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    Meet the Magnify Man and cash-out quick for bigger prizes

    You decide to watch the news before you hit the hay. Just like any other night, news reports revolve around bank heists, corrupt officials and criminals who remain free men because of the city’s incompetence. As you are about to close the television, the news anchor introduces a new figure that might truly free the city from its shackles: Magnify Man. He wears a red cape and a spandex suit, promising that his ultimate mission is to protect the citizens from evil forces. He also vows to give a reward to anyone who lends a hand. Are you prepared to join him in his pursuit of justice and win 10,000x your bet?

    Join Magnify Man and be his sidekick in this exciting crash game by Fugaso! Feast your eyes on the superhero as he flies through the sky and catches crooks in every corner of the city. With an RTP of 96%, winning big multipliers would be as easy as pie!

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    Crash Game



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    10,000x your original bet

    Magnify Man: Frequently asked questions

    What is the RTP of Magnify Man?

    Magnify Man has an appealing RTP of 96%.

    What is the volatility of Magnify Man?

    The volatility of Magnify Man is medium.

    What is the max win available for Magnify Man?

    The maximum coin win is set at 10,000x your stake.

    What are the minimum and maximum bets on Magnify Man?

    The minimum bet is relatively low at €0.20 and the maximum bet is €100.

    How to play Magnify Man: Focus on your wins

    Play Magnify Man by placing a bet ranging from €0.20 to €100 and help Magnify Man bring back law and order in the city! Keep in mind that you must place a wager before the time limit runs out and Magnify Man flies across the starless sky. When this happens, you won’t be able to participate in the round.  

    Once every player is done placing a bet, a multiplier value that rises to a random point will be displayed on the screen. Your winnings are then determined by multiplying your total bet and the multiplier shown when Magnify Man stops flying. 

    The game also has an Auto Cashout feature where you can set the maximum multiplier you want to receive in every round. Choosing this option means that your payouts will be determined by the multiplier value you prefer.

    However, you also need to remember that the rising multiplier amount will stop at any point in the game. Hitting the cashout button before the multiplier shoots up would make you lose your bets altogether.

    If you’re up for challenging but rewarding gameplay, you can place two bets at the same time! That way, you can maximise your winning potential and reap better rewards as the game progresses. What makes this game even more relaxing is that once you’re done placing your wagers, you can just sit back, enjoy and watch Magnify Man fight against all odds!

    Magnify Man: To the halls of justice!

    It’s not entirely shocking that citizens are escaping the city—crimes are constantly increasing and crooks are practically everywhere. You can hear gunshots every night, reports of people being mugged and corrupt authorities stealing the hard-earned money of every living citizen. They say that hope has now become a myth, with only evil and debauchery ruling the corners of the metro.

    But everything is about to change with the arrival of Magnify Man. You can see him running on top of a building, gaining momentum before he leaps and zooms through the sky. When all the players are done betting, he flies and displays the multiplier values you might win during the round. The background is filled with huge skyscrapers like you’re at the heart of the city ready to fight off criminals left and right.

    On the left side of the screen, you can see the history of multiplier values throughout the game. There is a drop-down button beside each multiplier that allows you to check the fairness of the result. Round keys and reliability codes will be provided for you, ensuring that the outcomes of the game are completely random.

    Magnify Man: Beyond the call of duty

    Team up with Magnify Man in fending off criminal activities happening within the city! Enjoy an RTP of 96%, get showered with various multipliers and join him in his mission to bring back the peace everyone once enjoyed. You also get the chance to win 10,000x your total stake while being a hero, so you’ll be hitting two birds with one stone!

    Given that players can place a wager from €0.20 to €100, this game is perfect for both casual gamers and high rollers. Depending on your mood, you can go hard or make your gameplay more relaxing than usual. You never know, you might even catch the Fortune Circus and put them behind bars along with The Mummy Win Hunters!


    Magnify Man