Texas Hold'em Poker

85 Claps

Fun mode

Real mode

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Min - Max bet

0.025 - 100 mBTC


Low volatility

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Texas Hold’em Poker Details 



Game Type

Video Slots



Minimum Bet

0.25 credits

Maximum Bet

20 credits

Sportsbet Poker: Play your cards right

Start playing Texas Hold’em Poker by placing your ante bet. You can change the chip sizes in the setting to fit your preferred bet size. Once you’re content with your ante bet, click the deal button to begin the game round.

At the start of the game, two hole cards are dealt face up to the player and face down to the dealer. After seeing your cards, you can either forfeit the game round and Fold or you can proceed with the game by placing a Flop bet that is worth twice the ante bet. 

Once you’ve placed your flop bet, three community cards or Flop cards are dealt on the table. Place a Turn bet if you want to proceed with the game. The Turn bet is equal to the value of your ante bet.

The Turn card is dealt on the table once you’ve confirmed your bet. Afterwards, you can check or make a River bet which is equal to the amount of the ante.

Lastly, the fifth community card called the River is dealt. Whoever between you and the dealer has a better hand wins. 


If your hand is higher, the Flop, Turn and River bets pay 1:1. If you win with a straight or higher hand, the Ante bet will also pay 1:1 aside from the Flop, Turn and River bets. If your winning hand is lower than straight, you receive the same amount as your Ante bet aside from the other bets.

If the value of your and the dealer’s hands are equal, the game ends in a push and you receive your Ante, Flop, Turn and River bets back.

Poker hand rankings

Poker hands are ranked according to the cards that form them. Check out the table below to see the ranking of poker hands from lowest to highest.


Card Combinations

High Card

If you can’t make any of the hands, your highest card plays 


Two cards of the same rank 

Two Pair

Two different pairs 


Three cards of the same rank


Five cards in a sequence but not of the same suit 


Any five cards of the same suit but not in a sequence 

Full House

Three of a kind with a pair 


Four cards of the same rank 

Straight Flush

Five cards in a sequence that are all in the same suit 

Royal Flush

A, K, Q, J, and 10 from the same suit

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Texas Hold'em Poker