Exclusive Japanese Speed Baccarat


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    Speedy wins await in Japanese Speed Baccarat

    A game developed by Evolution always delivers exciting thrills and Japanese Speed Baccarat is no exception to this. Get ready for some fun and fast-paced gaming experiences in this amazing variation with gorgeous visuals, a 98.94% RTP, charmingly expert dealers and of course, exciting prizes!

    Bombay Club Japanese Speed Baccarat Details



    Game Type

    Live dealer



    Minimum Bet

    0.05 credits

    Maximum Bet

    4,000 credits

    Japanese Speed Baccarat: Speedy winnings 

    When playing online, it’s always better to enjoy something fast-paced. After all, it adds to the thrill of the moment as you win just as thrilling rewards. If that’s your thing, then the Japanese Speed Baccarat is the game for you! 

    In this gaming experience, you’d be enjoying some of the classic Baccarat rules but without the slow pace since each round only lasts for half a minute. To participate in this spine-chilling, hair-raising game that will blow you away, you’d need to wager a minimum of 0.05 credits up to 4,000 credits.

    Japanese Speed Baccarat: As fast as lightning

    In baccarat, you’d have to guess if it’s the player or the dealer that will be receiving a hand that’s valued closest or 9 itself. Place your chips on your chosen side to join a game round. You can also bet on ‘Tie’ if you think both sides will have the same hand value. 

    Additionally, there are also side bets namely Banker Pair, Player Pair and Perfect Pair available in this game. Learn about them in detail below:

    • Banker Pair - Pays when the Banker’s first two cards are identical in number or suit
    • Player Pair - Pays when the Player’s first two cards are identical in number or suit
    • Perfect Pair - Pays when either the Banker’s or Player’s first two cards are identical in suits.

     Place your chips on any of them to widen your chances of winning! 


    Once the betting window ends, the well-known half-minute gameplay of Japanese Speed Baccarat begins! It starts with the croupier dealing 2 cards to both the player and dealer sides. 

    Should you be fortunate to choose to bet on the winning side (whether Player or Dealer) in the shortest possible time, you’d be receiving the rewards you want! However, if you decide to go both ways and bet on a tie, you’ll only win if both sides have the same hand value. If not, you lose your bet.

    So ramp up your decision-making abilities and prepare yourself for a baccarat ride, unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before. 

    Card values and payout

    How do you know if the cards in front of you build a winning hand? Simple: understand the value of each one. With that, here’s the ranking of cards in the deck: 

    • Face cards King, Queen, Jack and 10 are all valued at zero 
    • Aces are worth 1
    • Numbered cards 2 to 9 are worth their face values.

    The value of the two cards dealt will then be added together and if the total exceeds 9, the left digit is dropped and the right digit becomes the total value.

    Winning sides

    So you’ve won the Player/Dealer side. What does it mean and how much will you get from it? Here’s what to expect:

    • Player Bet gives you a 1:1 payout
    • Player Pair Bet gives you an 11:1 payout 
    • Tie Bet gives you an 8:1 payout
    • Banker Bet gives you a 0:95:1 payout with a 5% commission charged
    • Banker Pair Bet gives you an 11:1 payout
    • Perfect Pair Bet gives you a 25:1 payout reward for one pair, and 200:1 payout for two pairs.

    Japanese Speed Baccarat: Game of the rising sun

    Once you start playing this incredible Evolution offering, you’ll feel like you’re sitting in the lap of luxury! Every aspect of the game, from the gameplay mechanics and the choice of expert dealers to the view, will send you on a thrilling trip to the East. 

    So whenever you want to know what it’s like to play in a luxurious Japanese casino, play Bombay Club Japanese Speed Baccarat and it will always leave you breathless with its many features and prizes.

    Japanese Speed Baccarat: May luck be on your side

    You’re in for a Crazy Time of thrills and chills once you start playing Bombay Club Japanese Speed Baccarat! This Dream Catcher of a game will help you manifest any and all of those exciting rewards you’re looking for.


    Exclusive Japanese Speed Baccarat