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The cat’s out of the tank in Limbo Cat 2

Cats have always been notorious for being moody and getting their way no matter what. This is also the case in casino slot Limbo Cat 2, where you’ll be testing your luck and patience in the hopes of bringing home massive wins. Get on the tank and hope that Limbo Cat will bring you as far as the tank can take!

This is your chance to try something new compared to the typical slot games. Try to get as far as possible on the battlefield as the multiplier bonuses increase and you have a chance to bring home the jackpot of 10,000x your bet!

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Skill Game



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10,000x your bet

Limbo Cat 2: Fire your way to victory!

One of the best things about cats is that they are resilient and will get to what they want no matter what. It’s time to channel your inner cat when you start placing your bets in casino slot Limbo Cat 2.

Start by placing a minimum bet of €0.50 and a maximum of €50 to get started. You will see the cat climb on top of the tank as it moves across the purple, green and blue warzone. 

How to play Limbo Cat 2

The premise of casino slot Limbo Cat 2 is less of a traditional slot game and more of a skill game. It’s similar to the Crash skill game but instead offers new features and an adorable theme! To get started, you need to place your bets and watch as the cat gets on top of the tank and starts moving down the screen.

As long as the tank doesn’t explode before it reaches your bet, then you’re safe and can win it back along with a bonus multiplier. If the tank explodes before it reaches your bet, then you will have to try again!

This skill game also features a progressive jackpot. It depends on the number of players currently placing their bets as well as the number of bets placed at the moment. Be sure to take a look at the current jackpot and see just how far you can go with your bets. The more players there are, the better your chances of finding a massive jackpot.

Bonus Features

Bonus boxes

While the tank slowly runs down the screen, you will notice that it may come across some boxes lying on the ground. These Bonus Boxes will help you gain more multiplier bonuses and increase your winnings. The more you collect, the bigger your rewards will be!

Multiple bets

Another great feature of the Limbo Cat 2 game is that you can place multiple bets at a time. These do not have to be reliant on each other and work simultaneously. If one of your bets will fail, then maybe the other still has a chance of bringing you massive wins! Take advantage of this feature and place as many bets as possible to better your chances.

Additional in-game features

As if these bonus features aren’t enough, the game also has some simple yet helpful features on the interface. First up, you can see all of your bets lined up in one column on the upper right part of the screen. You can also send emojis to other people currently playing the game to let them know what you’re feeling.

Finally, all players can view a small panel below the screen and see the results of the previous game. It records the wins and losses per round, so you can have an idea of what to bet on next.

Find the right moment to strike in Limbo Cat 2

This is your chance to step up and watch the courageous cat get on top of the tank. Watch it run down the vast horizon as every inch forward brings you closer to massive wins. Adorable and simple music will accompany your gameplay to make the experience even better.

Limbo Cat 2: A purr-fectly explosive gaming experience

Start placing your bets in casino slot Limbo Cat 2 and you just might find yourself stumbling upon a Lucky Coin. Once you’ve passed the territory of the Lucky Ocean, Limbo Cat should be right there to greet you and lead you to the battlefield. If you manage to get out unscathed, then the jackpot of 10,000x your bet could be yours!

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