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All About Spinomenal Colossus Fruits

Colossus Fruits is part of Spinomenal's fantastic game offering. Keep reading so you don't miss out on this opportunity to know everything about it! The game's Classic style and Fruit themes, coupled with elements such as Violet, White, Cherry, Fruit, Grapes, and Watermelon, are sure to entertain you. What's more, prepare your digital wallet because you can win with Colossus Fruits using cryptocurrency! Coming up, you will find out all the essentials about Colossus Fruits. If you want the best preparation for the game then you're definitely at the right place… fun is just beginning, can you feel it?

Gameplay and features

Colossus Fruits is a player favorite according to recent leaderboards in many markets, so... why not give it a try? The slot has 30 betways in a 3-4-4-4-3 layout. The game's RTP (Return to Player) of 96.5% is towards the top range in the market, which means the house edge is just 3.5% and, more importantly, it means that your possibilities of winning are pretty nice! With Colossus Fruits, you're guaranteed a good time, so don't be shy when placing your wagers. Fun is just a few clicks away! 0.3 coins and 300 coins are the minimum and maximum bets allowed, respectively, plus there are bonus elements on offer like additional free spins. Still need more? With Colossus Fruits, digital currency can also be used for wagers!

But wait, there's more! Here is the complete list of additional content for you to discover:

  • Additional Free Spins
  • Bonus symbols
  • Buy Feature
  • Cheats tool


Let's go for it! You can win some nice prizes with Colossus Fruits, and that's applicable to Colossus Fruits for Bitcoin too, of course!


Buckle up for a wild ride with Colossus Fruits. The slot has plenty of happy players all thanks to its high RTP. Not to mention, Colossus Fruits provides superb performance, steady gameplay and the breathtaking computer graphics you're hoping for. There is a selection of features that will completely enchant you while you spend some time enjoying the slot. Moreover, with the chance to play with digital money, it's easier than ever to get going! Welcome to the action!

Quick Reference

Wanting to know more? Check out Sportsbet.io for all the info you need! Have a look at the paytable for the low-down on the bonus features and all the ways of winning. If you nail it, you may win a nice prize!

Game TypeVideo Slots
Release Date9 September 2019
Min - Max Bet0.3 - 300
Bonus FeaturesYes
Digital wallet friendlyColossus Fruits for crypto

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the RTP of Colossus Fruits?

Colossus Fruits has an appealing RTP of 96.5%.

What are the min and max bets on Colossus Fruits?

The min bet is 0.3 coins and the max bet is 300 coins.

What does RTP stand for?

"Return To Player" or "RTP" is a percentage measure of the expected amount a slot will return to players. For example, if a slot shows an RTP of 90%, then every $1.00 wagered on the slot will see a return of $0.90 (or currency equivalent) over a sustained period of play.

Can you play Colossus Fruits on mobile?

Yes - so you can play on the go!

Colossus Fruits

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