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    Play and win big with the online Pachinko game at Sportsbet!

    Score wins in a completely reinvented version of the widely-known Japanese arcade game when you play Pachinko by Microgaming. With four bingo tickets and bonus features like Free Balls waiting for you here, you’re sure to have an amazing time placing your bets. Plus, you can also enjoy Pachinko crypto casino and place your bets with crypto! 

    If you’re lucky, then the game’s jackpot of 5,000x your bet will be yours to take home. Good luck and purchase your online Pachinko game tickets now! 

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    5,000x your bet

    Pachinko: Frequently asked questions 

    What is the RTP of Pachinko?

    The Pachinko slot game has an RTP of 93.89%.

    What is the volatility of online Pachinko?

    The volatility of the Bitcoin Pachinko game is medium-high.

    What is the max win available for the Pachinko casino game?

    The maximum payout is set at 5,000x your bet.

    What are the minimum and maximum bets of the Pachinko slot game?

    The minimum bet is $0.05 and the maximum bet is $40.

    Japanese Pachinko online: How to play the game

    Playing Microgaming’s Pachinko game online is easy and incredibly fun! It functions similarly to a slot game where you just place a bet and press a button to play. Plus, it follows the same winning mechanics as the classic lottery: match the drawn numbers with those in your cards, complete a pattern and you win! 

    And with the Pachinko slot’s RTP of 93.89% and 15 winning patterns, you have good chances to complete all your bingo card slots and win big. 

    Check out the step-by-step instructions on how to play online Pachinko below: 

    Step 1 - Select your number of tickets

    To start playing this Sportsbet Pachinko game, choose how many tickets you want to play with between 1 and 4. All four cards are enabled by default once you open the game but you can close up to 3 by clicking the ‘X’ button on each ticket’s upper-right corner. 

    However, you can only win the jackpot prize if you play with all four cards so disabling at least one also disables the jackpot.

    Step 2 - Choose your bet

    Then, select your bet per ticket between a minimum of $0.05 and a maximum of $10. It will then be multiplied by the number of enabled tickets to determine the total bet. 

    Since you can play crypto Pachinko with one to four bingo tickets, the lowest total bet is $0.05 while the highest is $40. You can adjust your bet anytime you want as long as there’s no ongoing round.

    Step 3 - Click the ‘Play’ button 

    After finalising your bet, click the ‘Play’ button. 30 balls will then be drawn and revealed. All matching numbers on your bingo tickets will be marked so you’ll see if any of them complete a winning pattern. If so, you win the pattern’s corresponding payout. 

    At the maximum bet with four tickets, the payouts range from $30 to the jackpot of 5,000x your bet or $20,000.

    After the initial draw, candidate numbers that will complete a pattern if drawn in the next draw will be highlighted in either yellow or orange with their respective prizes displayed below them. Those highlighted in orange will grant the highest payout if won.

    Step 4 - Buy and win extra balls 

    If the 30 balls have been drawn and your bingo cards still lack a few numbers, you can purchase more balls. Some of these extra balls can be Wild. If you get this, you get to choose its number from those that haven’t been drawn.

    Otherwise, you can try again in the next round and press ‘Play’. Doing so refreshes all numbers on the tickets.

    Bonus Features

    Free Balls feature

    During the base game, this feature can activate at random and reward you with up to 5 additional Free balls. 

    Bonus pattern

    Complete the Bonus pattern to activate the bonus game and bring home more rewards. In this feature, a 5-level shelf with Maneki-nekos of different colours appears on the screen. Choose one Maneki-neko on the first level to reveal either an instant prize or the exit message.

    If you reveal a prize, you proceed to the next level where you get to choose again from the fewer Maneki-nekos with bigger prizes. If you get an exit message, you return to the base game. Win up to 1,450x your bet and a fixed bonus prize of 400x your bet if you reach the top!

    Jackpot pattern

    If you play Pachinko online with four tickets and fill all numbers in at least one, you win the jackpot of 5,000x your bet. 


    If you don’t want to press the ‘Play’ button over and over again in the game, you can enable the Auto-play feature. This allows you to automatically trigger the game for 10 to 100 rounds so you can sit back and enjoy the experience! 

    Microgaming Pachinko: An exciting bingo-slot hybrid game! 

    The first things you’ll notice in this Pachinko Bitcoin casino game are the bingo tickets. Find four of them designed like Japanese houses set against the game’s background with sakura trees, red-tiled fences and stunning mountains in the distance. The ambient cricket noises along with the oriental-themed colours and game elements certainly make playing this online Pachinko gambling experience an amazing one.

    Play Pachinko slot online today and win big rewards! 

    Online Pachinko gambling will surely be a unique experience to try especially if you have played the typical slots and live dealer games out there. From the moment you place your bets, you can enjoy the thrills of both a slot game and a bingo game combined in this amazing Pachinko online casino game. 

    Without a doubt, this online Pachinko game offers Loaded entertainment, fast-paced gameplay and a chance to win Mega Moolah. So try your luck in winning the Pachinko slot machine jackpot of 5,000x your bet and play now!