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    Andar Bahar: The ins and outs of the thrilling casino game

    Many casino players nowadays are on the lookout for online games offering that classic casino vibe with the addition of new features and great graphics. Luckily, you won’t have to look any further when you place your bets in OneTouch’s Andar Bahar table game! Simple yet exciting gameplay awaits in every round.

    Enjoy the new and improved version of this iconic casino game where every bet placed brings you one step closer to the jackpot of 12x your bet. So, take this chance and play now!

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    Table game



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    12x your bet

    Andar Bahar: Bet to your heart’s content!

    For a game of Andar Bahar to begin, you have to place your bets between the minimum of €0.50 and the maximum of €500. Choose from the chips labelled 0.5, 1, 5, 25 and 100 you’ll find below to start placing bets. Once you’re happy with your choices, click the deal button and let the game begin!

    This is not a live dealer game, so you can take advantage of an RTP of 94.9% to hopefully increase your chances of winning. Let the cards do the rest and enjoy the gaming experience!

    Playing OneTouch’s Andar Bahar 

    There are two betting rounds in the game. For the first one, the goal is to guess what the middle card will be and only the side bets (card suits, 2-7, 8 and 9-A) are available.

    Once you've placed your bet for this round and clicked deal, the middle card is dealt and you win if you guess its suit and/or number.

    Afterwards, the second betting round begins where you guess which side the card similar to the middle card will land on, Andar or Bahar. You also have the chance to bet on 20+ as a side bet where you wager on the dealer placing down more than 20 cards on either side before the round ends. You win the corresponding rewards if you guess right.

    Main betting options

    For the main bets of the game, you have the Andar and Bahar options placed on the side of the table. If you win, you receive the corresponding payouts at the table below:

    Main bet




    Place your bets on the Andar side of the table

    1.85x your bet


    Place your bets on the Bahar side of the table

    1.95x your bet

    Side bets

    On the other hand, there are various side bets that you could opt for as well. These depend on the numerical value or the suit that will be revealed by the cards. Take a look at the specific payouts for the side bets below:

    Side bet




    Bets on the possibility that the total number of cards dealt on both Andar and Bahar will be over 20

    3.9x your bet


    Bets on the middle card being a Heart card suit

    3.7x your bet


    Bets on the middle card being a Diamond card suit

    3.7x your bet


    Bets on the middle card being a Club card suit

    3.7x your bet


    Bets on the middle card being a Spade card suit

    3.7x your bet

    Above 8

    Bets on the middle card having a value above 8

    2x your bet

    Below 8

    Bets on the middle card having a value below 8

    2x your bet

    Exactly 8

    Bets on the middle card having a value of exactly 8

    12x your bet

    Andar Bahar: Making your way around the game interface

    When you first enter the game, a royal colour scheme of green, gold and dark blue will greet you. The space may seem simple, but you will find that an exciting game experience awaits. Feel like you’re residing in an Indian palace when you hear the thematic music playing in the background.

    When it comes to the game interface, the design is simple and easy to follow. The different betting options are all listed at the bottom of the screen and you have easy access to the main table.

    Buttons for dealing and clearing your bets are on the right side. A drop-down menu on the upper-right corner contains the game rules, history, settings, language and reset options.

    Start placing your bets in Andar Bahar today!

    Now that you know how the Andar Bahar Game works and how you can win, it’s time to start placing your bets! See if luck is on your side as you watch the cards move down the casino table round after round. If you are truly blessed with luck, then the jackpot of 12x your bet is yours to take home.

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    Andar Bahar