you lose and end the round.

  4. You can cash out or continue playing for bigger wins if you win.

A tropical paradise in disguise

Fruit Towers takes on mechanics similar to Mines games, which makes for a more engaging game. It’s also a visual stunner. Each element of the game—from the barrels to the background, from the animations to the graphics—all come together to create a harmonious visual experience. 

Climb to the top and see how big your prizes can get when you play Fruit Towers

Are you willing to roll the Dice when it comes to your bets? Feel the Bubbles of excitement grow as you click through barrel-fulls of prizes and bonuses. See how far you can take your luck—just make sure you cash out before it’s too late. Find out how well you can do by playing Fruit Towers on Sportsbet.io!

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